George Hotz | Programming | twitchcoq : pt 3, mostly I want to complain about metamath

tharda18: hi chelsiquixote: morning George foxubu: Sunday 7:00 AM FargioFarmani: The champ is back imaginenation: damn it’s georgeee steinerl: hi guys! forkdb: Hi zgamer0123: heyy foxubu: Is only my stream frozen? nightknight0000: 3 FPS tharda18: no alaouiib: frozen forkdb: Big fan… what an inspiration you are… programmerbugx: hi, looking great f_karamazov: encoding issue imaginenation: has a beast laptop and internet still so choppy itoh0: 1fps TheBloop: hello? Smyile: Smyile subscribed with Twitch Prime. worrasenule: Pog, i’m also working some auto prover based on coq atm imaginenation: slideshow Merwanedr: What’s up Geroge! mosin_lol: What laptop is he using ? imaginenation: razor blade imaginenation: I think itoh0: now it works imaginenation: finally foxubu: ahhh got better FargioFarmani: “Math waits for nobody.” – George Hotz, 2019 forkdb: Please give me tips to be awesome programmer Merwanedr: I thought it was about METAMASK andrejnano: hi vkoskiv: Yo George how do I make my programming streams interesting like yours? programmerbugx: go live on instagram ! please, imaginenation: “I’ll show you how” ZemkeCWT: He has sold his Razor Blade. He’s on his MacBook 13-inch. steinerl: @mosin_lol a 13″ MacBook Pro I think imaginenation: oh spliitzxx: @vkoskiv use a letterlesse keyboard spliitzxx: less forkdb: Please give me tips to be awesome programmer guccibruf: thats a lot of lines SlightR6: Fuck that f_karamazov: looks like ass Cal3b123: send them a link to the refactoring book vay_man: create your own ctfnubz420: !uptime foxubu: George is gonna jump out of the windows forkdb: Please show me on how to be awesome programmer… like you shirafx: anyone recomends a good switch for programming? i bought a blue switch one… it’s hard and terrible 🙁 forkdb: It is hhkb Avraewyn: LUL programmerbugx: INSTAGRAAAAAM LIVE PLEASE 😎😎😎😎 takkeo: LUL spliitzxx: lol neca420: LUL ragemaster999: @georgehotz have you checked out dlv? thebastl: @georgehotz build a nice ui for it shirafx: why did the moderator removed a question? Merwanedr: I thought it was about METAMASK takkeo: it’s gonna blow your mind NotLikeThis programmerbugx: HAHAHAH SO STRESS ! dannyboi22457: What IS metamath? Number___Nine: yyay goerge is back Number___Nine: !uptime forkdb: Please show me on how to be awesome programmer… like you frediiiez: !uptime OnlyB1ade: So u finally gon do sum productive stuff? spliitzxx: @forkdb no Avelansh: and there are free RAMs programmerbugx: DESCRIBE CHEAP RAM IN MORE DETAILS 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Number___Nine: so is metamath scam? george_ortolan: There are the LEAN prove theorem too. I don’t know if you have already seen it. npeck0: @frediiiez about 10 mins Merwanedr: I thought it was about METAMASK f_karamazov: metamath needs a timeout Lothsun: How’s it going george? ragemaster999: @georgehotz have you checked out dlv ? forkdb: @spliitzxx Oknp LeToutPetitChaton: We need to actually download more rams Number___Nine: did you really read that whole pdf? Merwanedr: Do something about METAMASK haha neca420: real programmers use short illegible names Kappa dannyboi22457: What is Metamath tho? Merwanedr: nobody knows zoki_macola: !uptime programmerbugx: Where i can find all live sessions by GEORGEHOTZ ? Help npeck0: @programmerbugx his YT Merwanedr: youtube: Comma_ai kektobiologist: can you stream something that i can understand randoma1: I don’t understand anything of what he is saying. brisingr1031: pen and paper baby, best proof method okeeeeeee: allo machinelearningbot: meth PogChamp foxubu: Have you been awake all night reading this? euranymous: Hey George!! Number___Nine: lol forkdb: Just chill and enjoy your beautiful day Number___Nine: we use this stuff at work https://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=2627752 okeeeeeee: maps=win PogChamp programmerbugx: @npeck0 there are not every stream video of him ! tho okeeeeeee: thats why you dont understand it euranymous: can someone clip that hdmaps bit? Number___Nine: because academics write everything in FORTRAN FUSiONPlays: LUL LeadCoder: I stream bro Ziv0: LUL euranymous: LUL Sun__G: LUL okeeeeeee: LUL Incurs0: haha frediiiez: LUL DriHard: LUL vkoskiv: Why do math people always refuse to name variables and functions properly? Is it like a law of math? spliitzxx: lol f_karamazov: amateur hour SnakeOneMLG: @georgehotz tell us about meta math f_karamazov: Ban keyboard guy pls Number___Nine: vincexviii HHKB2 Pro shirafx: maybe geo should put the fucking keyboard in the fucking description serohh: Where are we on prooving true!=false ? Ralph_124C_41: but these are the important things, who cares about anything else Kappa Bombapil0t: what brand is your bed geroge ? Number___Nine: serohh proved that yesterday geobitz: why dont we talk about the keyboard Merwanedr: GEORGE PLEASE DO METAMASK not METAMATH serohh: Oh alright, thanks! @number___nine okeeeeeee: monkaS Ziv0: LUL Incurs0: LUL frediiiez: f5 guys! asaalgk: whoa TheKoreanZombi: Let’s get mindful! MonkaSupreme: headspace bros asaalgk: i refuse Bernasv: holy root_user_198: live meditation shirafx: ask about timeout=keyboard 751469823: tf jagger_rsw: whoa, DISTRACTIONS! root_user_198: somebody donate 鼻史: seems like you earn money yesterday LUL Jewishrambo: He’s back PogChamp jmc516: The legend has returned RishabhDeepSingh: Holy tea frediiiez: george just took a huge bong hits frediiiez: he is spacing out rn Bernasv: I feel the power coming out of your head Kappa st47ik: PogChamp jagger_rsw: he’s hacking his brain rn ts012839050: Is he turning to god mode? ashimathilda: timout st47ik: what hoodie is that? ashimathilda: timeout Ralph_124C_41: are we meditating? what is going on? st47ik: Meditation timeout jeann2019: mainfull snapcs1: looks like Augur logo iTzMeRafa: this isnt even his final form directrix13: Hotzception NotFire_: @Ralph_124C_41 please give him time, he is having his moring coffe, aka moring fap GEEKASHA: is the guy sleeping? bobsmash: damn I feel relaxed watching this guy Bernasv: Omg It’s envolving Kappa Kappa prvk3: is he meditating or something st47ik: achieving enlightenment GEEKASHA: call 911 st47ik: deep focus PogChamp 鼻史: he is taking off latter AntiVax_SoccerMom: i can feel my brain growing PogChamp jagger_rsw: maybe he’s got cardiac arrest, and we think he’s meditating or sth Mendacii_: THE SILENT FAP AntiVax_SoccerMom: this is better than my laser pointer PogChamp shirafx: quick, ask about keyboards while he’s not watching st47ik: NoNutNovember ez SeemsGood shirafx: this is the content we need bois jagger_rsw: is it this AMSR? Yazik_Yz: I just failed no nut november when I saw George was live directrix13: He’s using mathematical induction to prove properties of his videos NotKarar: Breathe in Breathe out Kreygasm prvk3: this is next level content st47ik: so deep MaN so deep imsooinhuman: just joined in. what is going on? 