Getting On – Deaf Patient Webcam Interpreter

We have a deaf patient
Thank you Welcome to BHB video relay information
Please wait for the next available interpreter “I see you. Can you see me?”
“Hello, yes, I’m nurse Dawn Forchette” “I’m pleased to be of service, ready when
you are” “OK, I want to start a transfusion to address
the anemia, and then discuss a palliative round of radiation
to shrink the tumours and ease the pain” “Yes doctor please proceed, I would like the
opportunity” “I have been getting ducks in my ear”
“North day, yes” “That’s a little, I don’t know. That sounds
kind of goofy” “Is the camera okay?
No, no, no, no. I’m not asking her, I’m asking you”
“I think it could be a little better” “OK, can you tell her that I’m gonna adjust
the camera a little bit” “I think it’s kind of obvious”
“Thursday. Not next. Two turnips. Train zoom. Due day”
“Have we used this agency before? I think she’s deaf”
“You know what though, sign language is different It’s umm, a conceptual language made up of
visual images” “Really?! Thank you so much for that Dawn.”
“OK. I don’t understand what you’re saying” “I’m trapped in a deaf sandwich here”
“Did you say ‘turnips’?” “Nooooo”
“See Dawn. Can you put that down and be present?” “Well I’m just trying to get it all”
“Alright I think she’s really angry. Now she’s yelling!”
“Well now she froze” “Oh God”
“Guess what. Dawn…cut it! Everything back inside. Come on! Let’s move”
“I’m so sorry about this”

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