Fully Automated UV Unwrapping for Arbitrary Meshes | SIGGRAPH 2018 | Intel Software

My name is Eskil Steenberg,
and I’m here at SIGGRAPH 2018, in the Intel booth, showing my
fully automated UV Unwrapping software. This software can take
any model and unwrap it so that you can put
a texture on it. This saves countless
hours for 3D artists who do this every day. A normal artist that makes acids
for, say, a big Triple A game, would spend about 10% to
20% of their time just doing UV mapping. That’s tens of thousands of
dollars for just one artist. Now, imagine you have
a studio with hundreds of artists working on this. Being able to take all
that work and put it in a piece of software
that does it in seconds, rather than hours and
days, is a huge win, both financially
and also letting the artist do what they really
want, which is to create art. This software uses
16 different steps that looks at different
features of the model and tries to do the
best job of UV mapping. It works very much
like an artist, artists who are experienced
and know how to handle different types of geometry. This means you get a really,
really good result every time. It’s always perfect. It never makes a mistake. But it still thinks
like an artist. All I need to do is load a file. So I’m taking an
[INAUDIBLE] file. And it computes, and it’s done. And here, you can
see the UV mapping. You can see all the [? seams. ?]
This is the soft model. You can also try a
hard shape model. So here is [? a light ?]
pole [? with ?] this, and here is the unwrap of it. We can also try another. Let’s do a car model. Here’s a car, and again,
fully UV unwrapped. So as you can see,
it’s really fast, and it just does
the job really well. The biggest challenge of
this is that all three models are different. And you need to handle each
model in a special way. So getting the right
algorithm to attack the right part of the model and
doing it just the right way– that is a huge challenge. I’m an Intel Innovator,
and that means that I get access to
all the cool technology that Intel is developing. I get first access,
and they also invite me to go to
places like this– SIGGRAPH– to show off
what I’m working on. The UV Unwrapper is
now being released, and you can find it on my
website, quelsolaar.com. Just email me, and you can
get access to a test version. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  • Samuel Gonzalez says:

    A good question is what hardware is needed to handle this. I mean sure a triple A studio should have a beast of hardware but what if a normal, or someone not in a large publishing studio wants to use it.

  • Mopic3d says:

    Sorry, but the UV layouts are just horrible. This is just as bad as a lot of the existing automated UV techniques and creates this mess with hundreds of little strips. Unworkable, scales horribly (for mipmaps the UV scaling will cause inconsistencies). Just NO.

  • CG VIZ STUDIO says:

    We tried to a unwrap a simple curtain. It failed miserably. It needs a lot of Improvement.

  • Andy Blackburn says:

    BAHAHAH the disgusting ugliness of those UV islands…. there will likely not be a good automated 3D tool that doesn't make garbage in my entire lifetime.

  • 1Noisycricket says:

    Awesome website!

  • Ben Jamin says:

    Website can't be reached.. can you already download the software for Windows?

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