😀 orex111: what he is doing? st47ik: he’s hacking the simulation raidersans: PogU Yazik_Yz: I think he’s meditating @imsooinhuman jagger_rsw: probably watched too much of sam harris shirafx: trying to figure out why java is good wrelt: @jagger_rsw kek Bombapil0t: troll st47ik: @shirafx LUL Yazik_Yz: @jagger_rsw not enough psychedelics raidersans: asmr stream pog prvk3: LOOOL @shirafx Bombapil0t: damn troll tris790: he’s channeling his inner chakra Maybay254: RedCoat st47ik: Nice PogChamp ts012839050: Finished? Bombapil0t: Kreygasm xyele: what’s going on there man directrix13: Haskell be with you, chat. st47ik: sip of tea SeemsGood Bombapil0t: metamath changed him guys shirafx: when you forgot to lock an object eduardoadf1: george did dmt again Bernasv: The tea is essential PogChamp PogChamp NigerianDrugL0rd: did he fell asleep funwayz: ResidentSleeper st47ik: why does he do it live tho CondomsWontFit: HeyGuys Jewishrambo: PogChamp 4Head raidersans: xD frediiiez: all real hackers do this @st47ik grimers: favorite eminem album? @georgehotz root_user_198: omg hes still going i went to make cofee XD st47ik: damn Bombapil0t: dont get exploitet by the voice geroge! stand by us civilist: not sam harris?! directrix13: Idear Theguywhobea: i like this 🙂 shirafx: that was intense snapcs1: clintSoft jagger_rsw: nice world salat by this guru shirafx: sony stand no chance eduardoadf1: the journey is the answer GUYS @!!!!!!!!! st47ik: im not 14 and this is deep AntiVax_SoccerMom: why meditate when you can have a laser pointer helmet 4Head st47ik: Augur hoodie hacked TheKoreanZombi: Follow george on insta to get hi-res action shots of him meditating. Or maybe sleeping… Hard to tell. mystkomir: how is headspace? Bernasv: Good Morning Kappa Kappa forkdb: Am now calm and got my composure back directrix13: You’re good enough You’re smart enough and gush darn it people like you MonkaSupreme: so calm Pog Ralph_124C_41: lol eduardoadf1: who is this calm guru shirafx: he found jesus frediiiez: have we even seen geo this calm? st47ik: PogChamp frediiiez: ever* snapcs1: bob ross programming CoolStoryBob shirafx: faith++; atlbullyy: pass the blunt Bernasv: Geo hotz is that you? Look like a new guy Kappa Kappa Kappa TheKoreanZombi: Great start st47ik: @Bernasv he’s updated and fresh now st47ik: BEEP MrDestructoid raidersans: boop shirafx: this is the leaked casting of joker eduardoadf1: monkaS frediiiez: @shirafx LMAO jimmyjameshayes100: what is the point of a langauge like MM directrix13: were the text based adventure games written in prolog? TheKoreanZombi: I like how the PDF says the file is self explanatory. anthraxvirus322: Hello Chat what are we doing today anthraxvirus322: still solving yesterdays problmem ? vincexviii: Twitch cock Pog TheKoreanZombi: Why do you concern yourself with ai and metamath when you could just create a meditation app in like 10 minutes and live off the revenue? anthraxvirus322: @TheKoreanZombi monkaHmm st47ik: @TheKoreanZombi the point is not to make money i assume 4Head snapcs1: probably something for verifying proofs @jimmyjameshayes100 myaocat: hi. what’s up? anthraxvirus322: just make money 4Head TheKoreanZombi: @st47ik Then we are achieving out goal! st47ik: twitch money is easier 4Head TheKoreanZombi: *our st47ik: true UrWifeMyKids: LUL AntiVax_SoccerMom: LUL st47ik: LUL frediiiez: LUL eduardoadf1: LUL Pryetranka: LUL TheKoreanZombi: Oh no. Did he radicalize you? meowtit: cmonBruh anthraxvirus322: Bruh st47ik: Bruh moment myaocat: mixing math and templsos… MrTriharder: George Stream Kreygasm anthraxvirus322: agree SeemsGood TheKoreanZombi: Entropy of choosing words yourself is not good though anthraxvirus322: people have misconception about entropy frediiiez: yep and easily can be cracked against dictionary attacks prvk3: what’s brain fuck jimmyjameshayes100: learn lisp next myaocat: @prvk3 it’s fuck your brain zenkai_oogway: @prvk3 its a language anthraxvirus322: @prvk3 encoding of a sort shirafx: i won 2.5k yesterday by bruteforcing a code that should have be found in our snacks, feels good snapcs1: @prvk3 programming language for genius programmers anthraxvirus322: stop trolling chat FeelsWeirdman Mendacii_: META METH INCOMING Kreygasm prvk3: am i doin it right TheKoreanZombi: Let’s fork metamath and use words. I nominate geohotz as lead dev. myaocat: have you read about risc-v? It sounds good. I looked it a bit and company utilisize the architecture and made their SoC based on risc-v worrasenule: quick question why metamath, i thought you were doing coq? MrTriharder: is talking about old projects still banned? monkaH Mendacii_: Only true meta math can only be achieved on arch linux AntiVax_SoccerMom: worrasenule he read some paper on metamath yesterday and seemed like it much more st47ik: RISC-V is the future Kappa kkteja: Is there any old stream where george starts learning a new language and builds something? myaocat: @st47ik money is the future TriHard 7 marvDE1: monkeys are the future myaocat: yeah! they fix youtube MrTriharder: George never age. He knows them all already MrTriharder: learns* MrTriharder: @georgehotz why are wikipedia articles of math and science trash? myaocat: can we read about ada lovelace? myaocat: monkaW byte_baron: im late to the party here so what’s going on exactly guys? AlexiPexi: What’s George’s involvement in Comma AI today? myaocat: @AlexiPexi don’t talkabout comma ai please. this is separate thing .. N0Pro: no comma ai in stream st47ik: @AlexiPexi George doesn’t talk about it on twitch byte_baron: what is he doing on-screen exactly? st47ik: @byte_baron metamath myaocat: wash hands? WutFace AlexiPexi: All right, thx for letting me know! MrTriharder: dont talk about , ai monkaS st47ik: NotLikeThis myaocat: Gaben st47ik: $e for essential hypotheses? forkdb: Cannot understand what he is doing #### solipsism: what are the use cases for metamath? i just got here byte_baron: yeah what is the benefit of this exactly? byte_baron: what’s the reason for learning it? Draco401: @georgehotz What language is that? redmountain_: coq byte_baron: it’s coq i think byte_baron: cok byte_baron: coq Am4teur: did you used glasses before? Draco401: Thanks chat worrasenule: it’s metamath myaocat: what is metameth? st47ik: this is metamath worrasenule: another theorem verifier system, similar to coq st47ik: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metamath myaocat: is this the hebrew alphabet? byte_baron: this is elvish AntiVax_SoccerMom: http://us.metamath.org/downloads/metamath.pdf he read this yesterday, it convinced him to move from coq to metamath st47ik: thx mate SeemsGood myaocat: it’s hebrew alphabet RockyJ0: Hello! oksan309: Ur profile picture looks awesome SeemsGood st47ik: MIIIU LUL prvk3: the whole thing is ugly byte_baron: was that whiskey st47ik: nah that’s tea solipsism: i tihnk this is what people imagine programming is when they have no idea about computers myaocat: how is it related to programming? st47ik: i mean its math programming 4Head prvk3: its for his backspace.ai Santiago_LHC: Hello folks myaocat: so it’s not programming myaocat: functional programming to prove math proof byte_baron: it’s proving shit myaocat: yeah but that ain’t programming byte_baron: i know Santiago_LHC: who cares byte_baron: it’s proving shit jagger_rsw: RPN stack? Reverse POLISH notation? 