George Hotz | Programming | Exploring checkm8: a brand new iOS bootrom exploit by axi0mX

MassiveDynamicC: hi
awesomeo113: Ayyy slowkep: Pog aa_ato: مرحبا
Ahxs: PogChamp subzik_: HeyGuys quickfloor: Bro ganeshvjy: Yo man
flickapotamus: hi awesomeo113: You shaved your head
abhb09: Hi Geo alienware997: Hello to the cloud!
leozusa: FutureMan jamesmaloney: We have someone following in your footsteps…
oMythra: Georgy boi! thuganalyst: yo yo yo
foxubu: Hello Everybody! / ganeshvjy: Yayayayaya th3_maj0r: yoyo boyz
supplydemand88: yooo ganeshvjy: Wake up thecameroncobb: Yo tiagodopke: finally my twitch notifications are working
Angecide: heyyy Kjjj11223344: Nothing like geo on a Saturday morning
foxubu: You do hacking! chipsnd1pp: sup boiioo ganeshvjy: What are we doing man?
abhb09: How you doing today FargioFarmani: where did you hair go?? ganeshvjy: Whaaaat??
480i: OMG. supplydemand88: don’t use a bed TommyDGod: i wanna take my opportunity to say: python rulz, thank you for listening
supplydemand88: sleep on the floor nightknight0000: you can’t not care about hacking bro
johnrazeur: johnrazeur subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 4 months, currently on a 1 month streak! hi thecameroncobb: Are you verified yet?
supplydemand88: is better aa_ato: yeah
ganeshvjy: Awesome tiagodopke: anyone knows what I gotta whitelist on umatrix to watch this? too lazy to figure out myself ganeshvjy: Read my comment
rajuramlall: yaooo ganeshvjy: Hahaha quickfloor: are you shipping for apple bro ? robinduckett: can you jailbreak an iPhone and still use it for testing iPhone apps via Xcode? FargioFarmani: LETS GO fellas oMythra: Why exactly is it unpatchable? KyleUE: yeet robinduckett: @omythra that’s a really good question aa_ato: 🐆🐅 quickfloor: Hacking is fun ! 鼻史: brand new hair cut LUL gorgai: Looking fresh today πŸ™‚ awesomeo113: Geo got the lineup Abo7atm: FInally catching a live stream nokinobi: hi from Ukraine
ebashhustle1: Good evening from Belarus Zasuslive: Sup interesting title/stream coming Serbius: this is what i was waiting for Pog kkkizune: What iOS version you’re on ? wood24: Pog robinduckett: hahaha awesome
brownyyyylocks: yo yo yo tiagodopke: what happened to arch linux george?
D3ad5hot_: HELLO !!!!!!!! 🔥 wood24: what was twitchcon like george? yoyo_brobro: yoyo_brobro subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 5 months, currently on a 5 month streak!
DracoRenati: Can you make the video available after, gotta head out for the day xD aa_ato: ok DasMastah: !uptime
maverick_twitch_: what is that ? Abo7atm: !uptime
faux359: You’re so sexy with that new haircut. _nohomo_ lycuz: yeah Serbius: dude you fuck aa_ato: is not nitrox178: you have to call !git geobitz: hey tundratortoise: you can also do pip install git https://repourl, if pip is installed mightysOckerpunch: Rubberdome keyboard? 鼻史: windows suck catobleras: windows KEKW MDSZilla: Which keyboard are you using? tiagodopke: why are you using windows
mightysOckerpunch: I wish Windows had proper Terminal robinduckett: I rented a Model S for the weekend and Autopilot only tried to kill me twice
foxubu: git bash does not use python from windows SnakeOneMLG: stream is unwatchable when you are using windows tbh TommyDGod: @mightysOckerpunch @MDSZilla he’s still using a hhkb im pretty sure nitrox178: do you use anaconda? if so run anaconda prompt robinduckett: my apologies
aa_ato: 🐏 DasMastah: @georgehotz Use ctrl k, ctrl o to open another folder. deqleos: Will this be uploaded to YouTube? Mobius5: We can talk about jailbreaking iphone tho right? MDSZilla: TommyDGod aight ty robinduckett: no we are only allowed to talk about Rimworld Jewishrambo: hey daddytundratortoise: do you only drink tea and not coffee? sliderspy: do you need additional hardware for this exploit, or pure software? NeverL3gend: NeverL3gend subscribed with Twitch Prime. abhb09: How r u ordering?
Bombapil0t: Kreygasm rektiw0w: hey george how u doing Bombapil0t: haha slowkep: LUL supplydemand88: bottorm basically you need hardware
boss_ev: currently are you working in any company? takkeo: !uptime NonTrivial778: !subs
Irkanu: Irkanu subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 7 months! swag McBainTS: McBainTS subscribed with Twitch Prime. GoldieTV: you went to TC?
イオトク: twitch con LUL boss_ev: !uptime aa_ato: 🍌 supplydemand88: a usb cable or dongle should do the work for all the iPhone previous A12 イオトク: I mean he’s literally in San Diego anyways
iamsod0ne_: irl stream no way PogChamp tobiiplayz: @georgehotz how’s the 1 million insta followers going? Kappa
Bombapil0t: TriHard slowkep: LUL LUL
YoshikawaDotA: have u tried apple arcade? ProfessorMagikarp0: geohot emotez when? emiruS emiruT
Annex_Greenland: apple arcade LUL tundratortoise: @abhb09 i’m guessing instacart
NonTrivial778: @georgehotz when you’ll use a twitch bot, we need commands like uptime, subs Bombapil0t: new dream g0skk: new dream new life haircutjimmy: hi George brownyyyylocks: tik tok NonTrivial778: LUL LUL LULW
handsomeanastas: πŸ˜€ Serbius: lul
glitch3dout: Bill Gates is on Instagram NonTrivial778: PogChamp supplydemand88: its time for a new social platform
alaouiib: u got to be active on Instagram slowkep: LUL iamsod0ne_: a new autistic irl streamer PogChamp
YoshikawaDotA: its time to be on onlyfans supplydemand88: hotzgram
BluntNStunt: lol blue checkmark hype frediiiez: !uptime P0LY: tenzRee BluntNStunt: hes goin crazy NonTrivial778: cbrahPepeShades
awesomeo113: Make a premium snap Vesh: @georgehotz would you recommend your chair? Bombapil0t: twitchies>instagramies TwitchVotes h3ku: h3ku subscribed with Twitch Prime.
rektiw0w: KEKW MDSZilla: Is the phone the backend tho?
abhb09: What is he doin?! awesomeo113: Hacking YoshikawaDotA: its time for onlyfans nudes programming $9.99
marvDE1: marvDE1 subscribed with Twitch Prime. oMythra: iTunes doodoo イオトク: “We tried it once and didn’t find an issue” 🤷 Kmerck313: Check mark give u extra power when u slide in dms awesomeo113: True brownyyyylocks: where’s dorkmo and alienware?? pls gift me subs supplydemand88: yeah good question sudo_47: how far is comma.ai from lvl 3?
sliderspy: maybe reboot, it ts windows Kreygasm 3FXX: which tea have you ordered? supplydemand88: is the Herman miller good? ArcherCreatlol: what happend to your fancy laptop? ajzi995: do i also need cocain for hacking? NonTrivial778: @sudo_47 no comma.ai related questions hoffs: then do what supplydemand88: Adderall is good Dai_Vern0n: what is a good drug then?
イオトク: everyone knows meth makes you more productive TommyDGod: don’t do cocaine, do pure leaf tea /shill
MDSZilla: Herman Miller is one of the most popular chair brands supplydemand88: or Valium
TemujinGenghis: What drug would you recommend? Bombapil0t: !
alexanderqkc1: what drugs do u suggest? xd kaneyz112: you are so humble. What is your favorite caffeine Kappa P0LY: don’t you try it, don’t you try it! artoSmooth
brownyyyylocks: el camino nosdoska: do cannabis glitch3dout: Ether is the best drug for coding boss_ev: ofcourse u are not humble brownyyyylocks: who’s excited bout jesse pinkman
supplydemand88: try Stokke Varier MDSZilla: Best drug is water alaouiib: first time u wear a watch 🙄🤖 supplydemand88: cheaper and better mechanically speaking nosdoska: best drug is loveNarakuwow: vscode sucks
khilshot: It’s pretty good (vscode) Mozzarellum: can u show ur keyboard
Ziv0: vscode is cool HaywoodJabroni: i like vscode kostrohan: Why are you using windows?
inciMage: hhkb looks nice RealOden: *building c with VScode sucks keepingtrckofthisacct: @Narakuwow shouldnt really matter if code is good Cube_Is_Life20: I used to to use atom but a few months ago I switched to vscode solitaryyy: VSCode is usable – just kinda laggy compared to something not running Electron solitaryyy: Atom is shit
HaywoodJabroni: PogChamp supplydemand88: bro, can you make a brief sum of how the exploit works at some point?
shaymin_fakezz: PogChamp tanoshiizo: nice ad oMythra: You guys should try Vim Kappa
Xavur_: #sponsored TommyDGod: i forgot that atom even exists tbh tundratortoise: vs code seems snappier than atom, despite both being electron イオトク: This post brought to you by sublime text gang 11plus4thinking: imagine using apple products in 2019 squadLaugh oh no no no
Cube_Is_Life20: @solitaryyy agreed RealOden: VScode has a nice default editor
bosapiutsa: admHack P0LY: evo19Shill Jebaited
pseudo_ducky: use vim like real hackers Kappa dev1nak: @solitaryyy jw, what do you use イオトク: I have 5 hands I use emacs Kappa
gator____: @georgehotz do you still prefer basic VIM to VSCode? cmsch: chrome WeirdChamp tundratortoise: @gator____ he’s using vim mode in vs code sayntgloom: hes using a vim extension on vscode guys chill lol
keepingtrckofthisacct: i smell a what “keyboard/edit/OS is he using” bombardment coming on. dont let @georgehotz see this!! gator____: ahh I see inciMage: should i learn vim/emacs etc ? Xavur_: arm support? jamesmaloney: jamesmaloney subscribed with Twitch Prime. ShakDiesel: vimtutor supplydemand88: explain by voice George Xavur_: does that extension add a cushion to your chair? LULW smurfd0: https://docs.brew.sh/Homebrew-on-Linux イオトク: Vi/vim is good to learn for when you’re sshing in to boxes
keepingtrckofthisacct: @inciMage none..learn to code. it’s more important tundratortoise: @incimage doesn’t really matter compared to learning actual programming skills riaddo: doctorCOMMITTED1 doctorCOMMITTED2 イオトク: but really VS Code is more than sufficient for most editing jobs イオトク: and it’s still free Snowlav: and open source イオトク: ^ kaneyz112: Geo hotz is showing reality of hacking PogChamp イオトク: Sublime text has good perf, but can’t compete community wise to VS Code at this point inciMage: thx im doing that currently but python idle really bored me tundratortoise: @incimage yeah IDLE sucks. any real editor is fine khilshot: If you have to pick between cybersec or AI(machine learing) which one would you pick? brownyyyylocks: msft taking shots at $team $work
keepingtrckofthisacct: @inciMage the editor bored you? mustafa96m: so late to the party ;(
quickfloor: Apple is good anyway 11plus4thinking: ur all fake and gay πŸ˜€ clashcoder_: !uptime
Snowlav: yeah having plugins for any language is so nice in vs code, don’t have that with intellij community edition etc morroComfy tanoshiizo: real hacking PogChamp
supplydemand88: I want the tea inciMage: @keepingtrckofthisacct working with multiple files is painful E_Pizza: pycharm is good too skiestCozy frediiiez: could you explain in detail how this new jailbreak works?
NonTrivial778: then use arch Danilok100: hello guys quickfloor: if u wanna make ur life difficult just install Arch linux inciMage: @tundratortoise any recommendation khilshot: Gentoo? keepingtrckofthisacct: are you planning on moving to Golang? shaymin_fakezz: gentoo LULW
keepingtrckofthisacct: @georgehotz イオトク: Arch is easy if you can read sliderspy: slackware HaywoodJabroni: PogChamp twitch con
ArcherCreatlol: PogChamp quickfloor: Ubuntu is good too
shaymin_fakezz: PogChamp イオトク: exherbo or bust Kappa kaneyz112: any Apple engineer watching this ? Kappa supplydemand88: how was the twitchcon??
DylzGG: dviperHappy dviperHappy dviperHappy P0LY: tenzAYAYA gtrGtrAYAYA
Bogz75: Pog rezukoog: whats the best linux distros to use if youre new?
RealOden: @イオトク Yh it’s also kind of time consuming. Everybody has differnte preferences oMythra: We got you Georgy boi
Erciks: i am so bad at programming PepeHands yoloman1343: geo you still cancelling the stream if you get above 1k?
GeorgeHopkins: george55Georgesmug george55Georgesmug george55Georgesmug shaymin_fakezz: @kaneyz112 I am πŸ™‚ tundratortoise: @incimage i recommend just using vs code. it’s good to have some basic proficiency with vim when sshing into a server etc, but only the basics MDSZilla: @georgehotz check iTunes LUL
kaneyz112: LUL イオトク: Abolish ICE Kappa Bombapil0t: ^^
crono_blaze: do you jam to music or something? 4dead4: any good ios hacking ressource to read to get started ? sliderspy: back to your roots
11plus4thinking: @Erciks everybody is at some point puercoespin: iBoot is in all_flash
ArcherCreatlol: LUL bosapiutsa: admLUL HaywoodJabroni: pajaDank
bosapiutsa: admFail oMythra: Read iphonewiki aerotone: PrideAsexual takkeo: LUL Annex_Greenland: use the hack
Narakuwow: caneof2L FargioFarmani: we see your password through the mirror behind you
akadmacgyver: @rezukoog debian NonTrivial778: iOS HaaCkInG a28b: LUL faux359: quick train a nn with that keyboard noise to retrieve the password
awesomeo113: Rip HeyBananaFace: Can u bypass Apples T2 chip? DylzGG: 667 viewers, someone gotta go dviperGun
tundratortoise: for a beginner trying to learn the best ways to use vim will just make you waste tons of time that should be spent programming. vs code kind of won the lightweight editor/IDE wars, so it’s a safe bet cesaaron88: leaked monkaS
supplydemand88: @4dead4 understand the code Kinker99: enhance dalex_live: do you know who David Weston is? sc00ty: sc00ty subscribed with Twitch Prime. quickfloor: if it doesn’t work , can we have cooking stream Kinker99: LUL
awesomeo113: Cooking stream in the chat inciMage: @tundratortoise i have 0 knowledge about vim and its shortcuts cesaaron88: cooking stream confirmed PogChamp
javadragoniv: deez buttons, deez nuts, sorry someone had to say it StrippyDrippY: cooking stream Pog frediiiez: could you explain in detail how this new jailbreak works?
h3ku: Again, recommended read to get more context on the vulnerability https://gist.github.com/littlelailo/42c6a11d31877f98531f6d30444f59c4 leadcoder: leadcoRobedLul HeyBananaFace: Can u bypass Apples T2 chip? @georgehotz Snowlav: don’t fuck up mode? LUL 11plus4thinking: the 👢 ram
myaocat: :O rezukoog: why do people use linux over windows?
frediiiez: @h3ku thanks vay_man: hi
tundratortoise: @incimage yeah, just use vs code. learn vim in the future if you want to, but learning vs code is far easier 11plus4thinking: apple is great Kappa quickfloor: Microsoft is great too . what about google ?
