Google BERT | 5 Steps To Optimize For Google Bert Algorithm Update 2019

welcome to my channel my name is Simon
Elkjær and today we are going to talk about Google purchased a new algorithm update
from Google Google Bert is the new algorithm update from October 25th of
2019 and if you haven’t already I will invite you to subscribe to my channel
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to hear something from you have you ever been punished by a Google algorithm
update leave a comment below and let me hear what happened another announcement
from Google this week is they’re dropping flash and stopping indexing .swf
files so flash will no longer be in the search engines back on topic Google just
recently launched the first officially named algorithm update since the Google
penguin update in 2016 and I for one is very excited for this update according
to Google the BERT update is about understanding the context of the content
this simply means that they are getting better at understanding what your
content is about and not just the keyword mentioned in your content for
all of you trying to manipulate Google by keyword stuffing your content look
out because this is not what Google want for you to do by the looks of it it is
Google’s mission to provide the best results possible for the users and not
just the best SEO optimized page Google promises this is the biggest update
since rankbrain was introduced in 2015 in short rankbrain
works as an AI gathering information about how users interact with the search
page results if users tend to bounce on the position number one and quickly go
to position number two and then stay there then Google might actually end up
changing the rankings for position number one and number two according to
the user behavior and now this google BERT
update will help Google understand what the content is all about for instance
there’s a difference between a river bank and a bank account and another
example provided by the search engine journal the phrase how to catch a cow
fishing in New England the word cow and this context means a striped bass a
species of fish the Google bird stands for bi-directional encoder
representation from transformers while this has nothing to do with Bumblebee
and Optimus Prime I want you to remember the word bi-directional Google does not
only analyze words and sentences but they analyze your content in a
multi-layered fashion on on the blog AI dot Googleblog.com google explains how
BERT can detect if the next sentence makes sense in the context and following
the latest sentence or if it’s just gibberish so for all of you who are
trying to succeed by creating great content this update is a gift for you
for a long time I have actually been dreaming about a time where link
building matters much less than great content I am sure that Google will
continue along this path going forward content needs to be victorious this is
the only way that Google can combat SEO hacks trying to manipulate the search
engine I am so much sure of this that I actually wrote a book on it I wrote it
in Danish I’m so sorry have you felt the effect of the Google bird update leave a
comment below on to new blog projects that I own the effect was spectacular
these blogs are only a few months old and the focus has been solely on great
content and not on link building and I am betting that this pays off in the
long run so or what does this mean to you all of this algorithm magic to
understand sentences and context help those who create great content I think
that Google is implementing this because more and more users are searching via
voice studies say that text search is concentrated around one to three words
whereas speech searches goes up to six seven and even ten word long tail
searches and some points in future development Google BERT will probably
also be better to determine if something is written better and if information is
more accurate this might even be the case already and now how to optimize
content for Google Bert to quote Google there is nothing to
optimize for pet but Google has been saying that for the last couple of core
updates so as with almost every comment from Google I assumed it’s this is only
the half truth because there’s always something to optimize especially for all
of you who are trying to do short term SEO hacks and looking for quick fixes here
is my five tips to optimize for the future of Google number one make content
great again content has always been the king in my mind but there’s different
opinions on this topic if you ask Neil Patel one of the most famous marketers
in the world the content promotion is king
which means link building and outreach I don’t disagree that link building is
important I actually think it’s very important still especially if you
operate in a tiny market like my agency does Denmark has around four five point
eight million people and fifty-two percent of those are between 20 and 60
years old so this is about three million people there’s about four five hundred
times as many people speaking English according to my recent Google search
only a few percentage of a few percentage of these three million people
on the website and only a few percentage of these people might be in same niche
as you so there is a tiny chance of getting organic links if you operate in
a market like Denmark it’s just not enough to rank but if you do write in
some of the bigger languages like English or Spanish and you could be
better off actually just creating next-level content and hang on in the
following steps I’ll explain to you how to create content that Google air
the users will love step to stay on the topic take the red pill go down the
rabbit hole take the plunge see it through yeah I don’t know any more
references but you might get it make the binge read your content I’ll provide you
an example of what you need to do imagine that you are creating a blog
post called Is it better to walk or to run if you want to lose weight in this post you
arrive at the conclusion that it’s better to walk than to run because an
average none athlete is able to work for a longer period of time and most people
are able to walk for hours each day whereas running every day for hours at
the time seems like an impossible feat for ordinary people
now you could end the blog post at this point you could also be making a new
heading saying how much do I need to walk to lose weight did you see what I