🙂 You see w/o my country it’d be possible for George to hack whatever he’s hacking myaocat: @Santiago_LHC you myaocat: reverse german notation JanTSV: ouh hey, just came euranymous: Nationalism at its finest myaocat: is that logic gates? vlntnstts: my brain hurt myaocat: can you debug the code? anup_kodlekere: !uptime prvk3: this stream makes me feal like an idiot everytime i tune in, i barely understand anything he does ever crazywulf770: can someone explain for a laic like me what this is and what is it useful for? anup_kodlekere: you dont watch this stream, this is for background purposes only zgamer0123: @prvk3 ur not the only one xd snapcs1: its for verifying mathematical proofs zgamer0123: yes but george is the only one understanding all this shirt anup_kodlekere: it’s just a sneak peek into ho he thinks and solves problems. it’s not really meant for us. anup_kodlekere: how* jagger_rsw: I was thinking that everyone is using ML to solve all known problems these days. Why not George train some model to write this proof for him? myaocat: @crazywulf770 i assure you that if you TriHard 7 eventually you wwill get it snapcs1: you guys obviously dont have a compsci degree lol anup_kodlekere: thats bs. ML for everything is overkill jagger_rsw: I hae comp-SCSI degree crazywulf770: myaocat 😀 snapcs1: then you would know ML doesnt really make sense for this problem myaocat: really byte_baron: just ML it!!! prvk3: @jagger_rsw he talked about that yesterday but i dont remember what he exactly said, i think he said he’d be really mad if that was the actual solution TheTrueJonsel: What’s he doing? zenkai_oogway: just use ML bro 4Head euranymous: is this stream for playing in the background just to distract me from my loneliness? oksan309: Programming asmr LUL worrasenule: people are ML-ing it, it’s not very easy jagger_rsw: just use ML myaocat: @crazywulf770 i tried so hard and got so far but in the end it doesn’t even matter okeeeeeee: Clap euranymous: LUL anup_kodlekere: btw is he using browns? Ziv0: LUL anup_kodlekere: or blues? Cal3b123: Did we prove MU can’t be derived from MI? CondomsWontFit: So cumbersome syska: i hate c++ just putting it out there 🙂 myaocat: @syska really not matter crazywulf770: myaocat yeah… looks very very very times 10 time consuming myaocat: @syska c++ hate you back anup_kodlekere: c++ sad… myaocat: @crazywulf770 yeah that’s how it works. syska: 🙁 myaocat: in CTF, everything prafaeltsantos: c++, is nice….. myaocat: there is no free meal in life myaocat: no free fish listrk: metameth euranymous: What keyboard do you use? @georgehotz anup_kodlekere: @listrk lol frediiiez: someone got timed out solipsism: monkaS he asked frediiiez: LUL redIet_: HeyGuys frediiiez: @euranymous read the description below the stream LegalFever: what the fuck is going on euranymous: LUL Lefer_: He used to use one of the Leopolds without numpad, right now HHKB I think Santiago_LHC: I see that we are already onto keyboard talk syska: 300$ keyboard MonkaS prafaeltsantos: @euranymous it´s a HHKB2, and we dont make that question bro, dont ask specs…..he gets mad oksan309: @Legal just watch and enjoy LUL Lefer_: The real question is why is he using vi instead of vim solitaryyy: back to vim Kappa rennerp: just for pleasure i guess Infinitelym: are they not the same? anup_kodlekere: how do you debug if you’re writing everything in vi or vim oksan309: @Lefer he likes it classic LUL Lefer_: LUL ppnn123w: he doing this on desktop or laptop ghostfrommarz: the real real question is, wut is this Santiago_LHC: Laptop Santiago_LHC: Here is his setup: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bx0DMrUAxE-/ sirdicholas: sirdicholas subscribed with Twitch Prime. solipsism: do u rly think a 0 day is part of his threat model @myaocat euranymous: Someone needs to make a meme about his keyboard haircutjimmy: Hi George – good to see you streaming again. ppnn123w: @Santiago_LHC ty anup_kodlekere: cant understand shit Ziv0: wat LUL Lefer_: LUL god_damn: get that guy outta here Santiago_LHC: The hackers are always after the metamath Malinax: millionaire metamath right here anup_kodlekere: what is “the cloud”? pizzamcprice: hi G Bombapil0t: TriHard euranymous: Can we do a ask GEOHOT stream? VitalyzedTv: LUL zenkai_oogway: LUL Lazylion2: imagine asking about a keyboard Mendacii_: VIM sucks OsurdumGaliba: LUL sulozor: nvim>vim Pog theduckthough: the audacity zenkai_oogway: I am just here for the occasional rants syska: ^ban this guy! zenkai_oogway: monkaS prafaeltsantos: oioioioi VIM is the GOAT yodiggity4739: this guy bricked my first iphone Kappa euranymous: ask geohot but no keyboard and machine stuff just some genuine questions!! Santiago_LHC: If you are a regular, you’d know that the keyboard question gets asked every 5 seconds. frediiiez: my programming editor is Microsoft Word theduckthough: so how do they verify that their prover works yodiggity4739: is he still working on self driving cars oksan309: Easy easy smart boy not all are as smart as u BabyRage Cal3b123: why would they commit compressed proofs xenoshiva: @euranymous no but if he gets the same keyboard as geo he can be as great as him!! solipsism: does whitespace matter in metamath or is it just for your own preferences pizzamcprice: what is he building? Santiago_LHC: @yodiggity4739 He is, but that’s another bannable topic here gluecks: what keyboard (piano) do u have? glueck4Chopin yodiggity4739: monkaS syska: @xenoshiva very true sulozor: what do you do in your day-to-day life ? still on the self driving company? @georgehotz theduckthough: what is you plan for how the language should look like? Lefer_: cmonBruh theduckthough: or just following the book? prvk3: what’s the .g file type? solipsism: can u guys really not think of questions related to what he is actively showing us? anup_kodlekere: grammar euranymous: @xenoshiva LUL yodiggity4739: what is he going to apply this math to or is it just for fun Lefer_: as if any of us had an idea what is he doing LUL prvk3: holy shit lark is so cool wtf pizzamcprice: what is he doing? just typing random code? Kimx_: Im enjoying him being productive while I am just lazy Atlas03: the keyboard sounds so Kreygasm solipsism: yes he is typing random characters and hoping nobody in stream notices @pizzamcprice yodiggity4739: he is unlocking the secret math of the universe euranymous: tmux and vim ; The only description of a one badass programmer robotboy987: I think geohotz could be asmr influencer with his keyboard sounds theduckthough: this is actually pretty cool so you create axioms and notation from first order logic (is it?) and then proof the truth of derived statements (theorems). do you use the ZFC or some other commonly used set of axioms for that then? MrTriharder: Fun fact: all math in universe boils down to 1 TheIlluminati TheIlluminati ppnn123w: outlook vs gmail ? Atlas03: what is 1 then bubuHmm pizzamcprice: @solipsism LUL but seriously what is he building? MrTriharder: There’s asmr influencers now? DansGame robotboy987: outlook is sucks yodiggity4739: i think hes doing math puzzles prafaeltsantos: what is a “1” fore aliens?