Ghost Recon Breakpoint Is A Mess (But Not A Total Disaster) | Ghost Recon Breakpoint Review

There is a lot of stuff in Ghost Recon Breakpoint
that has me scratching my big bleeding head. Like why I can regain stamina by drinking
swimming pools? Or why do I spend so much time doing my best
impression of a cheese rolling competition? And why is my helicopter better at getting
down slopes than me? And why does the Erewhon loading screen always
hang on 69% What’s it trying to tell me? And why is this loading screen a picture of
some giant teeth? Smaller head scratchers make way for bigger
confusion. You are the lone survivor of a chopper crash. But no sooner has the syrup dripped down your
plastic Ken doll face, you are visiting a cave that acts as a social hub, full of…
other lone survivors. We’re the only two left in our chalk says
this guy. Well, apart from Monkey Punk and Tuppaware
Ninja over here. If I’m the only ghost who survived, are
they actual g-g-g-ghosts? It would explain how we clip through each
other. Then there’s the loot system that’s not
a real loot system – yes, you have a gear score that grows with each new weapon, but
every human in the game can be killed with a bullet from a level one gun – as long as
the bullet goes in the head. What the gear score actually refers to is
your ability to fight drones – and there’s only one mission in the whole campaign where
you are forced to take down one of those big boys. So, what’s the point of it? As for high level areas waiting to be plundered
by a high level drone killer? One of the classes has a magic spray that
turns you invisible to robot eyes, letting them just run in and rob the late game content
in the opening hour. Not to mention gear scores leading to bizarre
moments when a helmet has a lower armour score than a baseball cap. I mean, it’s a baseball cap! This bit gives enemy snipers the exact gap
to put a bullet in your brain. Yes, there are lots of weird things about
Breakpoint. Things that hurt immersion. Things that feel too arcade-y for a Ghost
Recon game. Things that make me wonder how much the designers
played their own game – like forcing us to dismantle or sell weapons one by one. Or the fact that when you start getting high
level loot, it becomes really difficult to get the low level materials needed to actually
upgrade your guns. It’s kinda baffling. But for all that, I haven’t had a terrible
time in Breakpoint – certainly nothing to match some one star reviews doing the rounds. I wonder if it’s maybe Stockholm Syndrome. Play a game long enough and get suckered into
the loot drop cycle and you begin to feel invested in your glorified mannequin, whether
you like it or not. So I want to explain what did and didn’t
work for me. Oh, and we’ve recently partnered up with
Displate, producers of fine metal posters, to open our very own Rock Paper Shotgun store
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a bit of that money comes back to the channel. Which is handy, as Breakpoint has a lot of
cosmetic microtransactions. Who can resist a seven quid kilt? Now, onwards. The one thing Breakpoint does well is giving
you big enemy compounds and the freedom to approach them as you see fit. I mean, really, it’s all the game is – a
giant island dotted with patches of red for your drone to turn into little icons which
you then shoot in the head. It’s repetitive, but the act of cleaning
out enemies, ideally unseen, is compelling enough. I play as a sniper, because when you do it
basically turns Breakpoint into a fresh batch of Hitman Sniper Assassin levels. It really is similar: having spotted the enemies
you work out the safest order to perforate those skulls. Pick off snipers in their towers, and single
enemies lurking out of sight lines. Maybe you risk an aerial drone, before picking
between minigunners – a gamble as they require two head hits – or guards wondering on patrol. Trying to clean house without soldiers spotting
a body, or silencing them before they raise the alarm makes it a fun target gallery. Sniping is the best way to play solo too – with
sync shot drones replacing the AI companions (who are being added at a later date), but
coming with limited numbers to prevent you from spamming synchronised hits as you could
in Wildlands. Annoyingly, as playable as Breakpoint is alone,
you always have to have an online connection. I’ve had fun going in close, too – in an
