Get to know the Teltonika RMS interface

In this short overview, we’ll briefly explore all main sections of the Teltonika RMS. The page consists of five main elements: Left sidebar panel Top control menu Right customisation panel Main content window Settings panel Lets dive a little deeper and explore left sidebar panel. The tabs provide access to different sections of RMS. The management tab is your main tool of RMS. From here you can manage, monitor and configure all your devices. The user tab is used to manage RMS users and companies. The files tab is for managing firmware and configuration backup files. From a reports tab you can generate and store reports The licences tab allows you to control device monitoring options and RMS license usage. Also here at the bottom you can toggle the style of left panel to get a more minimalistic view. Moving to the top control menu. In here you will find all options and controls depending which tab of the left sidebar is currently selected. While on management tab menu allows you to control and manage devices. The user tab gives you the option to manage users and companies. Other menus work similarly providing corresponding top control menu options based on the currently selected Left-side bar tab. Right customisation panel allows you to filter and customise what kind of data you will see in the main content window. We can filter for companies, tags, models and device status. Similarly to the top control menu the main content window corresponds to your selection on the left sidebar panel. To go back home you can use several shortcuts. Click on the management icon up top, the Management title or Overview. Alternatively clicking Teltonika logo will achieve the same result. In the main content for this tab has three different elements. Charts – that display information device information in graph form. Device map allows you to easily find and control specific devices based on their location. Table section provides detailed information for your device’s. Charts and table sections can be both filter and changed using right customisation panel. For example we can change what kind of columns will be shown in the tables section Finally in the top right corner, we have the Settings panel here. You will see your username settings and the option to logout. In the settings panel, you will find user and profile settings. This concludes the Teltonika RMS interface overview tutorial. If you have any further questions leave a comment below. Visit our crowd support forum or contact your sales manager.

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  • Teltonika International says:


    00:14 – Introduction

    00:48 – Left sidebar panel

    01:42 – Top control menu

    02:11 – Right customisation panel

    02:25 – Main content window

    03:43 – Settings panel

  • Azeez Sanusi says:

    Is the router capable of port forwarding?

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