=Santiago_LHC: check the title Cal3b123: 1 is the successor of 0 MrTriharder: @prafaeltsantos Zeta euranymous: I dont understand shit but I like the energy he is putting into the work solipsism: @pizzamcprice he’s doing test exercises to see how he feels about metamath i think theduckthough: in modern math we define one to be a set that contains one element so 1:={{}} yodiggity4739: is there a command that lists all the bannable topics Kimx_: use common sense prafaeltsantos: @MrTriharder but that is a complex number Santiago_LHC: Mentioning the list is a bannable topic GryphoonAOE: what are you trying to program @georgehotz yodiggity4739: monkaS robotboy987: if I put so much work on Sunday I might graduate PhD in 4 weeks 😂 euranymous: LUL worrasenule: looks like he’s trying to build a metamath parser pizzamcprice: @solipsism ah i see, danke. kingb9b: metameth MrTriharder: @prafaeltsantos Aliens have figured out working with complex numbers theduckthough: “metameth” LUL W1lkins: always types meth ᆞᆞᆞᆞᆞᆞᆞᆞᆞᆞᆞᆞ: ez B) crazywulf770: a metamath WHAT? W1lkins: suspect GryphoonAOE: what is a metamath? syska: meth-a-math 🙂 Santiago_LHC: Google is your friend yodiggity4739: ah yes a metamath verifier 🍷 indeed vmarkushin: meta-meth? anup_kodlekere: metameta MrTriharder: Chat don’t type drug references monkaS u might suffer the wrath of ban xevilcorp: oh, he came back prafaeltsantos: @MrTriharder maybe complex number for “them” is like “1 2 3 4 5” for us Santiago_LHC: When he goes to the bathroom that’s my favorite part of the stream, because I understand what is happening. yodiggity4739: that looks like a pretty nice fridge euranymous: What are bannable topics? theduckthough: @prafaeltsantos that makes no sense MrTriharder: @prafaeltsantos And our 1234 is their complex numbers robotboy987: this guys just pees, programs and repeat….. jezzzz Santiago_LHC: Bannable topics: Keyboard, setup questions, comma ai zgamer0123: Metamath seems to be proof of mathematics anup_kodlekere: @euranymous self driving cars, his setup yodiggity4739: @georgehotz what kind of fridge is that euranymous: and chews some eyes euranymous: @anup_kodlekere Thanks man prafaeltsantos: @MrTriharder lets make a series about this for History channel and get rich zgamer0123: @yodiggity4739 do u wanna be banned? XDD Kimx_: This chat is pretty bad, but overall the quality is still better than 99% of all other twitch chats that just spams emotes all day theduckthough: metamath seems to be a language to formulate mathematical proofs for the computer to understand and verify yodiggity4739: i asked about his fridge setup monkaS MrTriharder: @prafaeltsantos Or we’ve only been thinking numbers on 2 axis. One is the real numbers. One is complex numbers. What about a 3 rd axis ? Kappa iTeQo_: Damn wrong stream. I was looking für crystal meth Kimx_: @MrTriharder thats called quaternion anup_kodlekere: @theduckthough but how does it wrk though? you give it a theorem and it gets the proof? prafaeltsantos: @theduckthough we are talking about “things” that fly on frisbee MrTriharder: WutFace people actually know this ? Kimx_: Yes swills6: @mrtriharder third is imaginary MrTriharder: What about 4th axis Kappa n3bojsa: lol Kimx_: That would be your mom theduckthough: @anup_kodlekere we derive the truth of a theorem with axioms (statements that are just said to be true) so it checks if the theorem is not in violation of the axioms MrTriharder: No aliens have figured out axis’s up to 5. yodiggity4739: so u just need a bunch of if statements yodiggity4739: 4Head prafaeltsantos: @MrTriharder and if we and the 4rd axis and we can have a time correlation euranymous: HELLOOOOOO anup_kodlekere: @theduckthough niiice, well if I was in his place I’d probably just brute force for all inputs. I’m not sure that’d work though, not a mathematician zoki_macola: hes pooping gabrielpolastrini: i need laptops recommendations AdmiraIGoldenRetriever: He’s back, stream is froze, press F5 Kappa MrTriharder: Aliens have a 5 dimension Pythagoras theorem 🙂 anup_kodlekere: lol euranymous: There’s actually a third dimensional pythagorean theorem theduckthough: @anup_kodlekere no you have to construct the proof with logical connections of statements and theorems and what not that doesnt really make sense to bruteforce euranymous: Its called the super pythogorous relation or something like that MrTriharder: DansGame Number___Nine: what yodiggity4739: this is hard to understand maybe i should just stick with watching pokimane prafaeltsantos: if I ask @georgehotz about is process of getting verified on Instagram i will get a ban? UWot TheIlluminati TearGlove MrTriharder: How do u people such things DansGame anup_kodlekere: @theduckthough this only works for discrete mathematics right? like predicate calculus, logic and shit? euranymous: JaVasCript:alert(document.cookie)// Akash_44: 5Heads in chat Number___Nine: I though geohot ragequit metamath euranymous: LUL solipsism: pokiW prafaeltsantos: Pythagoras has a alien from Delta 69 aPosterior: @theduckthough that insistance itself is an axiom, not to mention its details robotboy987: @georgehotz is living eat shit program repeat… damn Number___Nine: living the dream anup_kodlekere: can I ask interesting projects to implement in python? or will I be banned? MrTriharder: What if the Big Bang was an aliens firecracker for New Year’s Eve? 5Head Kimx_: youll be banned if you keep asking if youre gonna get banned iTeQo_: Pythagoras stole from reddit. Check twitter euranymous: LUL robotboy987: @anup_kodlekere make a twitch bot luckiehem: hey man what chair u got Bombapil0t: TriHard yodiggity4739: can we ask who his favorite female streamer is theduckthough: @anup_kodlekere depends what kind of logic some statements cannot be made with first order logic (which i am guessing this is) but most of mathemtics can be done with this logic for sure (if you’re interested in this from the ground up reasoning the the bourbaki group might be for you) grizvok: holy shit my wish is granted grizvok: george is streaming again n3bojsa: @georgehotz whats the hoodie ur wearing? grimers: georgehotz whats your favorite eminem album Number___Nine: it looks like a gnu make grizvok: grizvok is gifting 5 Tier 1 Subs to georgehotz’s community! They’ve gifted a total of 5 in the channel! grizvok: grizvok gifted a Tier 1 sub to jagger_rsw! grizvok: grizvok gifted a Tier 1 sub to W1lkins! grizvok: grizvok gifted a Tier 1 sub to twiggy_io! grizvok: grizvok gifted a Tier 1 sub to Orestes13! grizvok: grizvok gifted a Tier 1 sub to knilecrack! MrTriharder: Subaru release monkaS yodiggity4739: i got one Pog W1lkins: Pog Number___Nine: husky alreye: lol MrTriharder: I dodged it PogChamp grimers: PrimeMe AdmiraIGoldenRetriever: PogChamp DODGED yodiggity4739: these hackers are at least 70 years old Jannnik: dodged Pog Bombapil0t: @grizvok u can ask him about his keyboard at least 5 times now gz! MrTriharder: @admiraigoldenretriever Do u come on bulldogs stream? Billy336 Akash_44: pog salpu_: ryrySkime ryrySkime ryrySkime zenkai_oogway: PogChamp ᆞᆞᆞᆞᆞᆞᆞᆞᆞᆞᆞᆞ: KappaCool grimers: Pog alchemist_ubi: hahahahahaa syska: lOl euranymous: George I really wanna thank you for inspiring me. worrasenule: monkaH grizvok: THE POWER. Bombapil0t: 😀 yodiggity4739: monkaS Number___Nine: ban the planet ᆞᆞᆞᆞᆞᆞᆞᆞᆞᆞᆞᆞ: MingLee iTzMeRafa: xDD parse: ban me 🙂 alchemist_ubi: Twitch chat OMEGALUL luckiehem: lulz Akash_44: monkaS alchemist_ubi: monkaS zenkai_oogway: MonkaSupreme tris790: gratz zenkai_oogway: monkaS alxhotel: grizvok dont ban me plis mathieu_696: PogChamp salpu_: LUL Zanfr1980: money power! alreye: He bought his way in LUL yodiggity4739: money PogU alchemist_ubi: actually true KEKW euranymous: @grizvok Congratzz prafaeltsantos: can a mod ban himself? mathieu_696: true lmao guy_ross: guy_ross subscribed at Tier 1. Number___Nine: ban geohot euranymous: LUL alxhotel: a mod for the mods ? MrTriharder: monkaS nesaniica: grizvok, give me a 5 minute timeout FeelsGoodMan alchemist_ubi: imagine using LUL in 2019 KEKW