early video I said this was the closest thing I’d played to Metal Gear Solid V since Metal
Gear Solid V, in terms of sneaking behind enemy lines and popping people with silent
pistol headshots. I mostly stand by that comparison, although
Breakpoint is the dumber game – you don’t move with anything like the precision of Big
Boss and your drone, an all seeing eye in the sky, makes it too easy to get the full
lay of the land. Phantom Pain has a tension that you’d missed
a guard with your binoculars; intel is just too good in Breakpoint. I celebrate sniping and stealth as Breakpoint
is less interesting once the action kicks off. Breakpoint’s AI is a mix of supernatural
and super dumb – the way a single overheard shot causes everyone in a mile radius to enter
an alert state always annoys me in these kind of games. But once they are alert, they do a bad job
of finding you, ambling around the bodies of their murdered comrades, making it a long
and boring wait for patrols to return to normal. The elite Wolves are more proactive – they’ll
investigate areas of disturbance and force you on the move or to cosplay as some grass,
like that mad cake decorating kid in The Hunger Games. But even these guys follow predictable routes. Lots was said by Ubiosft about us being hunted,
but it loses the buzz of excitement when the hunter in question is basically Elmer Fudd. Even the game’s lazy trick of spotting you
with aerial drones and spawning Wolves on your location is easy to dismiss once you
realise going prone stops the search. It’s very hard to see the soul of the older
Ghost Recon games in these sluggish face-offs – those were games where when it kicked off,
the sheer lethality of gunplay was a jolt of adrenaline. I’m not blaming Breakpoint for this – I
think Ghost Recon arguably stopped being classic Ghost Recon back with Future Soldier, if not
earlier – but it does continue the trend. There’s no way the old ghosts would have
backed into a corner and plugged heads as they poked around the doorframe. I won’t show it here, but this even works
in the final boss! It’s symptomatic of generally clumsy mission
behaviour. There’s some rotten checkpointing – at one
point I had to clear out a base to reach an NPC, to escort her out her lab. But dying spawns you outside the base and
asks you to break back in, with all those guards revived. But this was nothing compared to an on rails
section where success hinged entirely on the AI driver – never a good sign – most times
he would drive so slowly that long distance snipers would just shoot me in the head, an
instant fail. I dialled down the difficulty to take more
hits and the driver began to crash the car over and over. In an act of desperation, I flew over to the
area we kept dying, killed everyone there so they couldn’t ambush us and flew back
to trigger the mission… it failed me after we drove five meters. I did it so many times, I actually hit the
level cap just shooting down helicopters. I still don’t know what eventually triggered
success, but I love the irony that something on the rails sent me firmly off the rails. The most disappointing element of the missions
is how the game looks like a sandbox, but refuses to let you experiment like the best
sandboxes do. For example, knowing that I was about to face
a siege of enemies, I parked an armoured car across one of the entrances, ready to take
on my attackers. But the game decided this was too far from
the siege area, telling me off the whole fight with this obnoxious warning sign. You can’t make a game that is all about
the ingenuity of special forces soldiers and then shake your head at player ingenuity. You are either about survival at any cost,
or you aren’t. You have to make your mind up. But for every stupid mission like this, there
are plenty more where I happily do my sniping thing. I think a lot of it is down to the setting,
which I prefer to Wildlands – and yes, I know this puts me in the minority. The Island of Auroa is a nonsense tech paradise
– an archipelago that holds about a hundred buildings that could be James Bond villain
layers. After clearing out all those shanty towns
and warehouses of Wildlands, I loved getting to sneak around facilities that wouldn’t
be out of place in the Google campus or creeping through trendy neighbourhoods. It’s just fun to visit a non-traditional
warzone – a happy place that is only just in the grip of a menace, before it becomes
another drab hellhole. Some settings are massive, too, which – for
