German Volume Training – Free Muscle Mass Program

ready to blow up your muscles with ten-by-ten training what's up champ i'm jordan wheeler a boost our nutriceuticals welcome to German volume training almost as popular as beer during Oktoberfest in Germany German volume training made famous by German national weightlifting coach professor during the 1970s is considered one of the best and most popular methods for packing on muscle fast this training program utilizes a 10 set method to target a specific muscle group exposing it to a high volume of repeated sets of a single exercise your body will adapt to the extraordinary stress by hypertrophy the targeted fibers to say this program adds muscle fast is probably an understatement noticeable lean muscle gains in six short weeks should be expected even for experienced lifters I want to express that the single most important goal for performing this training method correctly is ensuring you perform the 10 sets of 10 reps with the same weight you want to pick a weight that you can perform 10 good form repetitions without hitting failure until your last couple sets so choose a weight that is about 50 to 60 percent of your 1 rep max for example if you can squat 400 pounds for your one rep max then you are looking at using 200 to 240 pounds as your set weight for this specific exercise you should be hitting your failure during your last 2 to 3 working sets please note that there are links below in the description that give you access to your complete 6-week German volume training blueprint 100% free training split you'll find in your program that you'll be training four days a week although there isn't a lot of exercise variation and on paper the workouts may look short and easy the reality is the program is intense you'll need three free covery days a week exercise selection you'll notice most of the 10 by 10 exercises are compound movement using free weights like squats deadlifts and bench you're free to change your exercises in your program if you need to but if you do swap in comparable compound movements don't replace a squat with the barbell lunge or a deadlift with a lat pulldown after completing your 10 by 10 compound movements you'll be focusing on accessory movements that isolate single muscle groups and performed utilizing super sets rest intervals 90 seconds between your 10 by 10 sets and 60 seconds with your accessory work what you'll notice is your first few sets feel pretty easy but with short arrests than a traditional strength or hypertrophy program by the time you get to set seven and eight you'll be gasping for air and the bar is going to feel extra heavy I highly recommend using the stopwatch on your phone between sets as 90 seconds can easily turn into three minutes if you're not careful no talking to your buddies between sets just get in and get the work done tempo the program is designed for you to use a four-second eccentric and two-second concentric tempo with no pausing at the top or the bottom of the movement think of a piston in an engine constantly moving up and down if you're a more advanced lifter try using explosions and acceleration during the concentric motion of the lift progression if you can complete more than 10 reps on your final set with the weight you've selected add more weight to the bar when you train that movement next five percent is a good place to start refrain from performing force threats or negatives the large amount of volume you're performing is already enough supplements the no-brainer training aid here is boost our nutraceuticals Kriya tech that exclusively uses creapure ph 10 and ultra pure double buffered creatine engineered in germany long famous for its auto industry Germany has now committed those same engineering standards to its creatine production Korea pier pH 10 is guaranteed 99.95% pure a promise unmatched anywhere in the world okay there you have it your six-week free program is linked in the description below keep training hard and let me know how you make out with your German volume training program

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  • Blue Star Nutraceuticals says:


  • Mikaeel Øzdemir says:

    Can I train 6 times In the weeks with German Volume Training? Or only 4 times In week

  • iZevo says:

    Hi, im abit late but, if I finish the program, do I repeat and go back to week one?

  • keith james says:

    Just came across this. Just finished my first workout.

  • Loucheni Said says:

    Do you have any program for a full body routine?
    Thank you!

  • Zeeshan ch says:

    Can sprinting be done on off dayswith abs e x rcises

  • Brandon May says:

    I'm late to the party but I like to do fight training, can I integrate it on the off days?

  • John Wealthy says:

    I heard many years ago that GVT required no more than 30 seconds between sets

  • JonnyC 289 says:

    so how do we figure out what our 1rm is? I only have 2 dumbbells that go up to 55 lbs each and a bench

  • Just ME says:

    Similar to a conjugate dynamic day, but with 7 more reps per set….right?

  • James Hurling says:

    What say you about the other comments suggesting to alternate back and chest each set?

  • Scott Martinez says:

    GVT is for beta cucks.

  • Ashique Anowar says:

    can a beginner follow this program ?

  • Ryan Mallick says:

    Thank you so much sir for the programme .

  • abdelhamid bendref says:

    Thanks for this amazing free programme..thanks a lot bleu star

  • Max Sweater says:

    Is it okay to shorten the rest periods from 90 sec to 60 and from 60 sec to 45 on the supplementary workouts?

  • Karim MCI says:


  • Cholo Gladiator says:

    How long should I wait to make progression in my weight amount?

  • JAMES D says:

    I've been using this workout since 1995.
    I love it because it cuts down my time in the gym (cardio and strength training is sort of combined – short rest intervals).

  • himanshu saini says:

    Can i do cardio in off days……and how to use creatine with GVT….

  • Hussain alam says:

    Plz share the diet program for this program coz its incomplete without a gd diet

  • shizeninho says:

    What's up champ

  • Ciaran McGuigan says:

    Hi can I just ask do u super set the 2 10×10 movements so bench press then back then rest for 90 seconds ?

  • vvn340 says:

    Man, you correctly cite a 4020 tempo but in the portrayed clips tempo is definitely faster.

  • bruce wayne says:

    There are three major things you are getting wrong. The 10X10 sets are supposed to be intersected with one another. This is a major component of the program as it slows down fatigue and allows you to squeeze in more volume with more weight, which results in a higher amount of total work which results in more muscle growth. You do a chest set, rest 90 seconds, then you do a back set, rest 90 seconds, then do the chest set again, rest 90s, then do the back set again, etc. Because you are intersecting antagonist muscles, your chest is practically getting 4 minutes rest instead of just 90 seconds, and same with your back. Also, the 3X12 sets are not supposed to be done without any rest. That would be over training on a program like this. You are supposed to do a chest set, rest 60 seconds, then do a back set, rest 60 seconds, etc. And the other big thing is that on the arm days you are supposed to do biceps and triceps for your 10X10 sets, not shoulders. You are supposed to do shoulders for your 3X12 sets, not arms. And on leg days you are supposed to be intersecting knee induced movements with hip induced movements. So for instance you might do squat, then straight legged deadlift, then squat again.

  • um52 says:

    A lot of factors play when it comes to hyper trophy while doing Gvt. 1. Genetics but don’t get discouraged! 2. eat healthy and eat like a horse. 3. Sleep like a baby 3. Begin with the correct weight and add 5-10 lbs each week if you complete the workout successfully.

  • julian Starks says:

    this is perfect for beginners but i would shrink up doing this

  • January Tacorda says:

    I havent gone too the gym for almost a year now. Will it be wise to start with a program like to get some gains in or should i build myself up again first

  • DAN LAROCA says:

    I do a modified version of this.
    I go slightly heavier and do 10 sets of 5 reps.

  • Bilal Ansari says:

    What we do after complete of gvt program?

  • Edu Kaleon says:

    But no one said what kind of diet should one take. Always about pills and powder 😕

  • Hridya Singh says:

    Link is not working, not able to download pdf. please help

  • Pwnagraphic says:

    Can I squeeze in cardio on off days, or should I dedicate that to a full days rest?

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