euranymous: Every thing is in your github repo right @georgehotz theduckthough: @georgehotz what does statement mean in this context? grizvok: I code in php for my work fml grimers: rip randoma1: Rip alxhotel: php will survive python mark my words tris790: feelsphpman Bombapil0t: you can afford subs so that’s fine i guess euranymous: RIP grizvok: why they decided not to go for a python web framework i will never know W1lkins: it will at least survive 2.7 alxhotel Kappa syska: g++ compiler is so nice the error messages are very understandable PepeHands yodiggity4739: i code in wingdings and then convert it to english MrTriharder: Php more like RIP KEKW euranymous: george might remove you as a mod @grizvok W1lkins: grizvok you’re at least on php7 right? nesaniica: php mods DansGame alxhotel: yep W1lkins notmap: wat u doing? grimers: so this means this channel fully endorses php? grizvok: @W1lkins yep. I’ve only used php for 4 months since i’ve been at this new company. Honestly this web framework symfony is pretty nice. alchemist_ubi: php best language ever Kapp luckiehem: php is great grizvok: But I’d rather be working in flask duzy: Whats the best 1st lang to learn MrTriharder: It isn’t a language when everything is global is it? theduckthough: english dr_koili: Laravel is amazing. Shame its so tainted with the baggage of old php notmap: php is garbo alxhotel: @duzy brainfuck duzy: nice Bombapil0t: asmr Kreygasm grizvok: php doesn’t really have that global problem anymore so far as I’ve seen luckiehem: @dr_koili i agree euranymous: George are you into esoteric languages? alxhotel: php 7 is much better than previous versions twitch7443: morning people Cetewyn: topre keyboard Kreygasm randoma1: What is he coding? Attlantiz_: whats up george syska: best language is lisp theduckthough: so does metamath allow you to abstract away smaller theorems? yodiggity4739: he is coding a simulation of the universe W1lkins: which language is best for building a parser such as thing @georgehotz robotboy987: if only topre was cheap FailFish Cetewyn: cheap keyboards LUL Attlantiz_: he does alchemist_ubi: what is he coding btw? MrTriharder: Ban monkaS Number___Nine: alchemist_ubi metamath parser in pyton using lark MrTriharder: Never talk about drugs here monkaS xrealyy: he’s coding metamath kind of thing alchemist_ubi: what the heck is metamath perser? Attlantiz_: methmat Attlantiz_: george have you heard about flutter alchemist_ubi: is that eatable? I see a lot of metamath people in LA EderDG: have you ever tried coding for 3D animation? grizvok: he messed with unity i think for a bit on stream a while ago YouPowerRush: ayy lamo st47ik: Unity was for AR stuff annasgrasshopper: you followed me on linkdin haha Attlantiz_: flutter is cool for mobile apps alchemist_ubi: monkaS annasgrasshopper: followed me back* nesaniica: no drugs, no keyboards and no iphones in here Bombapil0t: just tea and metamath Kreygasm Attlantiz_: just android W1lkins: no iphones? DansGame alchemist_ubi: higher what? I am having English trouble Attlantiz_: Kappa syska: communist nesaniica: also no self driving cars, we dont talk about that theduckthough: 1000 iq audience Attlantiz_: I wish I knew more about that stuff Attlantiz_: coq and stuff alchemist_ubi: hahahahahah robotboy987: let’s talk about simulation Tusk_TV: get banned nerds Kappa grimers: what if im not smart monkaS bool3max: that’s why chat rooms are coming MrTriharder: Like me? 🙂 MonkaSupreme: hello i know nothing about that stuff, but im subbed TehePelo ickystickybandit: let’s talk about Jesus raulciuntastefan: can i hear an amen ? 0x7f_: im 12 what is this? YouPowerRush: haha 4play_: Did someone mention drugs? n3bojsa: @georgehotz where is that goodie from? Attlantiz_: what are you doing in this stream? n3bojsa: I see you wear it quite often alchemist_ubi: well dude, how the person knows if he is smart or not if the person doesnt speak in front of smart people? Attlantiz_: what does the python script do? P4NiiC_LIVE: everytime I come here I feel dumb LUL alaouiib: are u smart 🤠👨💻 Hellsing14: free speech for the dumb whichtom: How long has geo been live for today AdmiraIGoldenRetriever: my mum said i am smart 🙂 MorbidlyBrobese: this is my favorite dictatorship st47ik: LUL alchemist_ubi: I could be the smartest person in the room inside my head LUL grizvok: @alchemist_ubi their achievements? Attlantiz_: what does the python script do? isnt that metamath? n3bojsa: fkin nerd alchemist_ubi: @grizvok that is the most basic answer you could ever give, think deeper, that is too basic grimers: this chat is in big brain mode now nesaniica: LUL MonkaSupreme: LUL raulciuntastefan: lol st47ik: rekt LUL prafaeltsantos: LUL LUL MrTriharder: All the chat peeps show us your 5Head Wansie: LUL raulciuntastefan: cannabis is life YouPowerRush: haaaa MrTriharder: LUL Attlantiz_: can anyone please explain what the python script does tris790: LUL Bombapil0t: no drugs @Cetewyn alphagainzzz: LUL solipsism: i wonder if slow mode would help YouPowerRush:prafaeltsantos: a fcking love geo, he always makes my day grizvok: @alchemist_ubi sorry that literally means nothing to me markovrandomfield: What about Lean? :tf: Attlantiz_: is it a parser for metamath? grimers: cmonBruh beninr1: Hi from Kosovo GEORGE ProfElements1: @attlantiz_ He making a python script to verify the meta math things he is doing. mexeroserisback: Yeah Lean seems nice Attlantiz_: oh, but doesnt metamath do that? Attlantiz_: wait is metamath like coq? st47ik: we need a bot that detects keywords and bans ppl for talking about the forbidden stuff Kappa Attlantiz_: ^ oksan309: celluOoof InertPackage: Are you typing in QWERTY? grimers: doesnt nightbot do that? @st47ik InertPackage: Hi brow people only type in Dvorak theduckthough: keyboard man bad InertPackage: Kappa st47ik: stop talking about keyboards NotLikeThis MaN MonkaSupreme: @theduckthough bye euranymous: You better subscribe MrTriharder: Every time George looks at this monitor, someone gets a ban monkaS theduckthough: ahsh Bombapil0t: and follow on instagram asap @InertPackage MonkaSupreme: @theduckthough sub or die riPepperonis InertPackage: I’m too high brow. I don’t use instagram, FB, or Twitter. st47ik: the bio literally says it all btw euranymous: George seriously deserves a verification badge in instagram InertPackage: I occasionally reddit. That’s about it. alchemist_ubi: @st47ik LUL I didnt see it monkaS grimers: damn u must be real smart InertPackage: Like front page /r/iamverysmart UMPS: but you’re on twitch so you’re back at 0 alchemist_ubi: just get them 4Head forkdb: Use PyCharm instead alchemist_ubi: yeah use PyCharm monkaS MrTriharder: monkaS don’t talk about editors alchemist_ubi: I am not smart monkaS UMPS: is he running tmux? TheRealFreki: why don’t you add keyboard cam 🙂 solipsism: yes @UMPS UMPS: i like his setup, it looks nice and clean Number___Nine: UMPS tmux and vim splits MrTriharder: For whatever reasons I can get fast enough in vim MrTriharder: Cant * zoki_macola: https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1159655968369565696?lang=en alchemist_ubi: @MrTriharder dont worry, I will just take you 3 years to get tehre prafaeltsantos: the real question is, we will have breaded chicken agen? Keyeh: can we talk abou treelon musk george? Number___Nine: Microsoft Word lazystoic: I’m too stupid to understand