a self confessed sniper such as myself – is a dream come true. I only played a couple of levels with a full
spread of four player co-op, but shooting across these vast plazas, while friends darted
between benches below, sees the game at its best. If – and it’s a big if – you’re just happy
clearing out bases with your pals, this world will keep you happy. And look at the natural beauty of the place. In many ways I think Auroa is wasted on Breakpoint,
as the action is so clustered around built-up locations that it never finds anything to
do with its stunning natural environments. I love these rolling hills and the wind blown
grass – some of the best wind swept foliage since The Witcher 3. And you can stick that quote on the box. Hell, it’s nicer than what users are saying
on metacritic. Of course, I realize that Ghost Recon’s
target audience don’t buy the game to look at turf, but I feel like Ubisoft’s world
builders should know that their work was seen and appreciated. The dark cloud that hangs over all of this
is microtransactions – in this case a store selling cosmetic items that are purchased
with a separate Ghost Coin currency. I say cosmetic, as the weapons and attachments
can be found in-game – and found quite easily, as the map is open about what is found at
each site (once you’ve scoped them out with a drone). Find the blueprints to a gun and you can build
it whenever you want using Skell Credits dropped by enemies or found in crates. I don’t buy the idea that this is to pay
to win – the things that make a difference are in the game. It gets shadier with cosmetics. Now, I’ll admit, I personally don’t really
care about this side of the game – I’m not into military fashion. But plenty of people are and for them, it
is rotten to hide the more colourful helmets and such behind a paid for currency. It still only makes up a fraction of the items
available in the wider game – the customisation menu is honest about where things can be found
– but it’s still manipulative. As many people have said before me, just because
I can ignore this stuff, doesn’t mean there’s not someone more vulnerable who can’t. And that person shouldn’t be exploited. I do think the idea that Breakpoint’s microtransactions
are especially aggressive is exaggerated – all the paid elements live in the customization
menu and the store menu. If you don’t click on those two tabs, which
I didn’t until making this video, you wouldn’t know this layer of purchases exists. But it does and should be flagged up for people
who want nothing to do with it. The important distinction, for me, is that
the campaign doesn’t feel manipulated to force you into buying extra stuff – in fact,
for a ‘looter shooter’ this is the quickest I’ve climbed through the gear ranks, and
I didn’t struggle to find the equipment I wanted because the game told me where to
find the blueprints. In an ideal world breakpoint wouldn’t have
these microtransactions, but as they are, it is at least open about what you’re getting. By simply including them the damage is done. As it was by shoehorning in a gear system. It doesn’t seem to matter that the gear
score has little impact on the action itself; it makes the game look like something it isn’t,
and the blame can only rest with Ubisoft for that. To my mind, the rhythm and pace of the campaign
is really no different to Wildlands. I only played that campaign once, so appreciate
that differences might seem more glaring to people with 500 hours on their record, but
to my fingers, Breakpoint feels like Wildlands, but with a slightly more colourful setting
and bigger levels that are more satisfying to clear out. I don’t think either game has much similarity
to Ghost Recon of old – a series I’d love to see properly revisited – and it’s shambolic
and rough around the edges in a way a 60 quid game simply shouldn’t be. I had enough fun in my 30 hours not to regret
it, but it’s a shame you have to go through so much nonsense and mess to get to the simple
heart of the game. I hope that explains that while I think breakpoint
is a bit of a mess, it’s not a total disaster. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the game
– especially from people who’ve actually played it – which would be refreshing – and
I’m happy to answer any questions raised by this review. Thanks again to Displate for sponsoring the
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  • Super Cooper says:

    the loot infact does matter try raiding a lvl 200 wolf base with low level gear and you will immediately know that it does matter it's not just for the drones the enemy with shred you

  • Abel Villa says:

    I am enjoying this game a lot even with its many problems.

  • Sidewinder Gaming says:

    32 ghosts were mobilized for operation green stone. Which means 8 squads (chalk) of 4 ghosts.

  • peteyd1984 says:

    This looks incredibly boring. It has no soul.

  • Bobert Daniels says:

    No no you're supposed to say it's a total disaster. You're going to upset a lot of people who haven't played the game

  • Craig Barlow says:

    I'm enjoying the game at level 97 got my first gold tier weapon through the faction missions the beautiful G28 Wolves DMR , like you i love sniping and totally agree with your review .
    The game has bugs helicopter falling out the sky as if it was sinking in water which is extremely annoying , the game is beautiful very pretty game .

  • Daddy And Dallas says:

    So far I don’t think it’s terrible. I’ve completely ignored the micro transactions and haven’t felt any need or want to purchase them.

    I don’t necessarily think a “looter shooter” is what this game should have been. It tried to strike a middle ground and it’s passable imo.

    Graphically some things are amazing but I’m getting weird pixilation running an i9 9900k and GTX2080 and some things just don’t look that great.

    Overall it’s fun…. for now.

  • K Qian says:

    Fair and balanced review. Good on you for not relying on outrage culture as a crutch.

  • jook2jook says:

    how long is the campaign if playing solo?

  • danqrl says:

    While I'm well aware of all the games failings I'm still having so much fun playing it, I'm fully invested in the loot grind now raising my gear score to get into the raid.

  • Stympt says:


  • Eric Williams says:

    First min n half…savage…lol

  • Lionel Fernandez-Alba says:

    I´m surprised you didn´t give it more grief for its lack of environmental destruction, I mean whats the point of storming google´s campus if you can destroy the standing desks.

  • Kieran McDonald says:

    More Matt Castle please 🙏

  • Eric Mooij says:

    I think your review of Ghost Recon Breakpoint is spot on and I fully agree with all points made! I bought the ultimate edition for PS4 and got annoyed about the service being down and in particular the character getting stuck or unable to pass trough or climb at quite some points in the map!

    I like the world and still have quite some fun with sniping but to be honest I was a little disappointed with the quality of the gameplay and the number of bugs and glitches…

    Keep up the good and honest reviews! I immediately subscribed to your channel!

  • Original Gamer says:

    Play with no hud, no marking and no reticule and on extreme. It plays like a different game. You will begin to notice the finer details. Like how when your character is relaxed and feel she/he is not in danger the camera will zoom out and your Ghost will hold his/her weapon in a more relaxed way. But when he senses enemies are around the camera will zoom in and your ghost will appear more on guard. I'm loving the game. Ubisoft supports their titles. They respond to feedback, and they have a reputation of making their games better. Assassin's Creed Unity, Rainbow Six Seige, For Honor, The Division,…unlike EA who abandons their developers..(cough!…Anthem,..cough!)

  • Arthurian64 says:

    Some bugs here and glitches there that's right BUT, they didn't really impact my game experience at all.

  • Josh Boucher says:

    Eh still looks the same with little added to entice me into hours of grinding and spending money.

  • guthrien says:

    Best review I've seen of a game that's easy to hate frankly. Well done.

  • Terry Stokes says:

    Maybe this game was meant to be weird as fuck
    With friends of course🤔
    You wanna hate this game, but can’t really….it’s pretty fun

  • ST1PLER says:

    Your review was spot on! It has flaws, but people do exaggerate about it. I did buy some of the cosmetics beacuse I wanted to make my operator to look the way I want. The gear sistem doesnt have a big impact on the combat, just the constant menu swaping gets annoying. Its buggy sometimes but nothing a few patches cant fix. Me and my friend have had a lot of fun and we tried to play as real spec ops and it works great, definetly the game is more fun co-op.

  • LaLiLuLeLoX says:

    Yes, the AI are not smart at all but in way that's because you know where they are at all times. The moment your turn that off; the less dumb they seem!! Good review!!

  • Ibrahim Khan says:

    I’ve actually faced some really disgusting bugs in the game where it was unplayable and had to restart the game. I’m gonna list few of them:

    1. Not being able to mark enemies.

    2. While trying to switch ammo, it pulls out the drone so basically I couldn’t switch between single/auto.

    3. Sometimes nomad shoots on the far right of the screen even though i’m aiming at an enemy, one missfire and the whole base is alerted.

    4. I’m not able to pick up loot even though my inventory can carry more stuff. Imagine clearing out a whole base and not being able to pick elite gear.

    I honestly feel Ubis🤡ft is never testing their games before launch. We are their testers.

  • Will Robinson says:

    Thank you for an honest review. I'm amazed all the bad reveiws prevail. I've been playing through level 80 and though buggy it's really enjoyable. Particularly solo.

