[German] Expertenhomepage relies on Mailjet’s strong API and high security level

I am Wolfram Lefèvre, Founder and Managing Director of Expertenhomepage The homepage construction kit for insurance brokers was our first product in 2006. We started with that. Since then, we have developed a lot more sales marketing tools to complement this first product. We now provide users with a fully designed, monthly customer magazine personalized to their own business. And which they can automatically send on a monthly basis to their customers by email, on behalf of our customers. What I really like about Expertenhomepage is that in an environment for insurers, which is not an easy industry, they still manage to offer digital solutions. Mailjet’s key advantage for us is its unique API, which enables us to map out all the needed functions of our own software, which is required for running an email marketing solution without having to map the technical processes in our own backend. Mailjet is unique because we were the first pure email solution to become GDPR compliant. In addition, we also offer wide flexibility, because our customers can decide whether they want to use our API, SMTP relay, or our user interface – and we are also personal We want to offer our users email marketing functions as seamlessly as possible within our own solutions. And thanks to Mailjet, we have full control over the front-end design. We use the Mailjet API as a central component of our own solution. In this respect, it is essential for us to have a personal contact person, who can help us with implementation issues, as well as when something doesn’t work out. Although we have very strong API documentation, we recognize that every now and then we have specific API questions. And the Customer Success Manager is the right person because they are in a position to give answers within 3 hours and thereby ensuring time-to-market. I strongly recommend Mailjet, especially when companies need a powerful API.

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