whats going on here, please explain someone Number___Nine: for ASCII editing alchemist_ubi: I think Twitch chat is too smart for him monkaS Imagine taking it seriously LUL alchemist_ubi: I should Jebaited but I will get ban thou monkaS MrTriharder: At least we dumb people get to be on YouTube FeelsGoodMan Clap solipsism: what is the difference between Jebaited and being actually stupid though @alchemist_ubi alchemist_ubi: @solipsism your comment UMPS: monkaS Keyeh: we can’t talk about comma.ai in here ᆞᆞᆞᆞᆞᆞᆞᆞᆞᆞᆞᆞ: monkaS alchemist_ubi: @MrTriharder will this be publish to YouTube monkaS MrTriharder: @alchemist_ubi I think grimers: monkaS MrTriharder: monkaS FackingNeckbeards: what is he programming in? alchemist_ubi: @FackingNeckbeards Python FackingNeckbeards: what IDE? Wnb_Gosu: george, do you play some games ? MrTriharder: Very MrTriharder: Vim UMPS: i’m watching someone else program so i feel less bad about wasting time while not programming solipsism: stop asking setup questions guys this is not that hard solipsism: literally 30 seconds and another setup question VitalyzedTv: what text editor is that? ( im a noob ) solipsism: 0 seconds Wnb_Gosu: google it grimers: LUL OnlyB1ade: wait… when did u go live again? AntiVax_SoccerMom: like an hour ago MrTriharder: @solipsism What wire is he using? 🙂 grizvok: wait changing my editor doesn’t make me a better programmer? prafaeltsantos: !uptime alchemist_ubi: Hello Google: what editor does george use? grimers: it makes you a better programmer if you use vim yaus_baus: !uptime UMPS:>:| alchemist_ubi: @grimers it makes you a better typer, maybe LUL PepeHypers: @grimers no maskerlive: !project 345kiwi: what’s going on right now lol vmarkushin: @PepeHypers of course yes. Didn’t you know that? yaus_baus: how long has he been streaming UMPS: how old is everyone UMPS: im 12 Attlantiz_: I’m 5 MrTriharder: monkaS maskerlive: im 60 alchemist_ubi: @scorpiocyborg Jebaited alchemist_ubi: monkaS hazrid93: wow basic programming? just the basic right sounds easy Pepega Attlantiz_: Kappa dude got banned FackingNeckbeards: nice kitchen tho worrasenule: Krappa krakendmp: krakendmp subscribed with Twitch Prime. alchemist_ubi: I feel bad for him now heheheheh VitalyzedTv: dont ban me pl0x monkaS Keyeh: this is his bedroom though @FackingNeckbeards ᆞᆞᆞᆞᆞᆞᆞᆞᆞᆞᆞᆞ: RarePepe Keyeh: LUL yaus_baus: hey george, quit my job after yesterdays vod, will be homeless soon. what do next? luv stream btw FackingNeckbeards: i didnt even notice the bed LuL Bombapil0t: its called cloud @Keyeh Wnb_Gosu: what does he even trying Wnb_Gosu: cant figure out cybermajestic: hello george aureal1: imagine mentioning the word keyboard Kappa Sniky83: Hi Georges, are you still in hacking area ? c4rb4rus: please find an exploit in the simulation, George alchemist_ubi: yes yes monkaHmm InertPackage: Terribly low brow people that come a channel playing in “Basic Programming” How can these idiots not realize High Brow only in Basic Programming. If you want your copy pasta go to Science and Technology plebs FackingNeckbeards: what? grimers: georgehotz whats your favorite eminem album grizvok: yes, yes they did dorkmo: yessss yaus_baus: i wish i was intelligent enough to say highbrow stuff alchemist_ubi: alchemist_ubi subscribed at Tier 1. alchemist_ubi: chat I am big brain and you are not LUL dorkmo: every once in a while some random dude thats an expert shows up tho alchemist_ubi: get rekt alchemist_ubi: monkaS shit shit alchemist_ubi: @dorkmo like me Kappa Wnb_Gosu: test Number___Nine: C++20 though AntiVax_SoccerMom: i mean its from like the 90s right? forkdb: Ok np VitalyzedTv: yay_i==? yesokboss: hows it goin george yaus_baus: vi=shell command to start vi MuscleMario: nah like vay_man: never used vim MuscleMario: ‘vi”‘ selects text in between the “‘s yaus_baus: oh fillmyvoid: !watisgoingonhere yaus_baus: yeah yaus_baus: v i (=select text inside parentheses MuscleMario: visual inside MuscleMario: inside then MuscleMario: :\ vay_man: is vim good enough? yaus_baus: yes yaus_baus: @fillmyvoid I believe george is writing a verifier for metamath programs inciMage: its nice robbsalm: so what are you doing @georgehotz ? just got here Santiago_LHC: Check the title fillmyvoid: ok just gonna look up what metamath is lol yaus_baus: http://us.metamath.org/downloads/metamath.pdf rupan3: boomers invented python st47ik: nice PogChamp Santiago_LHC: https://github.com/geohot/twitchcoq dorkmo: Party1 Party1 Abo7atm: how long has this stream been going? yaus_baus: 2+ hrs inciMage: @rupan3 gen-z liked it rupan3: !time aziz_fazlagic: 👉 MuscleMario: I just want to take my shit to the next level, and i feel like forcing mysellf to ‘hardmode’ hjkl will help me realize what shit im doin wrong when i keep doing traversal in insert mode and going to my mouse to move my cursor to a position that may be 15 lines up rather than , 15k or /shift-n Santiago_LHC: Nearly 3 hours steinlphd: The assert int the Else case is missing parentheses thebastl: @georgehotz Will boomers see selfdriving cars in their lifetime? Abo7atm: man’s like a machine Abo7atm: wish i had some of that Santiago_LHC: Asking about self-driving cars gets you banned thebastl: Didn’t know. sry lemonboxed: only doomers will c self driving cars yaus_baus: no comma talk only, i believe maskerlive: What is twitchcoq? Santiago_LHC: https://github.com/geohot/twitchcoq yaus_baus: writing in coq language on twitch inciMage: googleit yaus_baus: george’ yaus_baus: flow state is unbreakable maskerlive: But why is he doing this? Kyoto_o: It’s a very broad subject Kyoto_o: Anything where you can gather data and manipulate it @shaz3bsec inciMage: see you guys thx for kind chatting TheRealMast3r: Don’t say cyber to a computer guy OMG whichtom: lmao Kyoto_o: LULW what yaus_baus: lmfao grizvok: 360 fucking no scoped poop_balls420: lmao doomc: LUL yaus_baus: 420 mlg PexanKappa: KEKW endeavor_42: how long has he been streaming? ellips0nspice: hi Santiago_LHC: 3 hours poop_balls420: !uptime Kyoto_o: @endeavor_42 !uptime endeavor_42: !uptime Santiago_LHC: There is no bot eaterenrgy: 2hr 56min Kyoto_o: Jebaited quickfloor: No bot , No pain endeavor_42: thanks quickfloor: Have a better life with Nobot.com MuscleMario: If your shirt isn’t tucked into your pants, then your pants are tucked into your shirt. bubbleboi01: hello rupan3: MuscleMario not true PexanKappa: KEKW grizvok: @MuscleMario no i have a shirt on but no pants SupaDeviserr: is that 2 space tab quickfloor: Do we have cooking or QandA stream today ? yaus_baus: just maths stream yaus_baus: no distractions st47ik: 420% focus taxad0: beucaMD yaus_baus: man that metamath vim plugin quickfloor: @yaus_baus is he working in a server ? cuz he’s using screen over tmux yaus_baus: local yaus_baus: i think at least 0twinshock0: Hi George, i am developer in Brazil, say hello! st47ik: HeyGuys MuscleMario: @0twinshock0 hello 0twinshock0: ty kk beefydangles: yer a wizard georgie vay_man: voila yaus_baus: def not following lol archeadis: anyone know how do I show all tmux windows in the status bar like geohotz? whichtom: noice Kyoto_o: im using you as a background noise ngl rupan3: what is this for? st47ik: i was kinda following Kappa lemonboxed: flipping at the meta lvl robbsalm: @georgehotz Why do you use vim? quickfloor: @archeadis he’s using screen now . whichtom: metamath is gross vay_man: but whY? halcyon8000: halcyon8000 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 4 months! Santiago_LHC: Why everything? Santiago_LHC: Because robbsalm: why ice is slippery? MuscleMario: What’s his motivation for this? He was doing TwitchSLAM a while ago but… i dunno y he likes the Coq? vay_man: must be some comma ai stuff robbsalm: true !