alwayssunnytx: hardware exploits 😄 Narakuwow: both Apple and MS are crap awesomeo113: Cause Linux is better
bosapiutsa: fuck apple BluntNStunt: happy early birthday @georgehotz any plans for dirty thirty
RealOden: @rezukoog open source, more control, more customizability among a few reasons Kinker99: rezukoog linuzx gives you move control over the system, more freedom myaocat: @rezukoog windows update and then restart forcefully. windows becomes slow for no reason. windows takes a lot of space not like windows イオトク: backend get 🍑
Kinker99: more efficient too Serbius: whhen is thr new rap coming out? ArcherCreatlol: LUL supplydemand88: they are all shit, Apple is the less shit
11plus4thinking: backend i lost Kreygasm awesomeo113: Linux is far less vulnerable too イオトク: Everything can be compromised if someone is interested enough YoshikawaDotA: @supplydemand88 1
イオトク: linux is no exception inciMage: @tundratortoise thx installing and i suppose i have some reading to do 11plus4thinking: george you should play wttg2 PogChamp mustafa96m: the space matters. quickfloor: Dirty Hacking dalex_live: damn visual studio code actually looks nice?! Annex_Greenland: im switch to android now FailFish Kinker99: awesomeo113 well that’s just because that there’s less linux users so its less targeted but its not really more “secure” than other systems
WendellSwan: yooo finally made it to one of these streams. lit fam tundratortoise: just learn how to exit, save, and insert in vim, and focus on vs code. the basic vim skills are good when you need to edit something at a command line, but you don’t need to learn all the commans awesomeo113: That’s fair subzik_: u look sexy @georgehotz awesomeo113: I meant more so in that sense though HeyBananaFace: Can u bypass Apples T2 chip with that exploit? myaocat: sl LUL awesomeo113: Bad wording
イオトク: install sl it’s the best command Annex_Greenland: what does t2 have to do with iphones
イオトク: choo choo 🚆 inciMage: noted
khilshot: Are you using WSL? do you like it? mustafa96m: “Most generations of iPhones and iPads are vulnerable: from iPhone 4S (A5 chip) to iPhone 8 and iPhone X (A11 chip).” Kinker99: yes myaocat: yes
MrYasser2194: basic programming Kappa Vesh: yes PogChamp
zeki_muro: What’s your guesstimate for the first linux kernel ported to these pwned devices? oMythra: ceezFocus ceezFocus ceezFocus
Chrimo: Whaddup myaocat: PogChamp 11plus4thinking: PogChamp
tanoshiizo: PogChamp takkeo: PogCHamp
ArcherCreatlol: LUL frediiiez: LUL
ts012839050: PogChamp takkeo: xD
rezukoog: is python worth learning? I know a couple of languages but never learnt python Ahxs: PogChamp
Bogz75: LUL tanoshiizo: LUL
a28b: LUL Xavur_: LUL
oMythra: Poggers Kriminell00: LUL
YoshikawaDotA: KEK Lazylion2: xd kaneyz112: PogChamp
quickfloor: Savage myaocat: wctvPeaceChamp wctvPeaceChamp wctvPeaceChamp wctvHype wctvHype wctvHype wctvHype
supplydemand88: drugs injected breadhamandcheese: LUL
ELITEGAMS: wait what LUL mustafa96m: this is just sad πŸ™
khilshot: WSL is a mess. khilshot: believe me
11plus4thinking: steam locomotive PogChamp str9led: hugosdNuke12 awesomeo113: Python is great because of plugins supplydemand88: you can hear that from the voice 11plus4thinking: steam locomotive is the real mvp
myaocat: wctvHype wctvHype wctvHype wctvHype razr22: ubuntu on windows C4TFive: thats what you get for being on windows mustafa96m: how to kill hype in 2 sec…
razr22: he’s using putty MDSZilla: xc is xCode? supplydemand88: hype ended
vay_man: yes Bogz75: on windows and not playing video games WeirdChamp Annex_Greenland: cant u run macos in vm Chrimo: Sleeping in the kitchen? Number___Nine: sup bros
vay_man: is he usiing vm? Number___Nine: !uptime MrYasser2194: @Annex_Greenland too much work
supplydemand88: looks like your brain @georgehotz produces unbalance levels of dopamine constantly all the time Number___Nine: aarch64 HeyBananaFace: Get the MAC Annex_Greenland: oh myaocat: wctvPeaceChamp liesai: can try apt search arm64 khilshot: WSL sometimes can be a mess, a lot of times things don’t work properly. ImLegendFFS: GeoHotz Tha PS3 JB God myaocat: docker Annex_Greenland: geohotz is back PogU
0_______________________o: how long was checkm8 worked on? 3 years ? Number___Nine: lmao nice bed
MrYasser2194: @vay_man no windows 10 has linux built in now supplydemand88: you guys one thing vay_man: dual boot? C4TFive: why is he sleeping on a cot in the kitchen?
str9led: hugosdNuke12 hugosdNuke12 hugosdNuke12 hugosdNuke12 hugosdNuke12 vay_man: I just joined! supplydemand88: if you put two fingers like @georgehotz on your face HeyBananaFace: Is intel’s exploit fixed? Annex_Greenland: its california @C4TFive supplydemand88: we are all gonna be hacker
Number___Nine: why -as and not -gcc? HoaxWars: i like that YoshikawaDotA: everytime he says and for those that dont know i can hear the music TheDkbay: “Alright great that doesn’t work at all” I know that feel xD Number___Nine: assemble with aarch64-*-gcc C4TFive: @Annex_Greenland Kappa fair enough TheDkbay: clang gang イオトク: mac got rid of gcc because they’re afraid of RMS mustafa96m: llvm for life πŸ˜› イオトク: I mean fair enough
supplydemand88: I am gonna call it Hacking with two fingerz Betazz: Which keyboard tho, George? Number___Nine: Betazz HHKB supplydemand88: HHKB
Betazz: Thanks Annex_Greenland: mechanical keyboard Kappa Number___Nine: Betazz White HHKB Pro blank caps more precisely
Betazz: I have an Anne pro 2 Betazz: Kappa
aa_ato: tee supplydemand88: the teeeeee bro イオトク: That’s my favorite movie @Betazz Kappa
supplydemand88: where the hell is Schrooodinger: Schrooodinger subscribed at Tier 1.
smurfd0: to add a new architectur : dpkg –add-architecturesupplydemand88: Sri Lanka str9led: hugosdGandalf hugosdGandalf hugosdGandalf hugosdGandalf
phuldr: check line endings, can it be CRLF that is causing issues? oMythra: We bout to be Windows pros after this stream mustafa96m: :/
Couchmann941: hi @georgehotz myaocat: s/;/#/g mustafa96m: Let’s goo adibaby04: build a project on hijacking rc pre-built cars, taking trying to have it self-drive, thoughts? https://github.com/adiprerepa/Car-Rpc myaocat: alias sl=’ls’ xNoury: hey hows it going?
mustafa96m: xD nikomo: alias ls=”sl” Annex_Greenland: twitch ResidentSleeper
myaocat: LUL adibaby04: lmao its not a self driving car lol aa_ato: ctr c ctr v mustafa96m: No xD
FargioFarmani: what’s your opinion about self flying cars? Snowlav: no
Couchmann941: wiat, in what language is this programmed ArcherCreatlol: just recreate the hack
mustafa96m: it’s trivial zeki_muro: myaocat just blew my mind, why did I never think of it masee14: make your text bigger!
480i: Are we allowed to talk about human driven cars LizzyTheWizzy: Refactoring Makefiles DansGame finsnipegaming: hi BluntNStunt: @masee14 get a bigger screen ELITEGAMS: @Couchmann941 look like python Couchmann941: @ELITEGAMS ye, saw it only after i typed it xD ELITEGAMS: LUL finsnipegaming: HolidayPresent
Betazz: Refactoring makefile is WutFace dalex_live: use Scons イオトク: hacking=find and replace Annex_Greenland: asmr jmp0ut: @georgehotz yo geohotz did you check the new malloc remix called mesh? git: plasma-umass/Mesh basically heap compaction khilshot: Which mouse are you using?
Couchmann941: what exactly does he want to hack finsnipegaming: i wonder what george is even doing right now
anthraxvirus322: I cant understand NotLikeThis finsnipegaming: i dont understand the codes myaocat: hacking=My crime is that of curiosity. My crime is that of judging people by what they say and think, not what they look like. My crime is that of outsmarting you, something that you will never forgive me for. oMythra: Pog
イオトク: Instagram followers so he can get a blue checkmark to get him laid @Couchmann941 Annex_Greenland: only rick&morty fans understand
masee14: @bluntnstunt ? Do I know you? T_boltsniper : @myaocat yikes BluntNStunt: @masee14 why are you asking someone else what you know? I DONT KNOW DO YOU
mustafa96m: prefix it with b πŸ˜› finsnipegaming: is redsn0w back or something
frediiiez: is PHP good language? Snowlav: it was a good change veiStare khilshot: Are you going to your fav tool qira?
Betazz: Unicode supplydemand88: dumb question, how do you delete code on the right of the marker with keyboard myaocat: @T_boltsniper ?
イオトク: $d dalex_live: all the code I write is O(n^2) so no change there Kappa 4dead4: python3 is real cancer treestompztv: python2 riPepperonis zeroeagle1: like the async of py3
a28b: LUL Snowlav: just comment out the exit
Snowlav: LUL mustafa96m: Lool xD イオトク: Actually d$ @supplydemand88 hoffs: its failing because it cant access lib not because of exception ?
イオトク: vim iz harz Annex_Greenland: just comment it out 4Head dalex_live: just comment out the printf error message dalex_live: 4Head onu4r: woot you’re exploring checkm8 great! mustafa96m: solved. FURiOUS: great to see you back into ios scene
onu4r: missed your ctf streams HeavenlyChorus: wat terminal is he using chat
ggwpl2p: just comment it out bro midbMald 4dead4: just use py2 4Head onu4r: the old days you know イオトク: putty @HeavenlyChorus Annex_Greenland: geohotz is the father of jailbreaking Number___Nine: so it’s v7 and v8 in the same file…
HeavenlyChorus: @イオトク ty supplydemand88: @イオトク I mean on VS MDSZilla: didnt we install lib0? イオトク: Same thing becuase he’s using a vim plugin 0_______________________o: ADS PogU
mustafa96m: Noo πŸ™ leon042: light jupyter theme DansGame
sapphiiree_: LOL Couchmann941: Pog learning QED__: Pog
0_______________________o: I LOVE ADS myaocat: wctvHype anthraxvirus322: DansGame
Vesh: go to your dashboard Snowlav: adblock LUL
mustafa96m: Hello Youtube πŸ˜€ Couchmann941: no dark mod WutFace
agemdas: LUL Ziv0: your dashboard
Bombapil0t: you need to be partnered ? iksagi: what keyboard are you using? it sounds amazing
Betazz: LOL nooka_: need to use your dashboard
woogio: nooooooo a28b: LUL
FargioFarmani: reportin… Vesh: georgeholz/dashboard
0_______________________o: GIVE ME 10 ADS DADDY Kreygasm JakePauler818: Squid1 TehePelo Squid2 Squid4
xNoury: on your dashboard gankmeharderdad: DansGame
イオトク: dashboard LUL KasCS: Go to your dashboard
cesaaron88: ADBLOCK HERE TriHard takkeo: LUL
jmp0ut: no not adblock MDSZilla: Probably in Dashboard
ggwpl2p: any adblockers in chat?>:] ELITEGAMS: lmao
4dead4: ublock LUL ELITEGAMS: LUL
Feedael: i think its in your dashboard イオトク: adblock your own screen LUL Irkanu: Pog
イオトク: rip plebs menchedanem: hi
markus7: rip AdmiraIGoldenRetriever: ADBLOCK TriHard /
anthraxvirus322: sad StupidGladiator: this dude is crazy
Snowlav: toxic nas_escobar: @georgehotz top right on your profile picture
woogio: lol zeki_muro: πŸ™
mustafa96m: sad C4TFive: cant run ads if block ads
a28b: WutFace WutFace anthraxvirus322: πŸ™‚ HeavenlyChorus: toksik
dalex_live: test xNoury: go to twitch dot tv / dashboard @georgehotz
b1tc0d3: rip Narakuwow: stoned LUL
takkeo: LUL . 4dead4: Go to dashboard
Bogz75: lol rip plebs AdmiraIGoldenRetriever: ME πŸ™‚
Skyvko506: ah, white theme HeavenlyChorus: DansGame
Abo7atm: he was number 1 Cube_Is_Life20: only partners can roll ads I thought?
nas_escobar: @georgehotz select dashboard covac123: FeelsBadMan dalex_live: go to your dashboard @georgehotz
FargioFarmani: @georgehotz I AM ON THE STREAM Couchmann941: professional streamer Kappa
LizzyTheWizzy: https://www.twitch.tv/georgehotz/dashboard 0_______________________o: squad1 squad2 OKAY DUUUUDE
yepatstafoo: Click your face HeavenlyChorus: avatar – dashboard
clarkx86: top right MDSZilla: click on your profile pic and click dashboard
Snowlav: just type !ad nas_escobar: @georgehotz top right on your profile picture
myaocat: :O georgehotz: !ad
khilshot: haha b1tc0d3: upper right on your profile
ggwpl2p: midb2Head midb2Head midb2Head Bogz75: hi
xNoury: twitch.tv/dashboard ImLegendFFS: ewwww lightmode
ArcherCreatlol: mod me PogChamp JakePauler818: PowerUpL PunOko PowerUpR
Qqenddrimm: hiiiii i se me on the stream lol dalex_live: with a slash
Snowlav: Jebaited Ziv0: LUL
Annex_Greenland: LUL dalex_live: type /ad
slowkep: LUL myaocat: LUL
0_______________________o: LULW a28b: LUL
Couchmann941: 4Head イオトク: LUL
AdmiraIGoldenRetriever: Jebaited anthraxvirus322: LUL
pseudo_ducky: Jebaited leon042: professionals use dark theme
Snowlav: Jebaited Jebaited woogio: LUL
a28b: Jebaited iksagi: absolutlyx
slowkep: LUL LUL LUL 2eitgeist: LUL
QED__: LUL HeavenlyChorus: Jebaited
Narakuwow: SO STONED micos7: Basic programming my a$$
deewfps: LU anthraxvirus322: Jebaited
pritam: LUL Ahxs: LUL
deewfps: LUL 0om4ar: LUL
Bogz75: LUL woogio: BOOMER LULW
brownyyyylocks: yea gift meeee oMythra: LUL LUL LUL
dalex_live: LUL 480i: Little dicky is amazing
PatriqDesigns: LUL deewfps: OMEGALUL
rektiw0w: LUL takkeo: NotLikeThis
b1tc0d3: LUL Abo7atm: man the screen was trippy
Forcepain123: LUL pouringhotteaonyourface: LUL
BluntNStunt: LUL frediiiez: LUL
FargioFarmani: type !exploit sapphiiree_: LUL
yepatstafoo: Click your face top right MDSZilla: @georgehotz Top right your pic click dashboard
sadambober: LUL onu4r: SoonerLater
ImLegendFFS: lul #trololololol zigzati: BOOMER LULE
4dead4: GO TO UR DASHBOARD @georgehotz woogio: BOOMER LUL
Couchmann941: it is !rolead30secs @georgehotz mustafa96m: Ad in progress…
HousedHorse: type /commercial ELITEGAMS: Troll for days
FaustPetrovich: 0 khilshot: google it
Kookook21: LUL pietoh: LOL
zeki_muro: rm -rf /* Bombapil0t: no payouts for ads if you are not a partner deepknwldg: PowerUpL DarkMode PowerUpR
QED__: ok break is over at this point zeroeagle1: cancel that project its too complicated
pseudo_ducky: boomer KEKW ArcherCreatlol: BASIC PROGRAMMING LUL LUL LUL LUL Abo7atm: bring the stream back to the screen plz
xNoury: type /commercial brownyyyylocks: ugh ads Couchmann941: how is he a programmer Kappa
yepatstafoo: Click your face top right Kappa 480i: Lots of money
jamesmaloney: Try with sudo !ad BluntNStunt: make me a mod, ill run the ad
takkeo: BlessRNG BlessRNG No ad a28b: LUL
イオトク: hold up disabling adblocker ot make you rich YouPowerRush: gooot em
oMythra: Ad as a full word Kappa Cube_Is_Life20: @georgehotz only partners can roll ads I thought?
aa_ato: $$$$$$$ pietoh: LOL and youre supposed to be a Techie?
x_algorithm: https://www.twitch.tv/creatorcamp/en/get-rewarded/running-ads/ Glymse: Im a programmerhiB) Kappa
slowkep: LUL LUL MDSZilla: @georgehotz you wont make money since only partners get ad share LUL
paddi4795: @georgehotz it’s in the twitch dashboard Zipzipcekirge: hacks ios cannot display ads イオトク: CHEEZITs gaming ad LUL Couchmann941: nah it is !roleAd30secs @georgehotz
Lazylion2: lmao nikomo: LUL pietoh: not good with computers LUL
myaocat: πŸ™ slowkep: LUL LUL LUL ggwpl2p: the duality of autism is magical woogio: LUL
takkeo: ad block Ya_mums_granny: sodaLaugh b1tc0d3: gotta write !ad in hex code to work
deepknwldg: PowerUpL DarkMode PowerUpR FargioFarmani: LUL QED__: LUL
MDSZilla: Its only TWITCH Partner Couchmann941: good thing i have adblock micos7: You need green hair and boobies for partnership
Atlatic: LUL YouPowerRush: !scammed
anthraxvirus322: I can see monkaS Qqenddrimm: Hacks iphone doesnt know hoe too put an ad on twitch
ArcherCreatlol: LUL myaocat: wctvPeaceChamp
MDSZilla: Its only for Twitch Partners @georgehotz Vesh: u have to be a partner pseudo_ducky: TriHard 7
Annex_Greenland: he doesnt know PepeLaugh bool3max: everyone here has adblock u wont make shit khilshot: Open incognito mode.
woogio: sponsored by adblock Kappa HousedHorse: TriHard 7 Narakuwow: TriHard ADBLOCK HERE TriHard NEVER SUBSCRIBED TriHard STOLEN LAPTOP TriHard NEIGHBOUR WIFI TriHard SOLAR PANEL TriHard
xNoury: smile guys πŸ™‚ a28b: LUL
takkeo: BlessRNG xNoury: any smilers? πŸ™‚
Mig1939: Cheer5 what’s outside the simulation? vay_man: restart Couchmann941: just hack twitch so that you get partnered @georgehotz leon042: never subed never donated stolen laptop neighbours wifi
onu4r: let’s just watch the chair 0_______________________o: any m0xxers Kapp
zigzati: REACT ANDY PogU oMythra: Time to wild out
AdmiraIGoldenRetriever: ResidentSleeper Vesh: BibleThump
ELITEGAMS: avaSad b1tc0d3: it is!!!
