Ghost Recon Breakpoint – The Pledge Live Action Trailer

I pledged allegiance to the flag of the once United States of America to the Republic for which it claim to stand [Music] but we’ve become a nation under God forsaken fools highly divisible liberated by lies justified like places moral high-ground it was built upon has already begun to a row the blood falling seeping in widening the cassock washing away the very land our men down [Music] now a house divided against itself cannot stand what good is a folded flag or a heart-shaped metal to a grieving family our nation has become indifferent to sacrifice apathetic to the ideal spot for fun where’s this day managed to pull an ad support we’re on our own the time has come for wolves to lay claim to this land the betrayal we face gave us liver what are you doing here what just [Music] I’m a wolf now we wage war against this plague with fear and retribution for all [Music] you

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