=false yaus_baus: not comma related at all st47ik: maybe cuz its fun to learn new stuff 4Head MuscleMario: maybe vay_man: why would he waste hours if not work related? yaus_baus: waste? Mendacii_: @georgehotz define “real” st47ik: @vay_man dude it’s fun so there’s no waste yaus_baus: work is waste vay_man: whats the point of ths? MuscleMario: … sometimes u waste hours b/c the problem is stuck in ur head MuscleMario: and u gotta itch it out of there aaronfriedland: what is the logo on your sweatshirt? whichtom: life isn’t all work my dude vay_man: illuminati? MuscleMario: ^ yes purgatoires: software engineering is this man’s raison d’etre robbsalm: life is all work Santiago_LHC: Why does he computer? st47ik: i mean the whole point is we’r chasing the dopamine shots even if its in solving/learning stuff yaus_baus: scopie sunday george vs dont work for the man george MuscleMario: y do ppl do rubix cubes MuscleMario: and crosswords robbsalm: just get dopamine in other forms MuscleMario: SHITS WORK st47ik: @robbsalm doesnt work like that MuscleMario: He’s taken the LSD and now he’s coding from the astral plane whichtom: lol yaus_baus: add all symbols yaus_baus: lmao whichtom: this is excessive vay_man: for someone who claims to be out there to create billion dollar company,,this is waste of time if not work related yaus_baus: hardcode the syntax lemonboxed: its called being productive MuscleMario: He’s such a brute 😉 st47ik: bruteforce chars SMOrc grizvok: @vay_man he’s expanding his knowledge base. what a “waste of time” st47ik: ^ LUL iskjmss: complaining abotu someone wasting their time while being on twitch KEKW yaus_baus: this is like the purest form of programming st47ik: @vay_man im sorry MaN but he’s free to do whatever he wants to MuscleMario: Elon muskrat read a book on rockets n now look @ him TeeHee lol vay_man: I know I m wasting time rupan3: MuscleMario who Santiago_LHC: Then let everyone else be vay_man: thats his narrative vay_man: dont believe everything they tell MuscleMario: I’m just trollin in chat @rupan3 robbsalm: isnt functional programming the best? rupan3: is he a mathematician now? st47ik: argh NotLikeThis MuscleMario: The best programming is definitely caffeine fueled yaus_baus: say it rupan3: schizophrenia is catchy asaalgk: what did i miss MuscleMario: Best programmer in the world, what is this, a hiphop battle? yaus_baus: !peebreaks MuscleMario: I crap he recorded raps b4 Santiago_LHC: If it was, he won it MuscleMario: O zoki_macola: pee time MuscleMario: No hands MuscleMario: Dudes on that stim lemonboxed: ever chair looks like it codes yaus_baus: everytime george goes pee take 2 shots robbsalm: metamath short for meth lemonboxed: chair stream MuscleMario: meth short for metamath Kyoto_o: Do you know who Fabrice Bellard is? Check him out @georgehotz Santiago_LHC: George pees more often than I commit. vay_man: hi from India georgie!! Kyoto_o: @georgehotz or his projects robbsalm: dislexia god dammit MuscleMario: @vay_man hi st47ik: how much tea u drink in a day man? looks like a lot LUL taxad0: stick to the paper Santiago_LHC: I want to bind them MrBankster: you want to use a queue lemonboxed: f in ass MuscleMario: i wish…. i wishy wish… python wasnt so popular. Even tho i use it for data shit AlexEDM: are all you guys in here programmers? yaus_baus: python facilitates productivity yaus_baus: fast to prototype Santiago_LHC: @AlexEDM nah MuscleMario: yeah, super good for that LeadCoder: i did on video on python sql injections today. check out my twitch channel jagger_rsw: @georgehotz is it good time for DISTRACTIONS? Magistr_Y0d0: Hi. What’s that book ? grizvok: @AlexEDM i am Quad___lol: you are my favorite reptilian yaus_baus: http://us.metamath.org/downloads/metamath.pdf yaus_baus: book ^ AlexEDM: any of you python guys have experience with automating repetitive actions in browser (specifically Internet Explorer)? zoki_macola: Elon, george and zucc the best reptilians in their class zeroeagle1: hello everyone Santiago_LHC: lol zeroeagle1: alex use selenium yaus_baus: @AlexEDM like scraping? doomc: ^ yaus_baus: beautiful soup AlexEDM: so here’s my deal, zero. I want it to work at my job. I was able to install Anaconda, and use Python, but I don’t think Selenium will be allowed? hmm barbudolol: Why not? zeroeagle1: it’s a pip package worrasenule: thx for this tutorial, berry nice yaus_baus: why do u need conda specifically? MuscleMario: lol 128p_: yo y’all AlexEDM: @yaus_baus for example, going up to click an icon on a page, then enter a two character password, based on what’s shown in a certain field MuscleMario: Selenium is the most widely used driver MuscleMario: industry standard zeroeagle1: selenium is great for that yaus_baus: yeah just write a python script ellips0nspice: why Metamath? ellips0nspice: not PLY? zeroeagle1: used it with python and .net preferred .net tho barbudolol: Selenium has everything you’d need for that stuff. Not as fast as something like BeautifulSoup but a LOT easier Santiago_LHC: It better pass AlexEDM: yeah, I will try to @yaus_baus – I’ve only made one VBscript – I’m a noob, lel. But practicing in python yaus_baus: im noob too AlexEDM: yeah I heard good things @barbudolol barbudolol: I’m selenium god barbudolol: if you need any help hit me up AlexEDM: can u install that easily on work PC’s? not to a server, but to my desktop @barbudolol beefydangles: why was my speech suppressed MuscleMario: ^ first ammendement AlexEDM: okay I will send u a friend request, hehe yaus_baus: pip install selenium zeroeagle1: ^ AlexEDM: install inside python?? @yaus_baus yaus_baus: in terminal beefydangles: :/ aaronfriedland: probably a dumb question but is the best way to learn Python or a similar language just starting a project you’re interested in? hue88: But have you guys ever build a recursive data driven selenium test-framework with elasticsearch ? Kyoto_o: depends do you plan on going in depth or not @aaronfriedland yaus_baus: @aaronfriedland watch some intro utube vids ellips0nspice: too much errors. 