dalex_live: COPYSTRIKED Kinker99: uhhh
Betazz: Chat erupt Kappa turboglam: pepega time
Lazylion2: Im thinking it chat TriHard NonTrivial778: I think its
anthraxvirus322: BibleThump イオトク: ITS BEEN A LONG DAYYY Snowlav: copySTRIKED Jebaited
mustafa96m: scroll up .. sliderspy: kill stream and start again
Annex_Greenland: oh no no no PepeLaugh Zacharycht: copy strike time
mustafa96m: xD イオトク: WITHOUT YOU MY FRIEND
Bogz75: BibleThump BibleThump xNoury: i played this πŸ™‚
Vesh: LONG DAY Biblethump ggwpl2p: any enablers TriHard
b1tc0d3: Rip Monetization bool3max: WITHOUT U MY FRIEND
Skyvko506: White theme WutFace WutFace WutFace WutFace John_DiResta: nice music
Vesh: BibleThump farmsen: it is
sabre183: DMCA LUL QED__: rip vod
Quad___lol: TriHard ADBLOCKERSSSSSS TriHard ADBLOCKERSSSSSS leon042: rip vods
BibleTrump: AngelThump Vesh: WHEN I SEE YOU AGAIN BibleThump
vay_man: whare did he go? 0_______________________o: @ggwpl2p squad4
XnitronQ: BibleThump Draco401: DMCA LUL
Couchmann941: my video πŸ™‚ イオトク: Rip Kevin heart BibleThump
Quad___lol: TriHard ADBLOCKERSSSSSS TriHard ADBLOCKERSSSSSS TriHard ADBLOCKERSSSSSS TriHard ADBLOCKERSSSSSS oMythra: BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump
anthraxvirus322: BibleThump Hold me chat BibleThump aa_ato: screen proo ! KrauserW: BibleThump
Rion5: why wouldnt he at least move the video screen up myaocat: @cesaaron88 LUL
John_DiResta: Kappa Kappa Draco401: @Couchmann941 Kappa
mustafa96m: guys let’s say someone was in your kitchen okay? Vesh: LETS CRY TOGETHER BibleThump
onu4r: I hope autoplay is off thuganalyst: Who’s cutting the onions
Betazz: Hip hop piano? Keepo ggwpl2p: @0_______________________o midbMald midbWeirdchamp finsnipegaming: Kappa
Couchmann941: @Draco401 huge Kappa myaocat: ResidentSleeper John_DiResta: BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump
takkeo: BibleThump anthraxvirus322: WTFF its so bad Draco401: @Couchmann941 * 2
xNoury: AngelThump AngelThump AngelThump AngelThump イオトク: It’s the only hope white people have @Betazz
oMythra: VoteNay VoteNay VoteNay ManWithNoFace: who tryna hack me Vesh: this guyy sucks on piano
ELITEGAMS: shotzSip aa_ato: 😂 Cube_Is_Life20: he should’ve just played its called the cold War because Russia is cold
John_DiResta: Keepo Keepo イオトク: Weeeeeebbbbbb music
ButtPhysicien: he’s gonna get banned for this dorkmo: sup bros
Luccaasss: ? quickfloor: No matter what i do
Snowlav: Vesh let’s see you play boi keepingtrckofthisacct: isley brothers …not
speeddrawing101: OMEGALUL xNoury: sup dork
b1tc0d3: guys is just a piano OF the original, i’m sure is not copyright infringement Kappa tanoshiizo: hi chat πŸ™‚
YouPowerRush: haha takkeo: ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeper
Tomihack89: hi xNoury: AngelThump
John_DiResta: SingsNote SingsNote SingsNote Hash8TV: πŸ™‚
Vesh: @Snowlav come over sliderspy: wow pretty bad aa_ato: off dorkmo: Cheer1
quickfloor: is george in bath ? イオトク: I don’t understand why people dislike the video he put so much effort into making this video he’s amazing btw I’m 12
Couchmann941: that dude is still better then 99.9% of people here FlySociety2o9: ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeper
Hash8TV: $var1 b1tc0d3: fape break
aa_ato: no keepingtrckofthisacct: getting food anthraxvirus322: is that his bed on the left FeelsWeirdMan 0_______________________o: @quickfloor He wen to go squadW
Ahxs: PogChamp aa_ato: and tee HeavenlyChorus: he got a sayl Pog
Skyvko506: PogChamp MDSZilla: SwiftRage
sondreal: dudududud KrauserW: HOLY
tanoshiizo: PogChamp sondreal: PogChamp
イオトク: Seth is that you? PogChamp 2eitgeist: TriHard
anthraxvirus322: TryHard Scheback: Kappa
Abo7atm: loooooool I thought I was in an elevator for a second b1tc0d3: it got gangsta pretty quick
mustafa96m: liiiiiiiiiiiit alxhotel: B)
NonTrivial778: PogChamp micos7: STILL programming..
sadambober: PogChamp Skyvko506: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp
NonTrivial778: dr dre Vesh: GUESS WHOS BACK TriHard
tanoshiizo: guess who’s back.. Serbius: OG SHIT
speeddrawing101: PogChamp anthraxvirus322: TeiHard
oMythra: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp ManWithNoFace: Kreygasm sliderspy: Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm
ggwpl2p: ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeper oMythra: VoteYea VoteYea VoteYea VoteYea イオトク: no
Vesh: SourPls myaocat: wash hands
mustafa96m: Nope Snowlav: no Kappa
sondreal: sodaC 0om4ar: TriHard takkeo: ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeper
aa_ato: 🤔 sabre183: MACKLEMORE LUL
anthraxvirus322: wash hands DansGame Couchmann941: @georgehotz hack twitch and give yourself partner
ggwpl2p: TriHard TriHard TriHard YouPowerRush: w a s h
HeavenlyChorus: LUL Skyvko506: “Hands washed” Kappa
Vesh: LUL Abo7atm: being good in the cloud
myaocat: ban LUL Ahxs: LUL
KrauserW: copystriked glitch3dout: Bill Gates is on Instagram
sapphiiree_: LUL sadambober: LUL
2eitgeist: LUL Julll: LUL
oMythra: We jammin sabre183: LUL zwjke123: hey
Betazz: Lol Hash8TV: LUL
Ziv0: LUL it’s a bttv emote pseudo_ducky: he doesnt knwo LUL
4dead4: LUL xNoury: BibleThump
pouringhotteaonyourface: !uptime b1tc0d3: who washes their hand in their house, i know i don’t
aa_ato: oh Couchmann941: @georgehotz hack twitch and give yourself partner 4Head
sondreal: Lets go!!! literun: its a bttv emote Arrax: he doesn’t know PepeLaugh
4dead4: he doesnt know PepeLaugh Abo7atm: lets go anthraxvirus322: he doesnt know
Nierit: he doesnt know PepeLaugh pseudo_ducky: dont tell hime PepeLaugh SKPTCL: what chair do you have
4dead4: @Arrax PepeLaugh sondreal: Haircut hype!!! PogChamp Snowlav: he lacks critical information PepeLaugh YouPowerRush: he dosnt know
Couchmann941: unsaved changes monkaW SKPTCL: oh damn im a mod now
sapphiiree_: herman miller pseudo_ducky: PepeLaugh Vesh: he has no idea PepeLaugh smurfd0: it hasn’t todo with that you are not using the patched libusb? イオトク: Time to owm the libs Crypod: some background: there’s a browser extension for Twitch called BTTV that offers GIF emotes. SourPls is of of those emotes SeemsGood Crypod: one of those*
Zacharycht: lib usb killer イオトク: Boo
Vesh: who? Snowlav: too much xanax? Kappa micos7: I`m eating peanut butter ,I thought I let the chat know zigzati: lidl nas WeirdChamp イオトク: They had StudioForce yesterday glitch3dout: Ether is the best drug
jmp0ut: phenibut is better than xanax イオトク: nobody left their chairs mustafa96m: *STRIKE ALERT*
イオトク: because streamers Lutefisk123: @micos7 Peanut butter is life. I ate 150g of that in one sitting earlier today FlySociety2o9: !uptime supplydemand88: Valium is better qu4ku: X to cut a cell, C to copy a cell, V to paste a cell, A to create an empty cell above, B to create an empty cell below
Couchmann941: @georgehotz hack twitch and give yourself partner TheEgoFalconV1: Honestly if this is hacking i’m happy my PC doesn’t look like that, the amount of tabs open is crazy
micos7: @Lutefisk123 My man sapphiiree_: @geohotz666 shut up
woogio: thots in my head Kreygasm aa_ato: 572 khilshot: Which drugs you have tried so far?
kovu211: monkaS lovetaylorswift13: LUL
YouPowerRush: thots confirmt ? 4dead4: xanax makes me insta sleep
micos7: creamy or chunky? myaocat: LUL
hoffs: they already locked up shkreli, they are coming for you next anthraxvirus322: talking about drugs monkaS
myaocat: BAN Hammer sapphiiree_: LUL
woogio: ban em QED__: LUL
NotKarar: It says 666 LUL supplydemand88: ahahahaha
oMythra: Thats a bannable offense takkeo: LUL
ImLegendFFS: Sony came for you so why not pharmaceuticals LUL イオトク: reboot rip stream and viewers
aa_ato: yeah YouPowerRush: inb4 rebootin jmp0ut: flattery
ArcherCreatlol: lul jmp0ut: πŸ˜€
myaocat: LUL Vesh: monkaS
b1tc0d3: LUL sadambober: LUL
phermy: KEKW ArcherCreatlol: LUL
KrauserW: LUL noob BlLL: LUL
woogio: LUL anthraxvirus322: @geohotz666 cmonBruh
YouPowerRush: BAN BAN BAN sapphiiree_: BYE
vay_man: too mmany people today ghostfrommarz: Easy as that LUL titanus07: @georgehotz Do you know Jonathan Blow and his opinions on computers & programming etc.? frediiiez: LUL
clarkx86: LUL zeroeagle1: run that on a vm myaocat: πŸ™
phermy: LUL ggwpl2p: midbMald midbMald sondreal: PogChamp trajenx: LUL
x_algorithm: πŸ™‚ dorkmo: woooooo th3_maj0r: plebs
clarkx86: subscriber elite eynalhurts: Ez
razr22: lmao serhejenos: yah zeroeagle1: oligarchy Love it !
supplydemand88: millionsssssss jamesmaloney: Sry not sry m8
ProfessorMagikarp0: we free bois PrideFlag PrideSaba SKPTCL: george really has the best mods πŸ™‚ benjaminr42: Yeah!
serhejenos: feel zpecial clarkx86: subscribers unite SKPTCL: kappa yepatstafoo: Cheer1 I can still talk in chat Kappa liesai: liesai subscribed with Twitch Prime.
dorkmo: you’re an all star chat serhejenos: Kappa Kappa Kappa adriaroms: Cheer1 I’m not a sub, but I can talk Vesh: free PogChamp
Atlatic: Can I talk? ghostfrommarz: FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE PogChamp 0_______________________o: @dorkmo D0RK squadBrug
domas3210: PogChamp anthraxvirus322: we back
brobaa: PogChamp NotKarar: DansGame
jmp0ut: your computer can’t talk sadambober: PogChamp
SSKarizma: Kreygasm Kreygasm woogio: Pog
trajenx: please kick out the plebs sabre183: PogChamp
ImLegendFFS: o.o kkkizune: pog
dorkmo: Cheer1 chat tax! pay up kovu211: FREEDOM
anthraxvirus322: we back PogChamp takkeo: back again
FargioFarmani: free speech micos7: Blahblahblah myaocat: wctvHype wctvHype wctvHype wctvPeaceChamp wctvPeaceChamp wctvHeart
QED__: FREEEE John_DiResta: heeyyy
Snowlav: FREE PogChamp イオトク: Apparently someone got roofied at twitchcon
glitch3dout: Why limit the average IQ>saulgd: !uptime anthraxvirus322: Release the Plebs PogChamp
KrauserW: nono NonTrivial778: followers only is better aerotone: 1 month PogChamp
0_______________________o: squadCozy SLOWY MOWY MODE squadCozy SLOWY MOWY MODE speeddrawing101: yay I am too poor to be a sub but I am a follower
Vesh: free PogChamp vay_man: thays cool
poopboy7: NotLikeThis pls nop C4TFive: Kappa
P0LY: AngelThump oMythra: freedooom
NotKarar: Keepo zigzati: 1 month follower only PogChamp Betazz: Kappa
iksagi: whats the keyboard you’re using? sounds amazing adriaroms: Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1
jmp0ut: just kill the process Skyvko506: PogChamp Freee PogChamp
Mozzarellum: kappa glitch3dout: libusb1 is terrible
mustafa96m: πŸ˜€ fullonrager: BegWan
dalex_live: do 2-year follower mode sapphiiree_: LUL
dorkmo: Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Zipzipcekirge: switched to windows? str9led: PogChamp1 PogChamp1 PogChamp1 PogChamp1 PogChamp1
markus7: pro lifers hate windows drivers nikomo: I can’t sub, I refuse to pay for adult entertainment Kappa
cjocol2201: reaction toELon Musk Presentation oMythra: !followage Qqenddrimm: whos sleeps on that bed behind you saulgd: why does he have a hospital bed in his kitchen jmp0ut: 15 years later
dorkmo: Kreygasm1 Kreygasm1 Kreygasm1 Kreygasm1 Kreygasm1 khilshot: Why not just use linux ?
NonTrivial778: do a 1 year follower mode FargioFarmani: xE7x00x63
anthraxvirus322: WTF is he doing ? can anyone summarize ? str9led: Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 pouringhotteaonyourface: why windows tho
Lutefisk123: @micos7 I prefer creamy, but I can only find chunky peanut butters without added sugar. Which is unfortunate. So I go with the sugar free chunky peanut butter. What about you? mustafa96m: CTRL ALT DEL
nevroje: @georgehotz libusb-1.0 is a portable API while libusbk is Windows-specific. libusbk locks you into Windows and libusb-1.0 doesn’t. finsnipegaming: imGlitch
P0LY: D: Xavur_: Kappa100 adriaroms: Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1
str9led: SeemsGood1 SeemsGood1 SeemsGood1 SeemsGood1 SeemsGood1 Snowlav: NotLikeThis oMythra: Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1
str9led: πŸ™‚ vay_man: ubuntu never does that
4dead4: NotLikeThis adriaroms: Cheer1 John_DiResta: wait python using 5GB?? str9led: hugosdGandalf hugosdGandalf hugosdGandalf 0_______________________o: any truers? squad200
hoffs: thats the same error NotKarar: Any nammers? NaM
oMythra: Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 NonTrivial778: cbrahFeelsPepeMan 4dead4: VIET ___ Xavur_: DansGame100 Notice me NotKarar: NaM
keepingtrckofthisacct: still banned adriaroms: Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 keepingtrckofthisacct: ?
WizWiz0: we are in PogChamp FargioFarmani: 1 0 1
str9led: πŸ˜€ keepingtrckofthisacct: ok, chat…let’s please behave
str9led: hugosdNuke12 hugosdNuke12 hugosdNuke12 hugosdNuke12 hugosdNuke12 dorkmo: Cheer1 Cheer100 Kreygasm1 Cheer100 Cheer1 cjocol2201: where is monkaS 0_______________________o: monkaS
adriaroms: libusbk is specific for windows Cheer1 Cheer1 nevroje: @georgehotz libusb-1.0 is a portable API while libusbk is Windows-specific. libusbk locks you into Windows and libusb-1.0 doesn’t.
Ziv0: LUL dalex_live: KEKW
anthraxvirus322: LUL mustafa96m: LUL anthraxvirus322: KEKW etu osagga: it should be cross platform alienware997: Lel dalex_live: 0 to a 1 LUL str9led: Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Kappa1 Kappa1 Kappa1 Kappa1 Kappa1 Kappa1 Kappa1 HawkMonk: libusb0=libusb-win32; libusb1=libusb1.0 in zadiq
albalus: albalus subscribed with Twitch Prime. poopboy7: LULW
cesaaron88: TriHard ADBLOCK HERE TriHard NEVER SUBBED TriHard STOLEN LAPTOP TriHard NEIGHBOUR WIFI TriHard SOLAR PANEL TriHard str9led: hugosdGandalf hugosdGandalf hugosdGandalf hugosdGandalf hugosdGandalf adriaroms: adriaroms subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 2 months! yay! Jewishrambo: why did you get windows 10? shud install linux pleb. osagga: just check the wiki page for Windows soulshined: why did you move over to windows?
HawkMonk: libusb0=libusb-win32; libusb1=libusb1.0 in zadiq @georgehotz dalex_live: half of being a firmware engineer is learning how to install packages str9led: I see blender πŸ™‚
osagga: wiki page in the github repo mustafa96m: i’m having really quality time here..
