Freeletics Coach – Your Personalized Training Program

We believe that everybody can become the strongest version of themselves. No matter if you are a beginner or advanced athlete, male or female. All you need is your will and your determination to unleash your potential. And the best Coach to guide you along the way. With a personalized fitness program. That Coach is us. The Freeletics Coach. After a detailed fitness test your Freeletics Coach analyzes your strengths and weaknesses. So don´t worry if you´ve never exercised before. Because on the basis of your own fitness level the Coach plans and starts your personalized training with access to all Freeletics workouts and exercises. The Coach guides you through your own weekly workout plan with detailed instructions and the correct range of motion. Begin with a dynamic warmup to avoid injuries. Work out without excuses. Intense. Focused. Faster. Stronger. Repeat. Again. You did it. Don´t forget to stretch to optimize the effect of your training. The Coach continuously adapts to your feedback and will personalize your training program accordingly to get you in the shape of your life. Like any good Coach he will always be by your side. Anytime, anywhere. He will track your performance, display how you get better and better with each workout, how you beat your Personal Best and earn the respect of other athletes. Welcome to Team Freeletics. A fast growing worldwide community that has also decided to become their strongest version. Choose the focus and goal of your training and the Coach will take you to the next level. And finally… to the strongest version of yourself. Get your Coach now.

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  • Ramil Banson says:

    I also want to take this type of challenge, Who else want to do with me. I am 52 kg, i need 18 more kg. I need a partner.

  • Najoua Ghandouri says:

    Started 2 days ago.
    Enthusiastic! Yey!

  • Anette Harwood says:


  • Ali Alper says:

    Ok guys, i done 30 weeks in freeletics and started to calisthenics. First thing i have to say, if you are not beginner, quit sit up – non weighted leg workout – kipping pull up. Sit up and standard leg lever does not work at all for abs. Legs are one of the biggest muscle group in body and without weight, you can't get progress with most reps. (I done 4 weeks hellweek, i know). Kipping pull up is a joke, just waste of time. Finish 15 weeks in freeletics if you wish and start to weighted calisthenics, highly suggested!

  • anonymous says:

    If I don't buy a coach, can I continue my personalized workout for free? Because I'm just at day 1 but if I click day 2 kt says unlock free coach

  • sara bagwan says:

    want to start with workout but not getting proper guidance. i know nothing about workout. so what to do, when to do, how to start, what to eat are my basic queries which r obstacles. i need a good trainer who can push me to achieve my goal

  • intl_bohemian says:

    Damn I wish lol

  • Daniela Arriaga says:


  • drakeproductions Borra says:

    Week 2 exhausted

  • Diego Cortes Freeletics says:

    For me this in the most motivating video of Freeletics channel I dont know if is because music or voice speaker, and technology show me up 😀 Freeletics is incredibly I'm on week 5 🙂

  • Anthony Mendez says:

    I've been wanting to try freeletics but I am just skeptical about the results . There are so many workouts out there that you don't know what to believe anymore. Can anyone help me out ?

  • Francisco Murillo G. says:

    I am on week 5 🙂 !!!

  • Athanatoi says:

    Stretching without warming-up after will make you relax instead of pump-up.

  • keerthu krish says:

    isbuying a coach is necessary??can I do it myself?

  • Karl :/ wien says:


  • choose118 says:

    Es una puñetera estafa, yo pagué 25€ por tres meses de entrenamiento y no carga, funciona fatal, encima no me quieren devolver el dinero, no os la juguéis!!

  • R Y N says:

    Is it free?

  • Choo Momma says:

    Can a 54 year old do these? I workout three times a week and cut down my food intake. I've lost 10 kg but have stopped loosing weight! I want to improve my overall look. I'm I too old?

  • Mizzy UK says:

    Ima be starting week 5 tomorrow (Mon)! #Freeletic #CantStopWontStop

  • tonistar says:

    im on week 3 <3, this programs help me so much, you can do it anywhere u want, healthy life n strong life, good lifestyle, freeletics is awesome

  • Bluroh says:

    is it okay if i try this i am 4 years old

  • Steph Ortega says:

    is it okay if I'm 12?

  • Düz Adam says:

    I am in my 6th week.And the results are amazing.If your BMI is over 25 you should really try freeletics bodyweight program.

    I trained 6 months in gym to get shape.But if youre overwight it does not matter how much muscle you have.Before, you should get rid of that fat.That is only achievable by hiit and eat clean.

  • Dana Valova says:

    I love freeletics

  • Michel Roy says:

    jeeezzzz… everyone will need an I-phone or device to train ??? or will the inherit will to get healthy and in ''shape'' dwindle as the batterie gets low. Ok , I get it – no one can function without a cyberspace third party access  – no hate here at all – this is a good way to motivate the new school of the crossfit, X-training, etc. generation (BTW the USSR hockey team in the 70's trained this way and had a name for it – exercise). but those running with 'big brother' should be careful of how the mind will fit in with a phone more intelligent than the human) sorry for the somewhat defeatist view – I'm old school ie: I remember judo training sometimes consisted of running barefoot for 5 min stints in -20 snow AND WE DID'NT EVEN HAVE A PHONE ON HAND !!! — this is all tongue in cheek –  maybe I will get into the new school and sign up.  I'm 60 and its a thrill  to see where all this fitness craze is going (as for myself I'll stick to westside protocols and some GPP for now)

  • Shurooq Al-Mandhari says:

    Just started yesterday 😄 it's not easy but it's not impossible either 🏋🏽‍♀️

  • Areefa Mustapha says:

    what can I do if this app isn't available in my country? I really want to start this program

  • edward snowden says:

    is it okay if a 15 year old try this?

  • suraj bikram shah says:

    how can I get a coach from my country (Nepal)

  • Geraldine Santiago says:

    How do I combine freeletics with my running, swimming and cycling? Will the coach adjust the freelectic workouts with my running, swimming and spinning?

  • sasha pieterse says:

    can anyone plz plz replay me plz is it neccesary to buy the coach and if do the exercices without the coach do i get any results or no plz plz replay me

  • Erica C. says:

    subtitulos en castellano porfa

  • Annhia G says:

    Great and powerful video! I'm a proud member of Team Freeletics and I won't hesitate to say that this is a life-changing app, no doubts! Annhia G on Freeletics app.

  • PompeyMatt17 says:

    I'm on Week 11.. just did my first HELIOS (1hr 14) …. I'm not losing much weight because I haven't really changed my lifestyle (good food and good wine !).. which just goes to prove you can exercise yourself to hell and back, but unless you change your lifestyle as well, nothing will change

  • mex says:

    einfach nur bullshit

  • SilverWave says:

    Does it also tell me what to eat?

  • Jessica Rosso says:

    I'm on the 2nd week..love it

  • AerohTravelKitchen says:

    very nice video… thank you for the motivation- just made my own freeletics vid. … thank you for giving a critik…

  • Den Yuan says:

    A smartphone app can change your life? Yeah sure.

  • DavidDeLaHoz says:

    Who is that pretty girl at 00:40?

  • Alejandro Nava says:

    Absolutely best video so far. Even if it's an introduction to the Coach. You should definitely do more of this.

  • MsLydia says:

    Reaching hell week 15 very soon!! 😀

  • DarkRainyCloud says:

    Im on week 6 <3

  • Ryan Rumano says:

    is this program good for people with arthritis

  • Hans van Poelgeest says:

    Super DIK!!

  • FitnessBiographie says:

    The video is very good ! It motivates me very much 😀

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