99% of programmer work is not program alogrithm, it’s bugfixing MuscleMario: @hue88 yee grizvok: @aaronfriedland are you learning programming in general or just learning a new language? cybergenik: What computer are you using? zeroeagle1: @aaronfriedland do a service that check if geo is currently streamming on twitch aaronfriedland: not super in depth I just want to be able to automate some of my job and do data analysis 128p_: What are you guys coding lately? Kyoto_o: that is in depth @aaronfriedland MuscleMario: I want to get into webgl/three.js to makae a new website zeroeagle1: @aaronfriedland or get the book “automate the boring stuff with python” YouPowerRush: did he do et ? YouPowerRush: on stirm ? lolwtfreally: I don’t know wtf is going on.. but it feels good FeelsGoodMan MuscleMario: last time i worked on my site was back when css3 html5 came out MuscleMario: and i handcoded the animations yaus_baus: all i code is etl and EDA lol hue88: @MuscleMario but have you used parent child structure for avoiding redundancy and easier test creation hue88: that’s the real shit aaronfriedland: nice I’ll check that out Kyoto_o: this guy talking about classes and thinking thats the real shit LULW you idiot @hue88 Santiago_LHC: woah, chill Kyoto hue88: @Kyoto_o O:::: see my last comment duuh MuscleMario: @hue88 i dunno anymore, i didnt even put elasticsearch in my shit ever… but i stay away from things like selenium cuz its slow and i use it just for testing. Kyoto_o: bruh moment in here MuscleMario: @hue88 but i used it in tthe JVM so, meh. MuscleMario: squadW Kyoto_o: oh no squadW MrBankster: scam :O hue88: @MuscleMario yea I mean I don’t see any great uses other than testing anyway for selenium 😀 MuscleMario: LOL Kizzyiee: @georgehotz Thoughts on prome.ai? ..I just finished a 14month contract and wondered what people on the outside thought MuscleMario: @Kizzyiee gl gettin his attn hue88: @MuscleMario have you read about webassembly though ? yaus_baus: george is in another dimension rn hue88: that’s crazy aaronfriedland: this book looks perfect thanks @zeroeagle1 my job is basically just entering and cleaning up data in excel spreadsheets that has to be made into reports MuscleMario: ^ barely, i havent done asm in a along time… just when looking at disassembled code ellips0nspice: too much errors. george needs more phylons for this task MrBankster: george its cuz bash yaus_baus: @aaronfriedland if you can replace your excel stack with python you can automate a lot krnflake1: @georgehotz what are your macOS apps in the status bar? obs, spectacle, but what are the others? Santiago_LHC: Ah, spreadsheets. The place where hopes and dreams go to die. MuscleMario: but sounds really cool , lower level things like webasm, websockets MuscleMario: i never got into MuscleMario: but always wanted MuscleMario: Cuz i stay away from webtech mostly zeroeagle1: @aaronfriedland go on youtube and type automate the boring stuff excell if I recall correctly theres a 40min talk on just that aaronfriedland: hell yeah hue88: hahaha yea webtech is actually fun halcyon8000: Cowbell? aaronfriedland: gonna try to learn how to use Tableau too hue88: depending on your project ofc aaronfriedland: bosses love fancy graphs and shit grizvok: tableau is pretty nice Xflagzzz: hello yaus_baus: @aaronfriedland yeah tableu proficiency is nice if youre a data analyst MuscleMario: I’ve yet to work in a more pure math code. Ive done a lotta things, and closest to math in code I’ve done is some data science crap that was poppin in 2015 zeroeagle1: @aaronfriedland that reminds me when I setup grafana hue88: @aaronfriedland ++++ fk bout ur code, show them graphs and theres ur raise lol purgatoires: ggplot>>>>>>MuscleMario: And im not talkin bout functional programmin MuscleMario: I’m just saying the field/industry babadoctor: Is that your cat in the background? aaronfriedland: nah I’m just a low to mid level employee for a labor union aaronfriedland: not a data analyst yaus_baus: @aaronfriedland dont sell yourself short 🙂 Santiago_LHC: Graphs impress everyone MuscleMario: oh, yeah, and some stuff trying to brute force a key for a security challenge. malg0d: George MuscleMario: polynomial math tho malg0d: George of the jungle babadoctor: I swear I saw a cat behind you WutFace raulciuntastefan: what hes trying to do right now ? Santiago_LHC: Check the title malg0d: Jailbreak the simulation bro yaus_baus: tendies time MuscleMario: @aaronfriedland to learn the best way is to force urself to read from start to end someones tutorials or the docs. My opinion. Or watch someone code on youtube.. but reading it by urself i think is best malg0d: Green tea bro purgatoires: lunch PogChamp zoki_macola: wash hands yaus_baus: !peebreaks malg0d: Wash hands 30 seconds aaronfriedland: @MuscleMario I can definitely do that mltsd: too much tea MuscleMario: @aaronfriedland its good that a lot of professions are now getting scripting in to automate the mundane tasks programmer42: I’m hungry too! gotta get some lunch malg0d: Tea is never too much mltsd: only when too much pee aaronfriedland: they aren’t really encouraging me to automate anything I just hate doing mundane bullshit for $40k a year malg0d: Green tea purgatoires: @MuscleMario i just dont understand how it’s taken this long, VBA scripting is simple as shit MuscleMario: @aaronfriedland the only trick to learning programming is being very stubborn/persistant , some days u can hit ur head against something for 4 days b4 u realize what ur doin wrong or rewrite the whole thing purgatoires: like why now yaus_baus: b i g g l o n c h aaronfriedland: infinite lunch kanogger: Luchstream PogChamp dorkmo: sandwich malg0d: Jailbreaking lunch MuscleMario: He probably gonna eat cereal dorkmo: avo toazt xkcdz: PogChamp PogChamp yaus_baus: george put on some cooking musics kanogger: JonCarnage micos7: Bruh where is the avocado toast? MuscleMario: George needs TTS for Donos malg0d: Where is that girl she usually interrupts the stream Kappa yaus_baus: no grills just maths today MuscleMario: Kapp aPosterior: binging with george vmarkushin: @MuscleMario no. He gonna eat ice MuscleMario: LOL malg0d: George ping my router yaus_baus: george refactoring cooking script kanogger: milkshake with them crushed up oreos MuscleMario: guacamole… fancy malg0d: Gordon Ramsey George Hotz edition acae: gay walk MuscleMario: Gordo i missed it last nite malg0d: Nothing wrong with GAYS yaus_baus: god* walk purgatoires: cooking is suboptimal TheKoreanZombi: Let’s maximize cooking screen. malg0d: George I best come up with my ideas during sleep deprivation any thoughts on that MuscleMario: @purgatoires ok elon aaronfriedland: lmao ellips0nspice: Is anybody use HolyC? MuscleMario: I’ve heard some1 say Holy C now a few times? MuscleMario: Wut iz dat TheKoreanZombi: Dead language yaus_baus: terry lang malg0d: WaT malg0d: WHAT micos7: git add ingredients;git merge oven;git commit; poop_balls420: wheres your GF? malg0d: GREEN TEA GEORGE aaronfriedland: untreated schizophrenia basically halcyon8000: Lmgtfy yaus_baus: rip terry zeroeagle1: the main maintainer got hit by a train mltsd: my kitchen messy too and i gotta clean it malg0d: inb4 copyright MuscleMario: Astari lol yaus_baus: emotional terry music mltsd: but im busy making logic gates MuscleMario: Geohot listens to my shit malg0d: George you are making me depressed acae: ding! MuscleMario: i think that guy is dead tho YouPowerRush: highbruv music 12ka4: hi bro malg0d: No purgatoires: i hate driving lol malg0d: George drive through the Kongo ProfessorMagikarp0: emo george now YouPowerRush: brow * ellips0nspice: i develop also interest stuff for devs too. I streaming dev process, check my stream kanogger: i cri yaus_baus: doing 70mph in a residential malg0d: Stop advertising yourself aaronfriedland: me too but I do it nude on chaturbate check it out sometime 12ka4: can you share your tmux config W1lkins: driving through compton W1lkins: it’s on github 12ka4 MuscleMario: If I didnt know what he was doin, it’d say he’s writing his own lexical parser malg0d: LOL kanogger: someone timeout @ellips0nspice dorkmo: mindspace: close your eyes, picture youreself driving in the subbies malg0d: I like this song markovchain21: where is this hoody from? @georgehotz looks super nice_

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