Serbius: doctor of life πŸ™‚ ImLegendFFS: Geo rode Sony just like a Pony, Sony’s security is so phoney.
oMythra: playing on hard mode is how we grow adriaroms: Cheer1 maybe libusb-win32? dorkmo: uni1 Jeppelelle: Cant wait for the sued by Apple rap ImLegendFFS: Same finsnipegaming: same anthraxvirus322: aint nobody cant sue my boy cmonBruh
sondreal: any rap by geohot PogChamp 0_______________________o: @Jeppelelle squad4 okay duuuuuude osagga: https://github.com/libusb/libusb/wiki/Windows#how-to-use-libusb-on-windows okurcozer: Hey ho ImLegendFFS: Apple Rap By GeoHotz (Remake of Sony Sued Me) Xavur_: Party50 Party50 Party50 Party50 dorkmo: Party1 dra031cko: TRUE Xavur_: George do you even get the money from bits? sirleeroyjenkins: So is he just checking out checkm8 or making something with it? ls111: y is he moving his jaw like that? HawkMonk: @georgehotz try winusb Kimx_: i know this guy from youtube, he cracked the IRS dbase cjocol2201: nice hairstyle
nikomo: The USB port’s state is probably FUBAR right now because of all the ZaDig going on, might want to unplug and replug the phone at some point aa_ato: 778 dorkmo: bits are the currency of the illuminati str9led: hugosdToilet hugosdToilet hugosdToilet Jewishrambo: shudnt windows 10 be able to zip zeki_muro: extract it online hyldee: 7z in a 6z archive dalex_live: if you zip it seven times it becomes a 7zip right? Kappa anthraxvirus322: @nikomo what is he trying to do ? can you eli5 ? oMythra: thats it bootup arch linux
asaalgk: OMEGALUL PhosphoricAcid: he doesn’t know LUL
Xavur_: Pride1 PJSalt1 PJSalt1 PJSalt1 PJSalt1 PJSalt1 PJSalt1 PJSalt1 PJSalt1 tauzN: Right-click degirmencii_dayi: right click pls
myaocat: its on extension menu ->right click Xavur_: PogChamp1 PogChamp1 PogChamp1 PogChamp1 PogChamp1 PogChamp1 PogChamp1
4dead4: right click EiniiBoii: Wtf is he doing soulshined: why did you transition to windows @georgehotz ?
EiniiBoii: Just tuned in myaocat: right click file! adriaroms: right
lucas9o: windows LUL x_algorithm: right click extract
osagga: just open with nikomo: @anthraxvirus322 Having library problems, he doesn’t have the required library installed Xavur_: TriHard1 TriHard1 TriHard1 TriHard1 TriHard1 TriHard1 TriHard1 TriHard1 TriHard1 TriHard1 TriHard1 TriHard1 TriHard1 TriHard1 TriHard1
4dead4: RIGHT CLICK ON THE 7Z fowlmoves: Right click…..
fowlmoves: OMG cjocol2201: uWu osagga: lol
EiniiBoii: Retard anthraxvirus322: @nikomo i meant to ask about checkm8
Bombapil0t: how to use as geek TriHard HeavenlyChorus: LUL Atlatic: Here we see a millennial boomer trying to use a computer. Xavur_: Kappa1 Kappa1 Kappa1 Kappa1 Kappa1 Kappa1 Kappa1 Kappa1 Kappa1 Kappa1 Kappa1 Kappa1 Kappa1 Kappa1 Kappa1 dalex_live: yea it’s the current meme on Twitch
rektiw0w: BOOMER george oMythra: LUL LUL
0_______________________o: OMEGALUL 4dead4: Just use zadig sondreal: I dont know what a boomer is LUL myaocat: LUL
cjocol2201: lol titanus07: @georgehotz Why don’t you set up donations (if you haven’t already), so that I can throw money at you? LUL
dorkmo: boomer sooner hyldee: geoboom LUL
bretling: why would you want to discriminate by age, or anything else? woogio: boomer hotz LUL
HeavenlyChorus: LUL lucas9o: LUL
Pryetranka: LUL frediiiez: LUL
mondeverest: BAN cjocol2201: time outttttt
sadambober: LUL anthraxvirus322: LUL
lookmagic1: LUL tanoshiizo: LUL
HeavenlyChorus: lmao sabre183: LUL Nierit: monkaS
dotmops: D: Vesh: boomers LUL
EiniiBoii: Lmaooo Betazz: lel
dotmops: im a boomer D: Atlatic: what are cars?
NotKarar: What is your opinion on zoomers? mondeverest: DONT talk abput it bros
vay_man: anyone here from India? Xavur_: what about self driving trains?
cjocol2201: monkaS is a boomer breadhamandcheese: self driving planes?
Kimx_: lets talk about manual driving cars str9led: SeemsGood
th3_maj0r: Can we make fun of poor people? 4dead4: USE ZADIG
ImLegendFFS: Imagine getting timed out by the GeoGod lul ProfessorMagikarp0: banished another one to the shadow realm jnbMM rip brave soul
str9led: LUL Metta_World_Geese: you’re allowed to make fun of boomers and weebs
NotKarar: Homeless people? Just get a nikomo: @anthraxvirus322 He’s trying to get the exploit running right now, it was dev’d on a Mac so that’s causing him issues in reproducing it
NotKarar: HOUSE FargioFarmani: self flying cars?
TheEgoFalconV1: Why are we not allowed to talk about the 4 wheeled machines? soulshined: you can’t tell the internet to NOT do something, they will just do it more. Xavur_: EleGiggle1 EleGiggle1 EleGiggle1 EleGiggle1 EleGiggle1 EleGiggle1 SELF DRIVING TRAINS sondreal: th3_maj0r how little is poor?
kkkizune: !mod cjocol2201: monkaS
Atlatic: what’s he hacking? anthraxvirus322: @nikomo thanks mate SeemsGood str9led: @Xavur_ hahahah frediiiez: @Atlatic check stream title
kkkizune: @Atlatic IOS scerj: scerj subscribed at Tier 1.
Atlatic: ty Snowlav: @atlatic the Gibson
vay_man: ym friends need to order beer in hyderabad! any ideas? th3_maj0r: @sondreal Like people who don’t subs to this channel dorkmo: HeyGuys1 sondreal: th3_maj0r okey, yes we can make fun of them
dalex_live: @vay_man try a bar th3_maj0r: 100% vay_man: deliver to home anthraxvirus322: PepeScoot Snowlav: @th3_maj0r wow toxic mod veiStare myaocat: LUL
sondreal: what kinda tea is the best? 4dead4: Homie use zadig ur just wasting time
PaGno: What’s up @georgehotz ! NonTrivial778: tea and eggs
tanoshiizo: banned monkaS cjocol2201: pepe
asaalgk: monkaS Dennjs: hi
cjocol2201: sad pepe javadragoniv: how come u prefer tea over coffee
HeavenlyChorus: monkaS Annex_Greenland: its the same guy coming back everytime
Brohanson: D: miraeldoto: monkaGIGA FargioFarmani: monkaS
rektiw0w: u dont even have a sub badge for ur subs, so u are not getting my sub haHA scerj: malexaH alxhotel: mokaS cjocol2201: happy pepe NonTrivial778: HawkMonk
leadcoder: I have a sub badge for my subs NonTrivial778: haHAA Annex_Greenland: what would his badges be? asaalgk: google the error Kappa smurfd0: you need to patch the libusb? hotplay: do you usually not listen to music while working? HawkMonk: @NonTrivial778 ? tooI: is there a specific reason why are you using windows for this?
daniellockyer: maybe the libusb patching daniellockyer: https://github.com/libusb/libusb/issues/412 sondreal: what kinda tea did u order? PogChamp NotKarar: Except the sound of windows LUL
dalex_live: the one thing i miss about living in silicon valley was the prime delivery speeds sicandis: black tea
Annex_Greenland: probably boba tea QED__: how often do you take breaks while working?
Vesh: @tooI cause he is doin this on hardmode not easymode cjocol2201: do you like club mate? Snowlav: @tooi because windows makes life hard and that’s how we learn things supplydemand88: guys Elon is watching the stream
soulshined: what ios versions does this support? dorkmo: pure leaf, the tea of champions
FargioFarmani: is he using uber eats or what company is he ordering from? @georgehotz tomaakola: C vs Java zeki_muro: oh it’s a race condition
Vesh: @Elon_Musk PogChamp cjocol2201: hahaha Elon are you here?
zeki_muro: try multiple times Snowlav: C always don’t @ me speejay1: is class a word in his vocabulary
speejay1: ? dalex_live: @Tim_Apple PogChamp tooI: windows masochism FeelsBadMan
0_______________________o: @BarackObama HOLY SHIT PogU anthraxvirus322: LUL glitch3dout: @Bill_Gates
zeki_muro: race condition Jeppelelle: Elon busy prepping his Starship event later today πŸ˜€
zeki_muro: try again sabre183: @2Pac PogChamp vay_man: Tim Cook is watching glitch3dout: @Bill_Cosby asaalgk: thank you for the 1 million dollar donation, @Bill gate Vesh: @tim_cook HeyGuys
supplydemand88: he is cjocol2201: starship!!!
nikomo: Real men write in LLVM IR adriaroms: Cheer1 Cheer1 Temporary workaround is to go back to libusb-1.0.21.
anthraxvirus322: @glitch3dout cmonBruh zeki_muro: it’s a race condition, TRY AGAIN oMythra: @CIA speejay1: @KosElGahbe
daniellockyer: Temporary workaround is to go back to libusb-1.0.21. WorthyNull: nice haircut alfyfav: Why is python working with 2 spaces?
daniellockyer: https://github.com/libusb/libusb/issues/412#issuecomment-409563135 dorkmo: Martin_Skrelli is watching the stream
cjocol2201: nice hair leon042: @TerryDavis Pog
glitch3dout: Okay my bad πŸ˜› adriaroms: Cheer1 Cheer1 herehttps://github.com/libusb/libusb/issues/412
TheEgoFalconV1: @daniellockyer you’re on a roll glitch3dout: @Sony WorthyNull: nice haircut you bloddy scallywag soulshined: donald trump is watching sponge bob
THX1342: MinecraftInstaller FailFish FargioFarmani: python works with n-spaces as long as your are consistent with it
NonTrivial778: TeaTime anthraxvirus322: @zeki_muro how can be it be a race condition
hyldee: MingLee w cjocol2201: πŸ˜›
razr22: light moode wndows LUL codevisionary: good afternoon george bboc_kz: Is he just trying to get the exploit to work on his device rn or has he made modifications to it? alfyfav: oh thanks, Fargio! dalex_live: @bboc_kz getting it to work 1st oMythra: yea the light mode gotta go LUL myaocat: Pog
ImLegendFFS: Pony daniellockyer: Yay! twiggy_io: You are welcome
sadambober: PogChamp daniellockyer: It worked πŸ˜€
Annex_Greenland: nice mustafa96m: press d two time in row
ArcherCreatlol: mod him PogChamp tanoshiizo: i’m cool? πŸ™‚
Annex_Greenland: subs on point ImLegendFFS: PogChamp
HeavenlyChorus: Pog Jewishrambo: MOD HIM
frediiiez: mod @daniellockyer PogChamp sabre183: Pog YouPowerRush: np
Jewishrambo: MOD PogChampon console i believe soulshined: lol trying alt f4 on geohotz JakePauler818: its control w
soulshined: plebs dalex_live: @soulshined i respect the effort frediiiez: @d0neall ik he is my friend just tried to get him modded
WorthyNull: @georgehotz it’s ctrl w WorthyNull: for dark mode
zeroeagle1: yeah theres a theme for jupyter dark anthraxvirus322: ??
th3_maj0r: do funny guys… d0neall: @frediiiez What is a friend
th3_maj0r: so dalex_live: rip
techinicabor: limera1n PogChamp Abo7atm: the dark theme is terrible zeki_muro: limera1n was the shit
mustafa96m: :*( Abo7atm: dont use it WorthyNull: @Abo7atm you are sharmuta x_algorithm: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/46510192/change-the-theme-in-jupyter-notebook
frediiiez: @d0neall a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations soulshined: i like how you push up your imaginary glasses when you think πŸ˜› Abo7atm: @WorthyNull i dont this i am Abo7atm: think* zeki_muro: uaf and race conditions are not mutually exclusive WorthyNull: @Abo7atm it doesn’t matter what you think you bloody scallywag d0neall: @frediiiez Ok I dont have that πŸ™‚ frediiiez: @d0neall πŸ™
Annex_Greenland: geez not gonna get it to work on windows Atlatic: Boomer trying to write code stream dalex_live: has anyone gotten it to run on Windows yet chat? twiggy_io: Read that comment
cjocol2201: πŸ˜› Abo7atm: @WorthyNull is this “trolling”? Abo7atm: cus it’s kinda fun WorthyNull: @Abo7atm we’re talking in code sharmuta
4dead4: there is a sys exit supplydemand88: lex fridman as well twiggy_io: Your prime
twiggy_io: box anthraxvirus322: door monkaS
tauzN: PogChamp MDK1980: FBI Abo7atm: @WorthyNull shwarma maybe?
myaocat: Pog asaalgk: monkaS
frediiiez: FBI OPEN UP ItzRicky001: TEA sourPoggers Lazylion2: TEA
anthraxvirus322: OPEN UP monkaS YouPowerRush: d o o r
rektiw0w: TEA Pog woogio: CHICKEN TENDIES PogChamp
cjocol2201: run geo run tanoshiizo: THE 2 TIME
イオトク: PogChamp HeavenlyChorus: jasonrClap
myasovlavashe: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp murkythunder: LUL
sabre183: APPLE RESTRAINING ORDER PogChamp anthraxvirus322: TEA FeelsAmazingMan
WorthyNull: @Abo7atm shawarma is love myaocat: PogChamp
bboc_kz: PogChamp P0LY: what brand is that? WorthyNull: @Abo7atm where are you from btw
Annex_Greenland: will never work on windows get a macbook πŸ™‚ myotheruserisbanned: GingerPower KyleUE: rip eggs tauzN: Show us the view Kappa dr_drunkenste1n: You need your glasses so bad FargioFarmani: jasonrClapjasonrClap
duzy: PogChamp FargioFarmani: jasonrClap jasonrClap jasonrClap
techinicabor: QUAD TEA PogChamp x_algorithm: why is there a bed in the kitchen ? Abo7atm: @WorthyNull the cloud, im in geroge’s neighborhood soulshined: you get tea delivered to you? dalex_live: why is there a hospital bed in the kitchen LUL supplydemand88: what tea is this?
miraeldoto: @soulshined KKona Clap Nystflame: @x_algorithm because he lives in california, no such thing has more than 1 room jmp0ut: avacado tea=? soulshined: lol @miraeldoto ikr
supplydemand88: looks like full of sugar jesus Couchmann941: middle mouse click on the tab name Kappa @georgehotz
StealerSlain: any progress chat? cjocol2201: do you live in a hospital?
WorthyNull: @x_algorithm it could be a studio 1 0 style Annex_Greenland: most californians sleep in their kitchen tomaakola: Cooking time
WorthyNull: @Abo7atm wtf dalex_live: fkin san francisco, I guarantee you that place costs $4,000 a month
hotplay: LUL do you sleep in your kitchen? Nystflame: 5k a month for a studio cjocol2201: cooking livestream TheEgoFalconV1: Why can’t we talk about sony and the cars? str9led: hugosdNuke12 hugosdNuke12 hugosdNuke12 anthraxvirus322: monkaS Knocks frediiiez: WutFace x_algorithm: ahh i see but this wasn’t there in the last streams
bboc_kz: i like that checkm8 doesnt give any message regarding why it failed HeavenlyChorus: WutFace
leon042: best pov dude_itsAli: !uptime
cjocol2201: monkaS strackhs: 4k for that studio??
miraeldoto: @TheEgoFalconV1 banned monkaS zeki_muro: lol, def no troll Jeppelelle: TheEgoFalconV1 because its 20 years old now and talked about to death
dalex_live: @strackhs at least, maybe more in SF titanus07: @georgehotz Is that tea with sugar?
