Game Programming Program – George Brown College

[music] MICHAEL CAMERON: I chose
George Brown College for Game Programming
because of the courses that were being offered. It’s getting into the
background of it, setting up the logic and
controlling what the game actually does at
its lowest level. Which gives us a chance
over three years to really focus on our craft. FILIP KRSTEVSKI: We really
try and put our students first. We try and give them as
much experience as we can and the fact that I get to
go through a student’s life from them having zero
experience to them having three published games by
the time they finish the program is a, is a great reward. Our program is a three
year diploma that we offer here at George Brown,
where we expose students to a lot of the video game
development fundamentals and then we get — we try and
get them ready for the industry as much as possible. MICHAEL CAMERON: To give
you an idea of what we learn here and the types
of skills we pick up, within the first year we
had under our belts C, C++, Java Script, Java and
Action Script 3. And of course all of the
major development kits used to produce that. So Flash Professional and
Microsoft Visual Studio, to name a couple. Once a week in every
semester in every year we have one day where we go
down and spend the day at the school design. We get together with
artists and designers in other years and work in a
year-long project. FILIP KRSTEVSKI: We
introduce the students to all the mobile platforms,
so for some of the projects they actually get
to work on Android or — and Apple games and they
have to — as part of the projects they have to
publish them on the Apple App Store and Google Play,
so it’s a great experience for the students. MICHAEL CAMERON: The piece
of advice I would give someone coming into the
program is make your own game. You’re going to have time
and you’re going to have to make time. It’s great practice and
this is the best time to utilize the resources of college. FILIP KRSTEVSKI: The goal
of the course is for them to try and publish a game. So they publish games for
Android, iPhone and Xbox 360. And just having that type
of experience under their belt will get them ready
for the industry right away. MICHAEL CAMERON: My
favourite thing about this program would probably
have to be the instructors. They are really invested
in your success and they’re a lot of help,
both in and out of class. The school itself has a
really good atmosphere. My classmates, we all get
along together and we hang out together. We’re helping each other,
we’re investing in each other’s success. Everyone really formed a
nice tight knit community within our program and
George Brown has done a good job of fostering that. [music]

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