did there the reader just got told that it’s better to walk than to run why not
keep them just for a little longer and tell them how long they need to walk
each day the section you might conclude that the study says that averaging
10,000 steps a day is healthy and walking more than 10,000 steps a day
would be grateful losing weight and now you couldn’t the post at this point
third you could also make another heading saying how far is 10,000 steps
and in this part of the article you go into saying that for an average adult
male 10,000 steps is xx miles and for an average female and for kids
elderly people how long it is this is a nice place for you to enhance your post
with data table or some graphics but we’ll get into this later on so now
you’re ready to end the post or are you you could also make a heading slide how
long does it take to walk 10,000 steps you’d stay how to walk correctly and
prevent injuries from daily walking how to burn more calories while walking how
to kill time walking talking about podcasts and so on which use abyss for
walking and so on and so on there’s just one very important thing to remember
when you do this you have to stay on topic
do not wander about talking about smoothie sleep patterns
and other stuff according to Google’s own blog BERT knows if you stray too far
away from the topic so this means that you can’t just write a related content
to make the content longer you may need to make it one big article on one
subject make it so that if someone lands on your article no questions is left
behind for that exact topic go in depth go all in the days where 300 blog post
on one topic ranks is long past so combined with Google’s new understanding
of the context the advice for the Yoast SEO plug-in if you use WordPress is more
useless than it has ever been it might even be considered dangerous if you
follow these advice blindly my tip number three is include better sources
okay so this part is not actually a
Google BERT update but it’s for the last if you google core update so I’ll just
go through it quickly when you ever you make a claim in your content make sure
to link to authoritative sources this means that if you talk about the opening
hours for in Disneyland or Legoland or something then you link to Disneyland’s
own website and not another player content and it means if I go about
quoting numbers and statistics from the population in Denmark that I just did in
this video I’ll link to the official called
a Danish statistics which is a government side and not the Wikipedia or
another blog post if you link to other bloggers this makes you a thirty year or
even a fourth or fifth year information instead of a second-tier information or
even better first tier information if you have the resources to conduct your
own research number four is to add unique content enhancements as birth at
this design to read the text bi-directional backwards forwards maybe
upwards and downwards I’m betting that tables of data at bullets and other
content enhancement just got a much-deserved boost so it has a little
story time back in 2012 I was a Travel Guide just for one summer I had been
working in the web and marketing industry for some time and I needed just
to mix it up before being able to work as a travel guide at into something
called Travel Guide school at point we learned something called DLX
it’s short for something in Danish that translates roughly to a little something
extra but let’s just call DL X because it sounds better it is basically about
about going above and beyond for the customer I took this apart and I think
about it more and more because this is everything in business as a consulting
agency I teach my trainees and the consultants to go that extra mile to do
something extra for the client that they are not expecting or at least try to and
back on topic DLX then the same mindset can be used for content creation as well
if you think about my example about the average mile walks in 10,000 steps by
age this could easily be a table of data it’s instead of just written words or a
bullet list a data table it’s just thousands times easier to consume and
understand on my travel blog link below I compare some travel portals and here
is what it looks like it is quick and easy to see my comparison between the
websites but there is one drawback with these data tables they are not
responsible that which means they don’t work very well on small smartphones but
if you keep it to a three or maximum four columns it can be a great user
experience other ways to make DLX for your constant could be to add your own
images if especially if you’re to a step-by-step guide then your own images
maybe with some text on it would be great and you could do your own original
research if you have the resource to do that you can add bullet lists
infographics and videos is also great and then one thing that I think is
vastly underutilized is if you record the whole article as an audio file and
then let your visitors listen to it rather than just reading it Multimedia
is a great way to serving different kinds of users at the same time some
people just love the possibility to scroll down a text and only grab but
they think is relevant and other people’s like the audio because they can
do something else while listening and some people would prefer video or a lot
of imagery to go along with the text I will just say for in my experience that
audio requires maybe 1% of this time that it requires to make a video
and it doesn’t matter if you’re a camera shy person sorry for the sidetrack Bert
it does not listen to your audio files at least as far as I know but enhancing
your blog with a data and unique ways of presenting content is always great
Google rankbrain monitors how long you stay on the side so why not go
all-in my last tip my tip number 5 is become
the number one resource on topic this might be the hardest part for me to
describe because I haven’t really found the formula for this yet whenever my
consultants teams ask me how long should opposed be how many images etc my answer
is always the same you need to be better than the top ten results in Google and
not just better maybe even 10 times or 20 times better if you just make it 10
percent better and you’re lucky to land on the first page of Google then you’re
competitive just up the game and then you’ll go back and forth in optimizing
your landing page instead try to think about becoming the Internet’s number one
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