FargioFarmani: how much do you pay for rent @georgehotz ? lightofhel1: cooking stream now PogChamp strackhs: lol
CMTFrosty: Try on mac Regexxxx: you had a typo earlier spelling “backedn”
random11_real: what type of tea is that? leadcoder: what is a race condition? WorthyNull: ctrl w for dark mode jupyter d0neall: @georgehotz Whats ur rent
Foedi: hi Jewishrambo: cmonBruh miraeldoto: cmonBruh
dalex_live: cmonBruh drivewaycam: no talking about the company
anthraxvirus322: cmonBruh イオトク: It’s like when you gotta convince the cops to give you a warning before they give you a ticket Jewishrambo: cmonBruh cmonBruh
TheEgoFalconV1: @Jeppelelle Thanks, makes sense anthraxvirus322: what berry cmonBrh FargioFarmani: where is the apple?
frediiiez: it’s like… blackberry Abo7atm: race condition because it’s fast, you could say it’s bolt-ing on…
anthraxvirus322: which berry cmonBruh mustafa96m: please ban chqj1ygeabrigid GeneralSoak: hola dr_drunkenste1n: cmonBruh
mustafa96m: he is a bot sending spam messages.. miraeldoto: why eat that berry cmonBruh nic0latesla: you live alone? Regexxxx: you had a typo earlier spelling “backedn” , idk if that matters
estilen: vscode cmonBruh d0neall: @georgehotz Whats ur rent
ggwpl2p: bro stop crunching the ice zeki_muro: can I see the stacktrace?
scerj: cloudberry praROSE drivewaycam: geohotz rektiw0w: WeirdChamp
ArcherCreatlol: did you just eat ice? @georgehotz x_algorithm: chewing ice again πŸ˜€
cjocol2201: you still wearing the apple watch WorthyNull: @georgehotz what keyboard do you use
supplydemand88: what teeeeeea is? bokeee_: nice my man knows whats up, chewing ice atpGasm ls111: ofc, hes on some sort of amphet mustafa96m: Betazz HHKB MrMexmaster: A10 chips need more tries to enter the pwned dfu. A11 has a about 90% success rate and a10 40% anthraxvirus322: what is that flickering ? red horizontal line techinicabor: it’s a barcode scanner FargioFarmani: are you streaming on october 2nd? @georgehotz anthraxvirus322: LUL
techinicabor: beep beep drivewaycam: 5Head r0bru: your PC specs? Annex_Greenland: would think a11 would be harder to beat cjocol2201: razer laptop? zeki_muro: show us the stacktrace
Blintike: Can you show us what you are eating? πŸ˜› Abo7atm: is the future module helpful in porting to py3? cjocol2201: πŸ˜›
r0bru: razer laptop? nic0latesla: what are you eat? rektiw0w: πŸ˜› dr_drunkenste1n: Eat are you what? th3_maj0r: @r0bru y ggwpl2p: STOP rektiw0w: magnus carlsen is watching this stream ggwpl2p: eating ice you monster
nic0latesla: what are you eating? anthraxvirus322: eating ice DansGame
FargioFarmani: what are your plans for your 30th birthday? @georgehotz r0bru: triple monitor? cjocol2201: do you like mango?
tauzN: chew that ice Kreygasm r0bru: keyboard brand?
thecameroncobb: How do you know magnus carlsen is watching? Dennjs: probably ducky or varmilo @r0bru th3_maj0r: @r0bru that’s the kind of questions that is not allowed coProof: Console.log lol xNoury: isnt it a hhkb CMTFrosty: chewing ice is amazing
Dennjs: might be ^^ d0neall: Steve jobs is watching this stream PogChamp cjocol2201: haha magnus isn`’t here thecameroncobb: Geo why arent you verified yet? Luccaasss: What keyboard is he useing? scerj: but does the tower have dancing lights pokketCOP mystkomir: what else shouldn’t we use? cjocol2201: how many followers do you have on instagram
osagga: hell yeah Noxique: HELL YEAH KrypticNation: Whao new twitch font
myaocat: HELL YEAH MrMexmaster: Try a11 device it has a better success rate
Abo7atm: so you gave up on 1m2019? wolfpackalpha0: what language u know other than python ?
javadragoniv: ban imm7q3ucatie spamming BS links soulshined: you need more memes to be famous on twitch unfortunately…or boobs
nikomo: Your entire description on Twitch is “follow me on instagram” LUL javadragoniv: dont fall for ti
P0LY: evo19Shill tenzBlush thecameroncobb: Big twitch streamer=instagram checkmark FargioFarmani: Hotz2020 GeneralSoak: you went to TC?
leadcoder: dude, programming on twitch to become partner is so hard if you don’t have tits gmabreak: hello brave man mustafa96m: t r u e
coProof: Geo we were down to play along with the instagram games tho leadcoder: I am speaking from expereienc e
P0LY: n0thing300iq skaIQ KrypticNation: Yo Imagine Instagram going away and all the instagram “models” without a job
cjocol2201: magnus isn`t here FargioFarmani: Hotzt2020 For The Hackers sliderspy: where did you do usb cancel? Annex_Greenland: MingLee
scerj: 500 zq malexaLUL cjocol2201: πŸ˜›
leadcoder: instagram was talking about disabling like count the other day Jeppelelle: That dude that uploaded 90degree pictures should be banned from the internet
Jewishrambo: Why is this exploit unpatchable ? leadcoder: ^
KrypticNation: @leadcoder interesting Annex_Greenland: because u cant change the bootrom nikomo: @Jewishrambo It’s burnt into the chip. Can’t be changed.
cjocol2201: hmmmm thecameroncobb: @leadcoder Geos tits>some anime girl tits xNoury: ^ Jewishrambo: so it’s present on the apple chips microcode?
leadcoder: @thecameroncobb leadcoOh Kjjj11223344: Maybe use your Mac?
Jewishrambo: viewer call ins PogChamp TriHard Pryetranka: no πŸ™‚
KrypticNation: ugh i don’t know what it’s about Windows but hate the font lol zeki_muro: what version of libusb are you using now?
FargioFarmani: use a mac CMTFrosty: All i know is I couldnt get it to work on windows, but it worked on mac
computersmakemesad: @georgehotz what exactly are you trying to do leadcoder: use a mac
CondomsWontFit: no πŸ™‚ xNoury: i wish i could Luccaasss: What keyboard do you use??? pizzA_z: I thought this was hard mode @georgehotz LUL
KrypticNation: I need a pretty font if im going to be coding for hours drivewaycam: LETS DO IT MrMexmaster: It’s the a10 device the success rate is so low take a11 device tauzN: Why are you on Windows? coProof: I know nothing about this
marlone_21: @chat sorry just tuned in, how is the glitch unpatchable? Saprykinkostja: lane ~280 ‘0’ ->b’0′ VoHiYo VoHiYo Hound_The: its in the ROM computersmakemesad: Is your goal to debug the exploit chain? Or just pop your phone Regexxxx: you had a typo earlier spelling “backedn” myaocat: libusb_set_debug() ?
FargioFarmani: use a Mac zeki_muro: see if ituneshelper is running dansafed: what is wrong about windows? tauzN nikomo: Take all your Macs and throw them out the window marlone_21: @chat sorry just tuned in, how is the glitch unpatchable?.
mustafa96m: kill itunes from task manager keepingtrckofthisacct: using a Mac/Windows suddenly won’t get the code to work tauzN: @dansafed nothing, but the tool was designed for Mac/Linux nikomo: @marlone_21 It’s burnt into the ROM, which cannot be changed after it leaves the factory marlone_21: @nikomo oh got you thanks
estrangedHD: That windows is shit? computersmakemesad: Can someone fill me in on what hes trying to do computersmakemesad: is he trying to make a debug phone, or jus tunderstand the chain keepingtrckofthisacct: he wrote the tool and python is OS agnostic hotplay: What other languages do you know?
sanree: i made this exploit πŸ™‚ computersmakemesad: no you didnt πŸ˜› i4cc8a9morw8kfrh: @sanree no i did πŸ™‚ FargioFarmani: I bet he did
rektiw0w: i guess trying to make the exploit work on py3 and on windows lel shaymin_fakezz: actually, I made this πŸ™‚ nikomo: Use Windows 3.11 for Workstations gigafact: hello everyone
computersmakemesad: right but what is his end goal computersmakemesad: Because you can understand the chain just by reading the code imo justbrandont: You most likely need to reboot.. when you install that libusb driver without a reboot it usually gives problems in my experience.. computersmakemesad: if hes trying to prep a debug phone that’s another matter ilkobg7: what is the keyboard you are using @georgehotz
computersmakemesad: @georgehotz im assuming you know it’s a UaF right MrMexmaster: dude nobody is reading my Massage I already try it on my 2x iPhone X one try and my iPhone 7 need about 50x try its look like a10 has a low succesrate
coProof: Verbose more DansGame swagettiyolonaise69: i guess nostalgia from his old exploit 0_______________________o: squad1 squad2 justbrandont: Also add: `libusb_set_option(context, LIBUSB_OPTION_LOG_LEVEL, LIBUSB_LOG_LEVEL_DEBUG);` Annex_Greenland: so faster iphone cpu helps the race condition? 0_______________________o: squad1 squad2 .
titanus07: titanus07 subscribed at Tier 1. P0LY: crunch tenzGasm computersmakemesad: the actual bug is a use after free i4cc8a9morw8kfrh: @0_______________________o my man 🦍 mustafa96m: maybe use a sleep? random11_real: does anyone know what type of tea hes drinking? FargioFarmani: Did you try restarting your PC? titanus07: Yay, subscribed! πŸ˜€ computersmakemesad: @georgehotz I think I can send you the patch, lemme anonymize the idb, do you have IDA Pro?
TheDkbay: I prefer to sleep at home soulshined: you could just pay the NSO Group to do this for you Kappa computersmakemesad: because it was caught by doing patch diffing on a modern iOS release linux_gemini: according to that notice to newbies, windows support for ipwndfu isn’t there yet so i am not so sure
scerj: !comma computersmakemesad: OR SO I HEAR zeki_muro: same guy different exploit, this one is usb that one is untethered computersmakemesad: okay, gimme a sec. Lemme find it h3ku: @georgehotz Exploits details http://gist.github.com/littlelailo/42c6a11d31877f98531f6d30444f59c4 computersmakemesad: computers make me sad πŸ™ not mad computersmakemesad: because my exploit chains never work
razr22: whoaaa Annex_Greenland: grill
aerotone: gf? quezod: GEEORRGE
dorkmo: no clothes stream cjocol2201: πŸ˜› Jewishrambo: Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm sapphiiree_: LUL Sn00zr: When did you start streaming? @georgehotz pizzA_z: The recipe to Twitch success – put a hot grill on cam 4Head Unsavable: Twitch’s PG18 is still PG13 FeelsBadMan イオトク: Moonshine Jeppelelle: Geo is a hot girl thecameroncobb: Turn it into an Omegle stream πŸ˜‰ computersmakemesad: also @georgehotz the bug is in the iBoot USB code luigifrcruz: luigifrcruz subscribed with Twitch Prime. computersmakemesad: there’s a shared code path of interest
oMythra: man george is the goat scerj: avaPg avaKappa avaR computersmakemesad: between the bootdom and the USB code
P0LY: cute subs tenzAYAYA literun: nah bro its all about the bodypainting computersmakemesad: better be a legit license george zeroeagle1: ever used Ghydra? Muratandjose: what happened to your hair NotLikeThis GeneralSoak: yeah how are there so many viewers soulshined: thats cause everyone is at twitch con πŸ˜›
xNoury: bing finsnipegaming: hi
GeneralSoak: MrDestructoid ? prabathpeiris: Hey man awesome interview with Lex
treestompztv: πŸ™‚ anthraxvirus322: @zeroeagle1 yeah people are preferring ghydra over ida myasovlavashe: πŸ™‚
taxad0: love u bro Jewishrambo: Girl FeelsGoodMan Justanotherantiantiplayer: first time i catch a stream of you! πŸ˜€
computersmakemesad: @georgehotz a hint from comex, the codepathhas shared code from iBoot/SecureROM ArcherCreatlol: gydra what a joke LUL
scerj: MrDestructoid thats a bingo tanoshiizo: PogChamp GeneralSoak: NSA PogU
0_______________________o: NSA monkaS RUN oMythra: shout out to NSA
Gor4: What are you trying to achieve @georgehotz xNoury: an additional one LUL
KorvMoij: PogChamp nsa sadambober: LUL sabre183: monkaS
treestompztv: xqcP shaymin_fakezz: LUL g0skk: LUL
P0LY: gachiGASM tundratortoise: @prabathpeiris yeah, one of my favorite lex podcast episodes for sure
i4cc8a9morw8kfrh: @GeneralSoak This stream is so good. I love this stream. Wow, GeorgeHotz is so entertaining! MrDestructoid Annex_Greenland: NSA backdoor monkaS
mustafa96m: #loveuNSA Kjjj11223344: Hahaha
tanoshiizo: we all have nsa backdoors Kappa shaymin_fakezz: @treestompztv SOON xqcP Unsavable: Are you chewing ice? computersmakemesad: but yeah, youre looking for shared code between SecureROM and iBoot JiNJaProductionz: What’s up with kira? th3_maj0r: 255MB in 5 seconds lol
gaythugmemes: fuck da haters chew more ice Kreygasm coProof: FBI man: “Yes, yes I do George.”
GeneralSoak: this stream is sponsored by the NSA ForsakenReborn: ghidra Pog
nikomo: Ice has too many calories for me Kappa i4cc8a9morw8kfrh: ice chewing asmr Kreygasm
computersmakemesad: also id how to convert my idb to ghidra, i started using ghidra normally though, it’s quite nice, no SSA form tho sanree: What would be the malevolent vectors upon this exploit? Since i assume additional hardware is required and it cant be exploited remotely?
Snowlav: ghydra slow af ResidentSleeper gigafact: how long is the stream going? hotplay: @georgehotz do you play games in your free time? GeneralSoak: MrDestructoid
Annex_Greenland: free time LUL i4cc8a9morw8kfrh: @gigafact 1:52
xNoury: 1h 52 m gigafact: thanks i4cc8a9morw8kfrh: np computersmakemesad: @georgehotz how much guidance are yo ulooking for, do you want to understand it or show th eprocess of learning about the bug 4dead4: using cracked version of IDA LUL sol_322: free TriHard Snowlav: binary ninja is pretty good veiShrug
rektiw0w: should have just did it on the mac nikomo: Download IDA, use it to crack IDA Pro, boom leadcoder: Why sanree: @4dead4 u are probably backdoores by now hehe computersmakemesad: lmao FargioFarmani: then just use ChromeOS
rektiw0w: learning that it wont work LUL seanxedge: LMAO WallopTheCat: I’m fangirling rn myaocat: LUL shaymin_fakezz: LUL
Annex_Greenland: java LUL sol_322: it’s the glow in the dark
myaocat: install jdk nikomo: https://adoptopenjdk.net/
tanoshiizo: LUL WallopTheCat: been a huge fan since your iOS work tundratortoise: @sanree likely just privilege escalation. not remotely exploitable
stonehaens: it’s fine SeemsGood techinicabor: original joke, very funny
computersmakemesad: @georgehotz it’ll be on you to convert the idb to a ghidra project, how should i send it to you Jewishrambo: Show girl SMOrc tanoshiizo: winrar LUL
mustafa96m: this sounds like another stream for reverse engineering nsa backdoor? Blintike: ooof hahahah πŸ˜€
myasovlavashe: winrarLUL Lazysloth: i bet they don’t pay for winrar
covac123: bet they don’t pay for it LUL Dennjs: winRawr
phermy: i paid for winrar MiniK techinicabor: xaxaxa
computersmakemesad: george is meming, there is no nsa backdoor paradox109: install java
i4cc8a9morw8kfrh: any 7zippers? dorkmo: HeyGuys1
treestompztv: @shaymin_fakezz DESTINATION SOON xqcP tanoshiizo: 7zip squad we out here techinicabor: NotLikeThis Gor4: This chat is full of nerds and I love it oMythra: Java…run Dennjs: winRawr uWu
NotKarar: Look at all those backdoors. 0_______________________o: squadBrug
P0LY: monkaS techinicabor: uwu
GeneralSoak: download from sourceforge justbrandont: Java.. omg..
xNoury: thats where they get you イオトク: This is more sketchy than zadig Lazysloth: what animal is that?
イオトク: Kappa Annex_Greenland: is java his gf?
soulshined: good acting geo Kappa dorkmo: shy girl stream
scerj: python is almost linux right BloodTrail julien9877: NOT BACKDOORED Kappa
sol_322: Windows is a backdoor itself tanoshiizo: it’s a robot gf ArcherCreatlol: monkaS
ProfessorMagikarp0: paid actor Kappa anthraxvirus322: Kreygasm
techinicabor: wow NEVER heard that before liquidcomb: FEMALE Kreygasm
pouringhotteaonyourface: brazzers soulshined: we’re stremers guys VoHiYo
woogio: hotz sister shaymin_fakezz: I LOST Kreygasm
0_______________________o: WAIFU Kreygasm WAIFU Kreygasm WAIFU Kreygasm WAIFU Kreygasm dorkmo: gf backdorred zeki_muro: sigh, *unzips*
Annex_Greenland: he’s in Blintike: HEEEEEEEEEEY
Smithlmao: Mom PogChamp turboglam: NSFW STREAM
tanoshiizo: PogChamp pouringhotteaonyourface: oh yeah supplydemand88: he made his hown AI
Abo7atm: there’s unzipping austin_1_2: PogChamp
mustafa96m: *Commercial* keepingtrckofthisacct: @Annex_Greenland lol
quezod: mom or sis woogio: mama hotz PogChamp
Jeppelelle: Will this stream turn into chaturbate? gigafact: who is that?
markus7: NSA is here niko174_: What does he do?
supplydemand88: girl version marucs_aurelius: mom or girldriend?
julien9877: I SAW quezod: or …
raj_iv123: oh yeah KASTAA: dont be shy r2d2
Jewishrambo: PogChampiOS 4Head iamsod0ne_: 1.5k viewers PogChamp
serhejenos: eah make bigger plz smurfd0: think it was libusb 1.0.21 … copy dll i think norlagg: @hoffs the only game that doesnt work because of the anticheat is apex quickfloor: Who is batman ?
sabre183: he only copied dll RexSonix: when he dropping that fat jailbreak
revolutionist123: what is this shell program? computersmakemesad: -.-
イオトク: Agreeing to license terms in 2019 LUL TomLube: holy shit lmao 23 character password iamsod0ne_: 1.5k ANDY
TomLube: PogChamp computersmakemesad: this is painful to watch Kjjj11223344: KappaPride vay_man: lol..category is basic programming RexSonix: hackerman i4cc8a9morw8kfrh: yes, this is very basic 5Head 🍷
RexSonix: not really basic InvoxiPlayGames: @georgehotz how long has it been since you dabbled in the craft of bootrom exploits
Usisuvach0: brewmaster install πŸ˜€ イオトク: install random github gist ez virus firstcyraxsputnik: Nice, the first stream I see from you julien9877: basics PogChamp WallopTheCat: “basic programming”
iamsod0ne_: put it in just chatting and you will get 3k views Kappa Annex_Greenland: i thought he was using two mouse cursos like a boss… turns out it was mine
xyet: This stream has gone down hill lol Bombapil0t: no usb without adapter Keepo i4cc8a9morw8kfrh: shoutouts to commaai archive computersmakemesad: @xyet yuup
WallopTheCat: Annex_Greenland how high are you bud hardtarget4: USB C only in 2019 LUL
firstcyraxsputnik: C Hello World! kuzan8: basic programming KAPPA MaamPlsMarryMe: sugoiPunpun
TomLube: yeah guys come on, every intro to programming class has a ‘ios infosec’ section OpieOP Annex_Greenland: im up there TomLube: do you have any interest in making a jailbreak or are you just having fun with it?
oMythra: basic is relative EskayXIII: the ps3 god now doing low level ios work???? PogChamp
Usisuvach0: Kapp redneck_zirh: coutImport file firstcyraxsputnik: Filter …
BobTheBuilderPr0: BobTheBuilderPr0 subscribed at Tier 1. chkm8: import イオトク: Dragon PogChamp
julien9877: GIFS PogChamp pikkuuu: LUL
sayntgloom: @Annex_Greenland look up edward snowden myaocat: PogChamp
firstcyraxsputnik: look at that animation ArcherCreatlol: just use ida LUL
InvoxiPlayGames: InvoxiPlayGames subscribed with Twitch Prime. alboome: alboome subscribed with Twitch Prime.