  • STF YVR says:

    Finally a balanced review … Thx

  • Marcus James says:

    The problem that I keep seeing is that there's an awful lot of people who think that because they're not going to use a feature or because they don't like said feature, that it either shouldn't be in the game, or they won't make the purchase. It's a shame that those people are a lot more common nowadays. I don't intend on spending much if any extra money on Breakpoint. But that doesn't mean that I have any right to claim that because I personally am not going to do it, that it should be removed from the game. I'm dead certain that there are people who will happily spend money to skip the grind and progression, and there's nothing wrong with that. Far too many reviewers are claiming that there shouldn't be these shortcuts because they themselves aren't going to use them. All of this level of pay-store stuff was in Wildlands, which a lot of these same reviewers had no issue with.

    It's not like it's pay2win in Breakpoint. Everything that actually affects gameplay can be found in the game itself, so it's a non-issue. Even in PVP, it's a non-issue because all of this can be found/acquired in-game right from the get-go and rarity/gear-score makes no difference in PVP anyway.

    Is the game quirky? Sure. Glitchy and buggy? Sure is. But at the end of it all, is it fun? For me, and for many others, it absolutely is.

    There's a lot of misinformation about Breakpoint out there. I saw videos from well-known streamers claiming that the food and water system in the game is a "hunger and hydration system to force survival mechanics" where if you don't eat or drink, you die, which is a lie about the game and turning people off this game because of it. End of the day, the big question is: Do Ubisoft deserve money for this game? The answer, despite what a lot of SJW and hyper-critical reviewers would have people believe through lies and propaganda, is yes.

    It's a blast to play on the harder difficulties with mission guidance and enemy map clouds both turned off. Playing without any of this hand-holding (and the game tells you how to do all this within the first 20mins), is brutalizing and where it really shines. Limit that intel and you'll see that Breakpoint is a diamond in the rough and worth the price tag. On easy or normal, its a cakewalk. Go into settings and under gameplay and HUD, turn off all of that and see what I mean for yourselves.
    You're welcome.

  • Eldron 2000 says:

    i really loved beta but i guess ill wait some more till ai gets improved

  • Harry Sarle says:

    I agree with you. The game is fun but not worth $60. Very buggy and unpolished.

  • Kaybs Gaming says:

    90 hours in, and still having fun. Definitely some issues and bugs that shouldn't be there, but despite those, I'm all in.

  • Redpillian says:

    I think even the game characters are at breaking point. I feel sorry for them.

  • VM Hosen says:

    It's a mess at it's "breakpoint" 😬

  • TetraRage says:

    There’s just too much to do. Yes you could just do the main and side missions, faction missions etc but all the tiny places to visit for loot is just ridiculous. The game is overloaded and I’m sick of upgrading a new weapon then killing the enemy 2 seconds later and finding better weapon to upgrade and so on

  • pejantan merana says:

    Does it have bullet physic? Considering I too like to play as a sniper

  • Jon K says:

    There’s a lot more to this game than just killing people. Right now I’m on a treasure hunt with a decipher key, treasure map and a tablet. Good Luck. You won’t be getting my secrets..lol.

  • Richard van Tricht says:

    I am having great fun with it.

  • KobisTV says:

    looks like TCGR Wildlands. Don't waste your money guys

  • Dan The Man says:

    Great review.

    I just can't get over how low the xbox one graphic details are. This game looks terrible compared to Wildlands on this console.

  • Jack Stoutamore says:

    Breath of the Wild: Am I a joke to you?

  • TweezerShred says:

    Can you turn off the survival elements in this? I just want to explore without worrying about water ect

  • Think Outside The Prison says:

    The gear score is for raids.
    You say the drone gives too much Intel. Then don't use the drone.
    Sniping is boring? Then go in assault class.
    The ai is too stupid? Try the game on extreme difficulty with no hud and come back to me.
    I'm loving this game after 60 hours in.

  • xMentor mentor says:

    DO NOT BUY this game is built solely around microtransactions. It's a cash grab for sheeple

  • Nik's Sofa says:

    I find it hilarious that you describe people who are into military fashion as vulnerable. Its perfect irony and in addition to that probably true too 🙂

  • Jason Beard says:

    Thanks for being professional by addressing that game's issues without trashing it into oblivion.

  • John Evans says:

    finally a balanced review. All anyone had done is shit all over this game, but I actually like it, so it can't be that horrible.

