Ghost Recon Breakpoint | Squad Gameplay – Looting an Enemy Base at Night

Welcome to mikegolden Games and welcome
back to another episode of Ghost Recon Breakpoint this episode we’re going
after an ammo Depot we’re joined once again by lucid Phoenix also known as
Uncle Lucy let’s head over there this will be a high speed no reconnaissance
ready oh that’s a little deep Anna killed it that’s why I didn’t go to the
water oh whoops keep my thermal on oh that is sick that’s alright where’s your Indian
sneaky in bike all right final grab it we’re not too far from the location
excuse me sir excuse me need to take this coming during all of this all right
let’s try that again okay let’s get over here so we got this ammo Depot just
gonna tear it up 200 meters away we got a bridge so we can actually use that let’s get the headlights on okay yikes
here we go get the headlights off go a little stuffy all right we’re coming up on the
location now drop the bike right off here there I’m going to scout it out
with my drone oh do you want to scan one after the high speed no reconnaissance
high speed no constants make sense to me oh whoa whoa whoa we got two guys on the
town right there that’s our yeah all right we get a weapon crate in there I
go you guys in the courtyard towers though we got two guys on the helipad
with the helicopter all right let’s throw it out get another
guys there see anybody on the catwalk doesn’t look like it oh we got one guy
too good a heavy guy looks like oh we got an officer we can capture him for
Intel I’m gonna move around to the right and get that officer I hope you guys do
enjoy this episode if you do Susie hit that like button let me know what you
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if you haven’t already let’s get the drone up here because I look what is it
all right you are you see those see the people under under where your growl no
all right right in between you and me yeah
put your journal right in between you yeah oh yeah okay so there is your
bunker entrance there yeah yeah yeah I see it I see it but you’ll see all those
people that are highlighted with their underground right we’ll have to go there
but there is an officer over closer to my location you see these guys we will
move in and take out the commander let’s get thermals on up stuff like okay he’s down gonna go
grab the commander alright listen come here buddy
got him Oh sees me moving inside the bunker
alright crashed that’s not good like a moon shield nope I’m good I’m good I’m
gonna interrogate him now come on tear Gator here we go there’s a guy trying to
get away right now you see him good shot good shot that shot at somebody
reloading I’m using it as a meat shield now this is depth oh we got a mini
gunner this guys getting shot up in a drone out
there – got it maybe you did like this ok I’m gonna
knock this guy out he’s not doing too much for me
oh shoot Oh Danger Close he got a mortar somewhere it’s running around go left
moving up from zero to boys without alright moving up over by you got the
turret see got him out get my thermals on let’s see if that helps at all oh I
see the minigun that shot that didn’t get him got him I’m trying to get a visual on him Oh got
the minigun turkeys down chump it down officer I got the other guy nice I’m
gonna go yikes Danger Close six-hour nice gg7 okay we get another blue weapon up there well it’s clear the banks will you turn
down I’m going up to the tower see if I can get a good vantage point night
vision on about that no more more let’s see I can’t tell what that is
enjoy down drop out we going underground alright let’s move whoa whoa we’re just
still up yeah they’re not gonna shoot me when I’m
underground oh this is a villian in here what a door
like in love wait this is an empty room really okay it’s a little disappointing
other apparently they’re kind of all spread around oh shoot I got an injury
then try to patch myself up oh no he sees thing he sees me move move
move move mortar oh I’m getting inside the bunker to kill myself oh just lost
power inside the bunker sabotage the power spot okay got the guy on top of
the tower with the rocket look we might be clear actually my map up looks like
we might be clear let’s see until nice okay there’s another bunker here with a
weapons crate that blue one no not that one
I’m on the opposite side hands that blue one is on the helipad a blueprint for mg
121 let’s go grab it since the blueprint Hey it did not show
me what I picked up he said it was a blooper with mg1
1:21 yet all right see Hey oh nice to recount a one sniper I figured out how
to get in the tower let’s see this is a different tower than the one I was
trying to get into but I might be on the ground level like this one all right so
we do some stuff up here good a sworn I came up there already
didn’t go up all the way okay did not mean to take well we did have the two
snipers up here that would kill ya climbing up this crab ah they got a
green in a blue blue gloves 88 I’ll equip those in a second I would see you
know I got purple on now but it’s a higher skill drink so that that sniper I
suppose I could oh that’s less than my sniper now okay
we’re good down okay let’s get out of the tower and get
another chest here your side villas coming all right
ooh a new p90 nice levels higher put that let me get my suppressor back on
the triple laser sight and that one should be good nice there’s one more
chest that I didn’t get here we go now it looks like there’s another chest tube
this one had two thousand credits in it and the one you’re at where is it let me
get in the tower come on okay get through here we go and let’s get to the top of the tower
and let’s see what we got we have new boots break 91 nice let’s get those
equipped Oakley light assault nice new pistol that’s higher we’ll get that
equipped okay so I’m good on weapons don’t pick
them up yeah pick them up so you jump yep all right cuz I’m gonna leave this
episode here it was a pretty quick one I hope you guys enjoyed it seriously let
me know in the comments below do like these shorter episodes are like 10 12
minutes long or do you like the longer 2025 minute episodes let me know down in
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mat that way still defined what the videos do go up take it easy guess some
innovative inhibitor all right

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