Couchmann941: nsa only cares for self driving cars soulshined: we are now all backdoored for being accompliceto his backdoor tauzN: Window LUL
Snowlav: ofc they can take breaks while they wait for it to load veiSip anthraxvirus322: firewall request monkaS
julien9877: monkaS ArcherCreatlol: monkaS
firstcyraxsputnik: vi vi virus ProfessorMagikarp0: LUL
nikomo: monkaS myaocat: LUL
Jeppelelle: NSA: “Put a dragon gif to attract all the 8 year old hackers” イオトク: Backdoor LUL
Lefer_: monkaS osagga: LOL
i4cc8a9morw8kfrh: EZ tanoshiizo: NSA BLOCKED PogChamp
anthraxvirus322: LUL WallopTheCat: did you pay for IDA 🤔
EskayXIII: LUL quickfloor: LUL
jay_al97: oh I just heard about the exploit last night pikkuuu: EZ
Annex_Greenland: LUL lostshiya: LUL
linux_gemini: Backdoor time LULW InvoxiPlayGames: just use IDA PogChamp
vay_man: lol 不好意思: LUL
fullonrager: LUL techinicabor: ez @InvoxiPlayGames
computersmakemesad: the decompiler is fantastic nikomo: It’s still analyzing it, that’s gonna take a while
DragonTechRoyale4k: Lmao computersmakemesad: way better than IDAs for non windows targets
Lefer_: assembly monkaS Snowlav: what’s wroong with bin ninja veiStare
tauzN: NSA has at least 1 employee watching your streams monkaS Mua_987410: @georgehotz release dot file!!! PogChamp taxad0: nsa is watching maybe
Midooriya10: chat how does one get into this ? イオトク: Destract you with dragon animations while trying to go thru your firewall LUL thekorn1896: thekorn1896 subscribed with Twitch Prime.
oMythra: NSA snappin Tensityone: Mmmm computersmakemesad: @georgehotz https://github.com/enovella/ida2ghidra-kb if you want normal keybinds
soulshined: they want you to like it TheIlluminati rezonazari: basic programing btw πŸ™‚
イオトク: Good guy NSA EskayXIII: thanks nsa πŸ™‚ julien9877: HOES MAD TriHard 不好意思: NSA in chat monkaS
WallopTheCat: competition is good myaocat: MAD myaocat: ilfak is mad agemdas: Dark mode NotLikeThis
oMythra: IDA out there taxing so NSA rescued us computersmakemesad: hes not
96terrax96: omg windows DansGame thecameroncobb: Imagine a collab between Geo Hot and Terry Davis RexSonix: big mad prafaeltsantos: MercyWing1 NSA MercyWing2
WallopTheCat: salute o7 in chat if you are a glowie sliderspy: my eyes
WallopTheCat: it’s the law chaprio1: monkaS julien9877: @NSA πŸ˜‰ domas3210: @NSA hi computersmakemesad: hex rays wil integrate the features soon
firstcyraxsputnik: There’s no dark mode KASTAA: @NSA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iUvuaChDEg
firstcyraxsputnik: puag computersmakemesad: @georgehotz house icon theLMGN: @thecameroncobb i don’t think geohotz knows necromancy computersmakemesad: window ->memory maps Jeppelelle: thecameroncobb hard to collab with the dead though :S brayden07890: why exactly cant we just go on the the mac completely and not use windows lol
x_algorithm: https://www.twitch.tv/directory/game/Basic Programming the whole basic programming channel has 1k6 viewers thanks to hotz πŸ˜€ NotKarar: NotKarar gifted a Tier 1 sub to nsa! This is their first Gift Sub in the channel! zeroeagle1: open the Memory Map window and press the house at the top right. computersmakemesad: ^
thecameroncobb: @Jeppelelle lol i knoe WallopTheCat: NotKarar you are on a list now Midooriya10: @computersmakemesad yo bro how does one start with this NotKarar: monkaS linux_gemini: nsa gift sub
EskayXIII: monkaS linux_gemini: nice
computersmakemesad: @Midooriya10 idk shit about computers julien9877: monkaS
quickfloor: Where is the food ? linux_gemini: monkaS
イオトク: actually real NSA myaocat: monkaS
WallopTheCat: epic gift sub tho イオトク: I don’t think twitch lets you do 3 characters vay_man: gift a sub to nsa sayntgloom: @computersmakemesad lol soulshined: nsa doesn’t watch programming streams @linux_gemini they watch alinity
computersmakemesad: im not kidding linux_gemini: soulshined true
computersmakemesad: im bad at VR alexlex9900: @techinicabor serving as is localhost, in other words. It’s written like that for privacy. I wonder how many people here are just watching someone hit his keyboard instead of playing fortnite ashtyn1234: what happened to qira, is it okay to talk about qir? julien9877: not reading subs LUL computersmakemesad: george god damnit Bitcoin__: Bitcoin__ subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 7 months! Never quit streaming computersmakemesad: theres an xml file config you import that tgives you SANE KEYBINDINGS shmadul: Will you be publishing any of this
computersmakemesad: https://github.com/enovella/ida2ghidra-kb sayntgloom: about hardware maybe. you clearly know about memory and software nikomo: Yes
computersmakemesad: yes RexSonix: yes computersmakemesad: @georgehotz and a debugger coming soon ™ EskayXIII: ctrl z LUL
WallopTheCat: IDA 7.2 finally with undo nikomo: IDA finally added undo after Ghidra released and had it on release LUL
computersmakemesad: as well as an emulator based on the IL WallopTheCat: took them long enough burimbushii: HI George πŸ˜€
DragonTechRoyale4k: Lol klausthegreatwhiteshark: When you just done walk to the other room for your Mac zeroeagle1: https://ghidra-sre.org/CheatSheet.html julien9877: good LiIDrunk: yooooo jay_al97: try it on your phone
ashtyn1234: what you doing? computersmakemesad: demote it, do it techinicabor: limera1n.py PogChamp
chkm8: demote it bruhmonument: ghidra poop
liquidcomb: CTRL W FOR NIGHTMODE GHIDRA PogChamp shmadul: SeemsGood100
FargioFarmani: it doesn’t have anything to do with privacy @alexlex9900 kaney_s: can someone tell me the name of his drink KappaRoss LiIDrunk: morning bros Stevein: Cooking stream
vay_man: tea InvoxiPlayGames: @georgehotz would also be neat to try porting alloc8 to Windows PogChamp hardtarget4: sounds good
javadragoniv: wait this exploit gives u root shell? nikomo: T ArcherCreatlol: T
tauzN: @nsa WallopTheCat: does this exploit help you grow chest hair
techinicabor: Never TEA computersmakemesad:IpX myaocat: @computersmakemesad what did you reverse? SamiXG: @TfuedaAmadora 1.0
TomLube: even if he doesn’t want to be a script kiddie and give us a jailbreak Kappa computersmakemesad: the exploit chain
igermanprod: inb4 tripleh3lix TfuedaAmadora: @zeki_muro thxs JefAttorneyAtLaw: @TfuedaAmadora all ios forever, as long as the device is supported tomy__craft: Do you think you can figure out a way to disable *IPSW* signature verifications ? (just like ireb did I think)* TfuedaAmadora: @JefAttorneyAtLaw thx. that is a dream come true hehe speejay1: Idk why im watching this, I don’t understand a shit stianz0: usb works on virtualbox ? so use a vm on the iphone ? πŸ˜› igermanprod: up to iphone x are basically permanently jailbroken forever and ever and ever, on any ios version, even ios 69 whatever will be jailbroken on it probably soulshined: LUL everyone who normally streams is at twitch con Kappa @speejay1 igermanprod: but tor egular users the exploit is of no use at THIS stage garikmi: @igermanprod RIP Xs and higher igermanprod: lmao fuck rich people amiright igermanprod: a12 sgjksdfhgjklsdhfg imuseum: ily geohot subzik_: 1,6k viewers Pog soulshined: ily imuseum
igermanprod: imuseum hello the_diviner_: would love to be like geohot one day
imuseum: please marry me george hotz alcantara78: guys we should not annoy Geohot shmadul: The new fork seems to be broke on linux speejay1: @soulshined I’m a programmer myself but this guy is on another dimension good imuseum: hi igermanprod and soulshined
r00tdk: What is happening maxbridgland: maxbridgland subscribed with Twitch Prime. shmadul: get a syntax error on line 190
imuseum: hi max! r00tdk: Ctf ? r00tdk: Hi hi
schtormm: @stianz0 yeah but not having to use a vm is easoer garikmi: Hello Max!! r00tdk: Please tell
mattp_12: poggers new sub r00tdk: Is it ctf
schtormm: hiya @maxbridgland maxbridgland: hey guys myaocat: Pog Sub
maxbridgland: hi! soulshined: @speejay1 programming and engineering are different yes πŸ™‚
imuseum: wassup max Leynave: what r u even doing?
mattp_12: hullo max TomLube: hey iTunes seems to want your attention Kappa gera2001: This is really hard
maxbridgland: lol imuseum: its me imuseum πŸ˜€ igermanprod: inb4 saurik returns and gives us CYDIA 2
maxbridgland: yes i can tell soulshined: all developers are engineers these days Kappa
r00tdk: What is happening Zohvek: Kappa JUST_5HEAD: hello basic programmer Kappa
Ex3LTheRaPiD: Kappa imuseum: hes forking ipwndfu averagesizepens: hellow worldin hexa
imuseum: into a new one speejay1: google is like wtf maxbridgland: thank the fuckin lord we got geohot on this
imuseum: that is better Infinitelym: USE QUOTES ON YOUR GOOGLE SEARCH TO SEARCH FOR IT VERBATIM maxbridgland: brings back the good ol days feeling igermanprod: @georgehotz ‘s personal agent is like: what the fuck LiIDrunk: turns out guy hacks jailbreaker’s iphone instead igermanprod: like the fbi agent gera2001: shit i wanna JB for IOS 13 soulshined: why? maxbridgland: AARC64 zeroeagle1: yse ghidra in another strean? maxbridgland: AARCH64 Little Endian paradox109: 1.5k viewers dnaroDirtyflag
AtomicMutex: FINALLY IDA stianz0: ghidrah, yes i have no idea what im doing trying ctf’s πŸ˜› AtomicMutex: fuck ghidra Johnvade: Was the ghidra source actually released Johnvade: Or is it still coming soon
schtormm: @maxbridgland i think he tried that in ghidra igermanprod: @gera2001 you would have to wait a long time before it’s usable completely, someone’s gotta make it at least semi tethered so you dont brick your phone on every reboot, and someone’s gotta figure out a way to make custom ipsws in the modern age, stuff like that maxbridgland: thats what i used for ghidra maxbridgland: when i dumped my rom
xEHLE_: @Johnvade its on github Marcinoo97: will UEFI for iphone 8 ever be possible? maxbridgland: although some instructions broke hackops3: When did you talk to jay freeman the last time??? @georgehotz igermanprod: UEFI FOR IPHONE ARE YOU HIGH? Johnvade: brb porting to openbsd
maxbridgland: IDA is better tho maxbridgland: for this maxbridgland: 100% the_diviner_:>ARE YOU HIGH?
the_diviner_: lmao Johnvade: winocm implemented tianocore for iPhone 4 iirc cjocol2201: are you on drugs Mr. Hotz? igermanprod: Does Jay Freeman know about the exploit and what it’s capable off and stuff?
ArcherCreatlol: damn that code block Johnvade: So it’s not impossible
AtomicMutex: I actually would have Ghidra open with IDA ArcherCreatlol: so good soulshined: nooo guys hes on Tea AtomicMutex: but IDA is always MAIN averagesizepens: 60% of murica is on drugs
AtomicMutex: ida 6.9 FTW mahir12345: this is python>mahir12345: ?
the_diviner_: aRe yOu UndEr ThE iNFlUenCE oF AnY DrUGs maxbridgland: yes maxbridgland: the exploit is written in python
Infinitelym: not even Qira? igermanprod: @georgehotz has cheat engine speed x3 on his hands maxbridgland: LMAO mahir12345: are most jailbreak exploits written in python? the_diviner_: most likely not Kiddepants: What’s up! Checking in cause I wanna see someone actually looking at my homie’s exploit πŸ˜€ oMythra: C/C is also used soulshined: exploits are written in Bosque mostly now mahir12345: ok ty
igermanprod: exploit written entirely in swift hackops3: I‘m from nsa, so i needed to know that. Have a nice day Sir
Johnvade: And at least partially in assembly AtomicMutex: exploits in rust stianz0: exploit in basic igermanprod: you run an ipa and your phone explodes it’s battery
soulshined: Bosque underworld: @georgehotz is that a bed in your kitchen cetaceannation: smalltalk exploits soulshined: LUL
andrex_andrex: exploits in VBA soulshined: Exploits in SCSS r00tdk: Why geohot not using macbook igermanprod: exploits in windows batch
mattp_12: Exploit in TIBasic r00tdk: What happened to that stianz0: lol πŸ˜€
Johnvade: prolog exploits halseey: I just wanna say you’re the absolute goat for everything you did for the ps3 scene 🙏🏽 r00tdk: Why geohot not using macbook Crypod: … shmadul: he is
shmadul: over ssh Jameljami11: is that a fire alarm igermanprod: wait you got it up on windows?
Kiddepants: @georgehotz If you have any question’s for axi0mX, I can ask him a few things. I’m in a groupt chat with him πŸ˜€ NonTrivial778: geohot when we are going to live in Mars? speejay1: so after this he is heading to twitchcon? oMythra: he’s ssh into his macbook HazeNoteFR: Reedit users share your stream with “geohot is making jailbreak live” SeemsGood they are coming !! LUL TanB: someone made a GUI version on r/jailbreak
r00tdk: Okay soulshined: everytime he puts his finger on his third eye i get the goosebumps tealeafi: I had a dream about you haah! We were in a classroom and you hacked this kids laptop that was like a dweeb, and made it say horrible stuff. the teacher then got him in so much travel. then we road some underground monorail system back to town. haha. but also there was this guy who was following us, tan, bald, and was disguised as a security guard to make it like you killed me and framing you… it was trippy
r00tdk: Why not direct macbook TfuedaAmadora: this is epic r00tdk: Is macbook broken Johnvade: I had a dream about you haah! We were in a classroom and you hacked this kids laptop that was like a dweeb, and made it say horrible stuff. the teacher then got him in so much travel. then we road some underground monorail system back to town. haha. but also there was this guy who was following us, tan, bald, and was disguised as a security guard to make it like you killed me and framing you… it was trippy
oMythra: he started streaming from windows…didnt feel like completely switching the stream over techinicabor: oh boy speejay1: does he sleep in the kitchen? igermanprod: inb4 airpods jailbroken r00tdk: No from many last streams he is on windows only
cetaceannation: @shmadul o/ garikmi: @speejay1 Why not?