  • MouseAndShiraz says:

    "I am the lone survivor! Who are these other ghosts?!"

    … the quest to find Erewhon is literally called "Reach the other surviving Ghosts."

    And then you literally meet three surviving NPC ghosts while you are there.

    Then you tell Mads that 'almost half of my ghosts are dead.' The game tells you earlier on that you were in a group of 32 ghosts so 'almost half' is 17 surviving ghosts minimum.

    And then you find Hill, another surviving ghost.

    The game repeatedly tells you that you weren't the sole survivor.

    Btw a "chalk" is a term for a squad contained in a single aircraft. So when the guy says 'we are the only survivors of our chalk' he means everyone else in their helicopter died. Not… literally all the other ghosts.

    I'd say that maybe the game should be more explicit about that fact but considering how many times this 'the game told me I'm alone!!!' claim I keep seeing pop up is contradicted, I'm starting to think they would need a bullhorn and party streamers.

    Maybe this stuff was more obvious to me because I played the starting stuff multiple times, I dunno.

    I like your videos but I was already annoyed at some hobby YouTube reviewers saying the exact same demonstrably incorrect thing, so I'm a wee bit disappointed.

  • Aname Goeshere says:

    12:49 XD
    "visual detection"
    Machine gunner stares into the void ahead of him.

  • triggles says:

    I played in the betas and wasn't massively impressed, tbh. If it had just been more wildlands I'd have been fine with it, but the betas only gave quite limited amounts of the story – is it any good? I actually liked the wildlands story/setting/flavour and breakpoint's initial impression felt too much like a generic rogue military people take over the island thing (with added smooshed together mega-rich-billionaire (bezos, musk)). Wildlands it at least felt like something a spec-ops force would be sent to do (regime change, war on drugs, hearts and minds etc.).

    Without the story to explore I was just left looking at the rubbish gear levelling (because, you know, M16s come in different levels…) and the bizarre "you're the only survivor apart from all these other people running around this annoying hub area who are also somehow you…"

    I am getting a bit tired of ubisoft basically turning all their franchises into pretty much the same game, though.

  • Anthony Rowe says:

    Spot on review by someone who can actually play the game

  • Reece says:

    This is the fairest non hate filled review I’ve seen of this game. If they can work out the main problems as highlighted here it could be an amazing game. The atmosphere at times can be incredible and clearly people have put love into making it. People used to be more sympathetic to imperfect games and I think the sheer scope of this game deserves more credit.

  • Funky Reaper says:

    Breakpoint is the best game out this year

  • After Burner says:

    I have spent 39 hours playing the game and must say the game is ok makes me wonder about all the other negative reviews out their peace out

  • Florent Abraham says:

    Well thx for review, but the boycott as to be made on this game. I don't want a shop in my full price game

  • Jaces says:

    Well, i like this game. I played wildlands. Alot. I played Devision 1. Alot. This game is imo a mix of them. I just hope they dont screw up with the dlc's like they did with Wildlands. Nitro-monstertrucks was bad, but when they reset the game in year 2 after i just got to Tier 1 was the stupidest thing ever…

  • Dan Badd says:

    What is this? An objective review by someone who played the game?? :O :O The game has faults and unwelcome mechanics but it is still pretty darn fun.

  • DetMiko says:

    Just want to clarify regarding the helmet-baseball cap thing that you mentioned. It is a tiered loot system, all equipment type will have their own respective type per gear score. If you find a baseball cap that have a higher score than a helmet meaning the helmet is outdated in terms of GS. you will find it's counterpart somewhere else in the world which having the same gear score as your baseball cap.

  • Dan Howdle says:

    This is the first balanced take on this game I've seen. There's one hell of a good game in there that I'm having one hell of a good time with. Yes there are issues, but the furore bandwagoning is totally distorting the true picture of this game. It's great. With caveats. And I think if more people played it with an open mind instead of mindlessly repeating what they've heard from others they will almost certainly enjoy it too.

  • Tru Gaming says:

    And here comes the damage control pr. I wonder how many others will join in to stay on the good side of publishers.

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