Johnvade: aww that was 10/10 copypasta oMythra: plus he’s tryna get the exploit working from windows the_diviner_: @speejay1 yeah most likely, has his computer turned on at all times just in case lol tealeafi: @speejay1 no tfw617: Hi HazeNoteFR: his goal is to make the windows working πŸ™‚ speejay1: oh so it’s just like a resting bed
tealeafi: that was COPYPASTE! I literally just woke up right now and this man was streaming.. igermanprod: his goal is to explore the exploit not port to windows the_diviner_: rip @Argon_John’s dream
Kiddepants: iPhone 5 exploits first try for me, I haven’t gotten it to work on my 5S but I haven’t had time to finish. experimental_warrior: how ax0mX detected that exploit? r00tdk: Okay r00tdk: Windows sucks tealeafi: it was my dream!! RexSonix: Yes
r00tdk: I recently bought mac computersmakemesad: @experimental_warrior apple released a patch for the iOS 12 beta that patched some iBoot code HazeNoteFR: yeah i’m just terrible at writing english computersmakemesad: he diffed it and figured out from there r00tdk: Because george told me soulshined: what iOS versions are supported with this @computersmakemesad
igermanprod: windows is ultra limiting towards low level access to the raw hardware of the computer Johnvade: Old thinkpads are still better hardware Kiddepants: @experimental_warrior Siguza confirmed that the vulnerability did lie in the iBoot source leak.
igermanprod: @soulshined any myaocat: panic from windows LUL soulshined: SeemsGood computersmakemesad: @soulshined ios version odesnt matter, it’s a bootrom bug
igermanprod: literally any that existed and will ever exist uday1998: !uptime Iamzad: What is jailbreak ?
igermanprod: on supported devices garikmi: HeyGuys computersmakemesad: A12 devices arent supported, nor are A13 because updated bootrom flashed at fabrication bemynatasha: what is love? Fobechi: newest libusb update fixed that error for me suzudev: hello igerman prafaeltsantos: @bemynatasha baby don´t hurt me
pikkuuu: WutFace r00tdk: Ok kale_hond_djurdan: sony probably watching this stream cjocol2201: Baby don’t hurt me Don’t hurt me No more prafaeltsantos:A!?>!!>>!>!>!
9ice_1: !uptime Kiddepants: jailbreaking is great, but I now Geo isn’t going to make one right now, or ever
Inexus1234: CoolStoryBob CoolStoryBob CoolStoryBob UserFormelyKnownAsObake2k: Prison break when Kappa
DomisDream: @georgehotz Any Tips for new Programers? burimbushii: @Roxima_ LOL TfuedaAmadora: BAsIc prOgRamMing LUL LUL LUL mattp_12: PowerUpL lionStop PowerUpR Salman1200: Keep trying it will work
nanodanger7: does keyboard questions still bannable? the_diviner_: connor6Pls connor6Buy 9ice_1: Which is the basic route to take for ios engineering @georgehotz
SantaClara2016: writing exploits in scratch mondeverest: @nanodanger7 esnt Roxima_: welcome back though geo!
Jeppelelle: Where is the chicken? Its been ages now prafaeltsantos: @tomy__craft HHKB 200€
jagger_rsw: @georgehotz btw your talk about hacking the world simulation was cool, i wonder how many ppl in the audience got the idea πŸ™‚ soulshined: yeah you can’t ask the internet not to do soemthing :/ they just do it more if htey know you dont like it
Johnvade: Afaik in Ilja van Sprundel’s kernel audit it did turn out more secure than the other bsds and linux SantaClara2016: booting the_diviner_: “yo where’s my mf chicken???” easydoesitez: did someone say checkin
Marcinoo97: Windows port of this exploit will make life easier for so many people SantaClara2016: turn off chat then masterhackerman145: is dual boot possible with checkm8 soulshined: emote only Kappa
SynthFN: monkaS 9ice_1: what is ur diet consist of!
shimtfu: theoretically yes @masterhackerman145 gergjbol214: try running as su if you get no langid error
mattp_12: Ban everyone but me masterhackerman145: ok
mondeverest: !rules woogio: PogChamp
samtheprogram: omg dual boot WHAT kalklux: Wen eta IOS 69 Jelbrek SantaClara2016: everyone here including me should be banned imamazing87: incrase the timeout Johnvade: Dual boot was already possible pre a9 with kloader64
xdaemonz: the toxicity is real ffthgezgxjkndd: is he using WSL?
Kiddepants: Dualboot is possible without the bootrom exploit…. Roxima_: Hey geo, I know you’re not making a JB……BUT…. if you were to make one, will you add a picture of yourself as a boot logo? mondeverest: increase the TO if they talk abput it gergjbol214: if you get no langid run as root
bariscukur14: Geo can you make dualboot? prafaeltsantos: @SantaClara2016 deves querer levar com o bacalhao easydoesitez: I’m just here for the chicken gera2001: Come on soulshined: chicken Kreygasm soulshined: and waffles? woogio: mom’s home with chicken tendies PogChamp dorkmo: chicken!!! mattp_12: Chicken POGGERS
InvoxiPlayGames: da chicken SantaClara2016: OMG OMG OMG! It works so well!!! Tysm! BTW airpods 3 untethered eta jelbrek wen btw? averagesizepens: mom’s spaghetti 9ice_1: yooo chicken in the house!!
dingobussy: TENDIES PogChamp SantaClara2016: does she know that you’re streaming mattp_12: Chicken hype
oreoMilkshake__: wen jailbrek? soulshined: you’re terrible peopel chat SwiftRage SynthFN: symfHypers chicken tendies
Ekshernul: Chicken tendies metriics: ya hear that? not getting shit
mattp_12: LU robbevsant: GIVE US WHAT WE WANT πŸ˜€
mattp_12: LUL tealeafi: ur gf??? schtormm: lmao i love geohots humour
shimtfu: w e n e t a ios 13 jb???!!!111 the_diviner_: guys just let him do his shit. fuck off with that jailbreak stuff he just explained like seven times what he’s doing and it has nothing to do with making a jailbreak woogio: george has enough good boy points for chicken tendies PogChamp oreoMilkshake__: aaand bootrom dumped mondeverest: guys just let him do his shit. fuck off with that jailbreak stuff he just explained like seven times what he’s doing and it has nothing to do with making a jailbreak
sevenofnine24: its his mom TfuedaAmadora: all these guys wanting a jb i just want to set my ipod touch 4 boot args πŸ™
soulshined: dang. thats like edward snowden shit. she doesnt even trust to leave her phone schtormm: @the_diviner_ most of the chat is joking by now
WallopTheCat: usb condom Kreygasm SantaClara2016: geohot do color 0A in cmd
gaythugmemes: i like her hat averagesizepens: never trust georgie computersmakemesad: jokes should be funny πŸ™
tealeafi: his gf???? halex20k: get a -v at least lmao
myaocat: capture usb with tshark πŸ˜€ Nebulala: TriHard
soulshined: social eating Kappa tybutnowyoudie: why dont you buy some furniture?
BobbyFlo: lmao she doesnt trust your usb port the_diviner_: @schtormm that was for the few stragglers that remain
tealeafi: milffff SantaClara2016: live eating
9ice_1: geohot is cooler than the chicken in the house yo bluedick69: girl :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO poggers Leynave: 1st win – then chicken dude
jatobz: Not expecting JB…interesting to see the goat in action underworld: Is that your wifes bed? @georgehotz
SantaClara2016: PogChamp mattp_12: POG kale_hond_djurdan: enjoy
Nebulala: Kreygasm 9ice_1: we salivating for you g lool Seraph_27: Kreygasm Kreygasm
SantaClara2016: @W1lkins lmao Bombapil0t: Kreygasm
the_diviner_: Kreygasm chicken mattp_12: FBCatch chicken
zampemo: Buon appetito guys! πŸ™‚ SirGudi: tendies
woogio: ayo share cmonBruh nic0latesla: your girldfriend? SantaClara2016: Kreygasm
gera2001: enjoy bemynatasha: god, its 22:18 there and im hungry are you happy now? jatobz: U washed your hands right before… soulshined: prius WutFace hackops3: How about some steaksauce averagesizepens: im in african child bro, stop torturing me SantaClara2016: bruh the_diviner_: @averagesizepens lmao
bariscukur14: Bemynatasha lmao same mattp_12: LUL PatriqDesigns: LMAOa @averagesizepens
AtomicMutex: Chick WEN cjocol2201: bruh SantaClara2016: chicken is great
prafaeltsantos: he didn’t wash his hands after going to the bathroom……… disillusiond: i like chicken too πŸ™‚
TfuedaAmadora: this is pretty cool frediiiez: MMmmmm dead animals!!! yammy
SantaClara2016: ……………….. 9ice_1: loool bruh stripchickening
KASTAA: that asmr jesus… burimbushii: WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER LOL, Did you see the movie “21” with blackjack @georgehotz
the_diviner_: lets not talk about the bathroom situation Pryetranka: yep, looks like a chicken
DomisDream: The Sounds wtf πŸ˜€ ffthgezgxjkndd: lol now his keyboards gonna be nasty
gigafact: wash hands before touching the HHKB SantaClara2016: do asmr exploiting
woogio: bootloader chicken asmr PatriqDesigns: Wash your hands!!!
PatriqDesigns: WTF soulshined: programming ASMR Kreygasm mattp_12: Chicken gives knowledge
SantaClara2016: keyboard mouth asmr Johnvade: I ate an hour ago and now I’m hungry again, tyvm ItzaZkrit: chicken grease on the keys incoming
Stavorguin: CrreamAwk CrreamAwk CrreamAwk TheKoreanZombi: That is what I got from reading that assembly too. j’/k PatriqDesigns: greasy chicken keyboard bemynatasha: ew
TfuedaAmadora: nom nom nom ffthgezgxjkndd: sluck sluck
kalklux: Chomp chomp 9ice_1: his tastes buds are neing exploited by chieck while its fingers r caressing ios bootroom xyet: greasy keyboarfd
burimbushii: WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER LOL, Did you see the movie “21” with blackjack @georgehotz kalklux: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp TheKoreanZombi: Let’s wash that chicken down with some Tahitian Treat averagesizepens: i have to order chicken now, thx
bemynatasha: we are gonna get banned PogChamp Michaeltth: cot, floor eating, got a bucket nearby?
sevenofnine24: this reminds me of me programming, except unlike him im shit at it soulshined: lol this is my college years in a nutshell. except i didn’t have fridge or a stove LUL
KASTAA: let the bodies hit the floor the_diviner_: george eating chicken on the floor is a mood Dule4057: Dule4057 subscribed with Twitch Prime. N3vadaTv: WHAT IS HE TRYING TO DO?? sevenofnine24: eat SantaClara2016: eat
JUST_5HEAD: i can hear it in her voice.. the_diviner_: let the man eat
Seraph_27: imagine someone joining the stream rn, and sees this Dule4057: thanks for blackra1n
kalklux: @Dule4057 where u from Michaeltth: MiniK yeah_haey: What is your favorite book or paper on exploitation
icrazeios: Chicken review? sevenofnine24: exploiting dat chicken
sadpoopz: LUL bemynatasha: dumping chickens securerom btw mattp_12: Chicken sploit
SynthFN: arent they changing that SynthFN: like really soon soulshined: lol
N3vadaTv: WHAT IS HE TRYING TO DO AT THE PC?? 9ice_1: casually eating chicken n streaming with the b, u lad lol
HeyItsMicro_: wtf nanodanger7: @N3vadaTv dude stop with the caps or next it will be a ban the_diviner_: i need to wait until my twitch prime sub expires to sub
soulshined: @N3vadaTv STOP YELLING AT ME woogio: mom got tendies PogChamp
N3vadaTv: sorry ffthgezgxjkndd: no he wont you idiot drparse: LUL
soulshined: @N3vadaTv read the title Ziv0: LUL sevenofnine24: @N3vadaTv “exploring” the new exploit
r00tdk: Who is she iamsod0ne_: TriHard dorkmo: I’LL DO IT FOR FREE CHICKEN sevenofnine24: learning its ins-and-outs
r00tdk: Girlfriend andrex_andrex: she is jailbrooken for sure ffthgezgxjkndd: mom Jeppelelle: Wash your hands
JUST_5HEAD: MOM PogChamp sevenofnine24:>tfw no jailbroken gf
r00tdk: ? QED__: LUL
TheKoreanZombi: A 10 hour walk? Jewishrambo: 👀
the_diviner_: @sevenofnine24 why the quotation marks? Caene: Rude as fuck, not introducing yourself LUL
imamazing87: mom Lazylion2: bi mom Johnvade: Or maybe someone would like to gift subs
mattp_12: @dorkmo banned cause caps yeah_haey: What is your favorite book or paper on binary exploitation leftyfl1p: dont listen to georges mom guys she probably has cooties N3vadaTv: @sevenofnine24 thanks
TheKoreanZombi: Moms bring chicken paradox109: mom gave kid a chiken kabiroberai: Does the exploit require pairing keys, or does lockdownd not get in the way since the bootrom runs earlier in the boot chain?
atidus: coding fuk*** coding eating coding fu***ing circle :”>9ice_1: a well known dev for limera1n
tanoshiizo: mom gimme tendies オレンジ420: monkaS r00tdk: Who are u?
burimbushii: What is your relation with george ??? the_diviner_: she sounds like a model
Lethly: hi mom myaocat: PurpleStar BANNED QED__: mom pls monkaS
uday1998: dump her bootlader @georgehotz bemynatasha: monkaS mattp_12: LUL
iksagi: jaiobreak is love jailbreak is life Instaking058: Boy
andrex_andrex: guys are you retards?? you really think she is his MOM??? eduardo_bruno10: LUL
woogio: monkaS bariscukur14: WASH HANDS PatriqDesigns: LOL
sevenofnine24: @the_diviner_ idk I wasn’t trying to be snarky or anything computersmakemesad: @uday1998 dude dont be gross khilshot: Would you like to introduce yourself? bemynatasha: greasy keyboard monkaS monkaS
kalklux: KappaPride KappaPride HoaxWars: Mommy? Michaeltth: Kappa
Instaking058: Boy where is the jailbreak ffthgezgxjkndd: wash your hands
iamsod0ne_: Kappa PatriqDesigns: Disgusting!!
JUST_5HEAD: WASH HANDS DansGame tealeafi: mom
liquidcomb: Kappa QED__: LUL
gaythugmemes: Kapp r00tdk: Gf
drparse: we’re right LucasAWolfe: he needs to wash his hands
mattstar44: Is this Geohot’s caregiver woogio: DansGame
myaocat: WutFace wash hands JUST_5HEAD: WASH HANDS DansGame WASH HANDS DansGame
Instaking058: MercyWing1 MercyWing1 TfuedaAmadora: is secure rom the bootloadr?
SynthFN: Kappa abd_ulkareem: xmjeed3yon xmjeed3yon yeah_haey: Dont talk while u eat bro
Seraph_27: wash hands BCWarrior mattp_12: Wash hands
r00tdk: Gf? TheKoreanZombi: The chicken grease will lubricate the keyboard.
dorkmo: dirty hands confirmed the_diviner_: george just got up out of there once he flushed lmao
tommy_clash: Kreygasm khilshot: Who is she? is she a co-engineer?
K0enich: MOM 9ice_1: the greease helps with the exploit being loaded faster Lazylion2: hi mom
madkennyz: HeyGuys jrrbls: chaturbate now
Caene: So has she accomplished something, or is she a leech? yeah_haey: What is your favorite book or paper on binary exploitation pawelb87: sup chickengirl
Jewishrambo: Sit on daddys lap computersmakemesad: @Caene dude…
HoaxWars: TheIlluminati woogio: how many good boy points does george have
andrex_andrex: @jrrbls loool computersmakemesad: go fuck yourself
Hlib_kadyrov_ejju: you are the man George kevdoggmillionaire: the chewing smacking sounds makes this almost unwatchable
gigafact: watch hands before touching HHKB Pro 2 9ice_1: Lady Hotz code also? Caene: LUL computersmakemesad: not cool
sevenofnine24: @kevdoggmillionaire speak for yourself its great ASMR QED__: LUL
ffthgezgxjkndd: the chewing sounds are groos Caene: True though.
Jeppelelle: Yeah, chat went to shit, come on guys erichtp: you can ban certain words if you want r00tdk: Who are u .
LucasAWolfe: every time george doesnt wash his hands he loses a good boy poitn suzudev: hi mom
LucasAWolfe: point* PatriqDesigns: Chew with your mouse closed!!!
uday1998: introduce her kevdoggmillionaire: @sevenofnine24 it makes me wanna die SynthFN: monkaS
sadpoopz: just make an ai to moderate your chat, ez ffthgezgxjkndd: did you expect pleasant nice words on the internet
Michaeltth: monkaS gigafact: it’s OK to post guest twitter?
Kultiviert: what’s her insta? computersmakemesad: @gigafact no
QED__: monkaS gonna ban “mom” dannyboi22457: HI Geo
computersmakemesad: dont wsmalle: is it your sister? @georgehotz
Jewishrambo: Lol Brunovercelli: Wtf how do i learn stuff like this?? Cheers from Brazil averagesizepens: i odrered chiken now, thx my dude you owe me 30 IceStationZebraAssociates: brah. listen to the kids brah. r00tdk: Sister? mattp_12: Nop nop TheKoreanZombi: because rop gadget is taken soulshined: LUL thats only 1 sound of windows
sevenofnine24: @Brunovercelli lots of trial and error darkstar5446: you can turn the bell off
onitsuu_: Kreygasm averagesizepens: is the lady AI?
9ice_1: how much math do you know for you engineeering pros G AtomicMutex: @Brunovercelli by being curious
soulshined: wait til you get an error liquidcomb: Kreygasm OH MY GOD
paladinsshadow: This has nothing to do With him Jailbreaking, jsut exploring and stuff. is it a way you can add Chat Mods if so im here to help. davidb881: LUL r00tdk: Sister mattp_12: @georgehotz Turn off system sounds in volume mixer 9ice_1: how much maths is required G
jrrbls: is she robot King4q123: GeoHot you are a god. just putting that out there. atidus: who is she?
sadpoopz: she looked at the window πŸ™‚ computersmakemesad: can we respect her privacy pls
Jewishrambo: 😘 IceStationZebraAssociates: She is a product of artificial intelligents
TfuedaAmadora: did you study in college @georgehotz ? paladinsshadow: This has nothing to do With him Jailbreaking, just exploring and stuff. is it a way you can add Chat Mods if so im here to help.
r00tdk: Nobody knows who she is Lazylion2: @georgehotz go to sound mixer lower system sound computersmakemesad: she was given an opportunity to introduce herself and she said she didnt want to get oxed
dannyboi22457: Geo, how on earth do you understand all of this? iamsod0ne_: I think you need more unpaid internet janitors
averagesizepens: she cant be AI she eats dead animals too computersmakemesad: so just leave her alone hmnvdota: @TfuedaAmadora bro use google wood24: @dannyboi22457 same here dude i just sit back and try to understand what hes doing lmao khilshot: You should open cybersec company (with AI) your branding can make it successful.
cheesylard: What are some good non-evil companies to work for cheesylard: I need $$$ AtomicMutex: @cheesylard NSA
jrrbls: knew it abd_ulkareem: xmjeed3yon xmjeed3yon
liquidcomb: GF Kreygasm sevenofnine24: applel
Jeppelelle: Everyone is AI in this simulation cheesylard: And I’m too dumb to be an entrepreneur
TheKoreanZombi: Respect new Mom, bringer of chicken, washer of hands. dorkmo: www.mom.ai
soulshined: lol yeah_haey: Geohot is a skid
hmnvdota: girlfriend 😳 benchai18: @cheesylard NAMBLA soulshined: im sure a lot of people would tell everyone
computersmakemesad: @yeah_haey lmao QED__: robogf.ai
cheesylard: wat mattp_12: Yooo AI
sadpoopz: girlfriend ? monkaS averagesizepens: LUL
Jewishrambo: 🤯 tanoshiizo: tfw no robot gf Lazylion2: self driving gf jrrbls: ahah computersmakemesad: he kinda single handedly dominated the ctf scene for several years
tanoshiizo: @trajenx don’t talk about it monkaS sadpoopz: its me πŸ™‚
asdfg9090: @.com computersmakemesad: so.. definitely not a skid
qq70469057: 哈哈 这么快就吃完了 yeah_haey: He a skid
realepicxd: xqcMood 🍕 wood24: LUL
DomisDream: Jailbreak LUL QED__: LUL
9ice_1: Hotz u the man bruh computersmakemesad: @yeah_haey um ok
averagesizepens: jailbreak the lady πŸ˜‰ soulshined: everythings got a discord these days
W1lkins: I’m back from my 10 minute timeout, HeyGuys RexSonix: bruh
woogio: imagine the smell LUL benchai18: Where can I find his talk on “hacking the simulation” leftyfl1p: LOL
Jewishrambo: ✌️ mattp_12: LUL oh no 9ice_1: did he just endorse joining the dicord for jb?
Boo_Live: LOL mondasama: !فهةث
masterhackerman145: CrreamAwk mattp_12: LUL wood24: LULW
tanoshiizo: LUL mondasama: !time
liquidcomb: LUL BobTheBuilderPr0: @paladinsshadow we get it qq70469057: 为什么自己蹲着吃呢 wood24: LUL
duanyuxi: InuyoFace stop eating. Come back and write the code Michaeltth: LUL
mattp_12: lionDemon1 lionDemon2 SynthFN: LULW
mattp_12: lionDemon3 lionDemon4 IceStationZebraAssociates: Did Elon really offer to hire you? treestompztv: elon doesnt give a fuck
soulshined: or worse, imagine smoking pot on the joe rogan show like elon musk TheKoreanZombi: Steve Jobs used to have no furniture. Plenty of vegan food eaten on the floor
myaocat: ban @paladinsshadow for ads a discord server averagesizepens: he looks like a kid, i would adpothim W1lkins: insider trading monkaS
King4q123: King4q123 subscribed with Twitch Prime. shimtfu: insider trading bruh
9ice_1: @the_diviner_ cesspool? Jewishrambo: She’s awesome 💕 asdfg9090: offline?
dorkmo: Party1 Instaking058: # SlaterUSA: gofundme to get geohot some furniture yeah_haey: Last time before i beat your ass dont talk while u eat
EugeneIonesco: let the man eat… King4q123: Heyo IceStationZebraAssociates: Would you consider working for Elon=selling out ??? x_algorithm: let the man eat his chicken averagesizepens: boxers LUL 9ice_1: lol @the_diviner_ define cesspool pls lol cjocol2201: @IceStationZebraAssociates NO HeyItsMicro_: where am i imamazing87: mom can i have chicken too joensaz: Completely lost what you doing, but I’m no JB beggar , would love to learn more about this
freejail: George, do you think it will be possible to generate CFW with a built in JB ? or the dual boot ? mattp_12: @heyitsmicro_ the minus realm HeyItsMicro_: woah
itsredprimearmy3: did you like to jailbreak back then and why did you stop making jailbreaking? TheKoreanZombi: We stop at Topshop and get new clothes on the way to TwitchyCon
qq70469057: 手 油油的 the_diviner_: thank god i can breathe now lol mattp_12: LUL RexSonix: mukbang computersmakemesad: @paladinsshadow ew. soulshined: guys we’re literally watching a movie before it’s made right. this is the part in the movie where geohotz gets a girl before he locks himself a room for months because of a ground breaking exploit SynthFN: can we not spam emotes…
hofernathaniel: PogChamp 9ice_1: @georgehotz come to the JB side
Infinitelym: what kind of chicken is it the_diviner_: kalkux dont sapm SlaterUSA: these beats are FRESH
qq70469057: 大佬是在跳过USE吗? schtormm: @9ice_1 no
9ice_1: lmao freejail: George, do you think it will be possible to generate CFW with a built in JB ? or the dual boot ? averagesizepens: @soulshined you forgot the Kappa
kolbem77: please push some chicken to GitHub woogio: moonrunes WutFace RexSonix: I love this guy tanoshiizo: monkaS
averagesizepens: criminal mattp_12: MMmmm
itsredprimearmy3: did you like to jailbreak back then and why did you stop making jailbreaks geo? Vesh: monkaS
cjocol2201: πŸ˜› myaocat: monkaS soulshined: no way. if zuckerberg gets a movie geohotz will get one @averagesizepens … Kappa
mattstar44: Jailbreaking is still quite fun but the community is toxic and scary to be honest, I suggest you stay out of jb development unless you can handle harassment for years on end MassiveDynamicC: T H I C K
cjocol2201: monkaS where are yo IceStationZebraAssociates: What happened to your Soundcloud? yeah_haey: Whats your favorite animal geohot
schtormm: git push -chicked duanyuxi: 发中文,你认真的??
the_diviner_: @9ice_1 dude fuck off with the jailbreak stuff bsx1123: wash hands benchai18: Can I make twitch play in background on iOS qq70469057: 下班了? dannyboi22457: Hey Geo, can I get some advice on becoming an iOS security researcher? I have average knowledge of Python but no real knowledge of more low-level stuff. Where do I start? dorkmo: dorkmo gifted a Tier 1 sub to myaocat! They have given 2 Gift Subs in the channel! the_diviner_: ^ pog
Leynave: lol myaocat: @dorkmo Thanks for the gift sub! myaocat: OMG thanks! dorkmo: Party1
freejail: George, do you think it will be possible to generate CFW with a built in JB ? or the dual boot ? donrey24_na: Kappa vinceC jatobz: I bet the iPhone has timed out too iamsod0ne_: his brain needs food
IceStationZebraAssociates: Do you have any yeezy’s? 9ice_1: @the_diviner_ lol y so much seriousness towards jb
RawrSean: George, If you could pick one additional set of eyes to go through this with you, right now: Would you, and whose eyes would those be? itsredprimearmy3: george was jailbreaking fun for you back then?
mattp_12: Hack lionSalt woogio: twitch flex
mattstar44: Lunch time supersonic_taco: Who is that girl? @georgehotz myaocat: imagine subs chat only Keepo
TheKoreanZombi: Because ROP gadget is taken soulshined: dont worry about the views man. do your thing and have fun schtormm: @itsredprimearmy3 hey jake πŸ˜‰
the_diviner_: @9ice_1 because he’s not going back to jailbreak, its even worse to tell him to come back qq70469057: 女老板 schtormm: @myaocat NOOOOOOO
LucasAWolfe: nooo πŸ™ iamsod0ne_: cmonBruh
EugeneIonesco: you have 5 subs…. LUL SlaterUSA: nooo πŸ™ Hlib_kadyrov_ejju: @qq70469057 ????????????????
TfuedaAmadora: maybe it does some irrelevant instrucion idk so he called it NOP Michaeltth: DansGame
averagesizepens: nooooo cjocol2201: hablas español george?
yeah_haey: What is your favorite book or paper on binary exploitation computersmakemesad: @yeah_haey didnt you just call geohot a skid TheConAir: TheConAir subscribed with Twitch Prime.
Blood_Sand: lol dorkmo: Party1 King4q123: just sayin *OS Internals is the way to go for all iOS and MacOS stuff
myaocat: emotes pls computersmakemesad: subs only chat plz ProfessorMagikarp0: feelsbirthdayman
Blood_Sand: Kappa metriics: metriics subscribed with Twitch Prime.
computersmakemesad: wait is subs only chat a thing now? ProfessorMagikarp0: PrideWingL PrideSaba PrideWingR Blood_Sand: LUL x_algorithm: BibleThump Blood_Sand: ScaredyCat h3ku: BibleThump
dorkmo: PogChamp1 computersmakemesad: @georgehotz can you check my msgs off stream plsVSCode
realgoodusername: @prafaeltsantos bandwagon ? computersmakemesad: AIs probably more fufilling than dealing with the same cookie cutter primities every day Ichitaso3: Hi, Don’t you use Twitter? metriics: atom is okay.
blur3: I also use atom so does that make me a loser realgoodusername: @metriics terrible update cycle. try using 2015 runtimes in 2019 soulshined: lol @Jeppelelle portable is optional πŸ˜›
halseey: Hi is this that new PS4 jailbreak I’ve been hearing about computersmakemesad: also can someone tell him he can use control click on something to get references/definitions? prick444: the legend!!!
soulshined: also can someone tell him he can use control click on something to get references/definitions? soulshined: yellow works everytime watch
SlyFabi1: image4_load: 0x6494 realgoodusername: btw guys there is a famous jailbreaker watching the stream rn besides geohot Jeppelelle: soulshined That objection does not make sense
xdaemonz: im pretty sure he knows so stop telling him how to work lol codevisionary: there’s nothing wrong with using Atom. It makes you a captain of the ship. realgoodusername: @qq70469057 is big jail breaker in china
computersmakemesad: @xdaemonz he literally asked πŸ˜› aerotone: bold text
the_diviner_: how did you do that @soulshined? ive seen that in every twitch chat but haven’t figured out how to do it xyet: I don’t think he read chat … spicydamsgaard420: whats he doing?
blur3: @codevisionary name checks out soulshined: forward slash me@the_diviner_ dorkmo: Cheer1 the_diviner_: test
the_diviner_: oh shissle: Fresh Hair ios_mtr: Copy best it hard FailFish
blur3: i’m cool the_diviner_: thanks shmadul: This is some High quality content here
metriics: oh codevisionary: @blur3 thanks
soulshined: you can also discord like emotes now @the_diviner_ prefixing an emote name with : will populate by text ios_mtr: Copy past hard FailFish computersmakemesad: @Siguza check twitch chat/keybase πŸ˜‰ dorkmo: test shmadul: i0n1c wants to know your location realgoodusername: pwn20wd watching
blur3: did you know that you can type commands in chat blur3: /me like this myaocat: like this RexSonix: ionic fucking blocked me xNoury: no like this 😡 shmadul: XD blur3: /ignore computersmakemesad ios_mtr: XD
computersmakemesad: πŸ™ xNoury: D: myaocat: LUL
computersmakemesad: fair enough Threated1: You can install the c extension for jumping to the declaration of a function RexSonix: made fun of him for asking money to release a jailbreak ios_mtr: -/ignore computersmakemesad: i have very little contrivute, just wallowing in self pity and watching someone far better than me hack
xzanoz: any luck yet? qq70469057: Squid1 Squid2 Squid3 Squid4 soulshined: so much to learn when switching text editors qq70469057: PowerUpL Squid3 PowerUpR ios_mtr: ~/directory not found MrDestructoid soulshined: it sounds like you have the advantage this time @computersmakemesad
realgoodusername: @qq70469057 傻逼 qq70469057: 啊 the_diviner_: I get sad when makefile tells me to “Stop.” when I run the make command, anyone else feel that way as well?
soulshined: his tea high is wearing off guys Tensei_c: install the c/c vscode extension maybe then you can do right-click go to definition @georgehotz computersmakemesad: ^^
realgoodusername: @qq70469057 你住在哪儿 the_diviner_: i almost feel like it was a threat
julen9601: what program is he decompiling? blur3: out of here you commies myaocat: @julen9601 ios 9
LucasAWolfe: @julen9601 ipwndfu WallopTheCat:who 7Locrian7: D:
Ziv0: LUL xdaemonz: drink some water chat , the thirst is real
SynthFN: LUL Midooriya10: alex treat george well for us @georgehotz
whichtom: LUL xNoury: fuck him chkm8: LUL Quad___lol: FUCK THAT MOTHERFUCKER Luccaasss: it is hot
KASTAA: make a diss Matnovi: free paninis
jagger_rsw: @georgehotz does it all mean you’ll be playing CTFs soon? soulshined: honestly, you can’t hate the guy, it’s probably a smart business move lake_savage: Feelsbadman firstcyraxsputnik: is your mom bro? soxrok2212: geo you be a twtichcon? syrob2804: @georgehotz You are a better rapper than Lil Nas. Midooriya10: @georgehotz play ctf pls xNoury: whys his hat sideways LUL Luccaasss: Tell us your instagram Aleixs
yoloman1343: george legit a better rapper than lil nas x 7Locrian7: PogChamp im going too Matnovi: no TheM4: is this guy jakejames
computersmakemesad: Enjoy twitchcon both, sorry again for being depressive in chat πŸ˜› soxrok2212: do you live in San Diego?
dalex_live: blink 182 worth myaocat: win a tournament
quezod: the chief business of the…people is business TheKoreanZombi: Nope! filedescriptor: I’ll be outside of Twitchcon πŸ™‚
averagesizepens: nope Matnovi: @TheM4 no Midooriya10: @georgehotz IRL stream twitch con
mattstar44: George you should perform at twitch con quezod: lol nas x and hotzs TheM4: oh ok ty TheKoreanZombi: Walking is closed tomorrow quezod: yep PatriqDesigns: yikes
smurfd0: u whrent depressing computermakesmesad EiniiBoii: Have fun!!!
jagger_rsw: @georgehotz did you thank your gf for attracting so many viewers to your channel? alchemistbrad: D: halseey: George you’re a god for everything you did ps3 related 🙏🏼
Matnovi: @mattstar44 are you the real matt? dorkmo: walk and stream 7Locrian7: i was there for 2.5 hours and got bored and went home
soxrok2212: @georgehotz you’re living in San Diego? talord97: talord97 subscribed with Twitch Prime.
death_gadget: Social hacking stream at TwitchCon mattstar44: Real Matt?
xdaemonz: @computersmakemesad at this point I feel like you want attention, you been saying sorry for the past hour, is ok bruh is not that serious Midooriya10: just walk and stream Matnovi: im the real mat Matnovi: :amgry:
mattstar44: No I’m the real one mattstar44: I got 2 Ts
KNOOKEL_HEAD: show your face pls yoloman1343: it is probably good for georges numbers on twitch to make him appear single
SynthFN: xQcs irl stream at tcon was a taking fan pictures simulator myaocat: hack the tournament notmap: yo hortz has
qq70469057: Girlfriend, are you called Mom? dalex_live: show it
Tobybl: yes filedescriptor: YES PogU
computersmakemesad: eh, i just feel bad. Luccaasss: What is your instagram?
DaldoBoi: yes notmap: yo hortz has a gf HalluCinogen151: Im outtie
computersmakemesad: low self esteem o/ TheKoreanZombi: When is next cooking stream?
Midooriya10: @georgehotz is alex into computer sht like u too? quezod: yo hotz my man
kornez: PogU taxad0: i like turtles
Jewishrambo: PogChamp

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