grown-ish Season 2, Episode 20 | Zoey Takes A Job With Joey Bada$$ | Freeform

Hi. Sorry. Styling Experience, what’s up? Uh, okay. This is gonna seem a little random. But if it’s not too late, I would like to take you up on your job offer. Why the sudden change of heart? Well … Okay. Just to be completely honest, uh, I kinda panicked in the moment. I was a little worried that if I took it, I’d be stealing my boyfriend’s dream job. Honestly, the job was never your boy’s to have. I mean, you know, he was cool. But he just seemed a little too cool. Unlike you, who just kinda puts it all out there — not caring how it makes you look. Yup. That’s me. So … the job’s still mine? Sure. If you still want it. Yes! I do. I do. Bet. It’s yours. Well, technically I did give Luca the last vegan slider. So, he should be fine with this. Right?

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  • Freeform says:

    Do you think Luca will be okay with this? Tell us in the comments!

  • Basically Jaela says:

    The end of zuca 😭😫

  • Yoshi_Truth says:

    I'm glad she took the job!

  • asherlee Downer says:

    No he be so mad about this we know how luca

  • Black Santa says:

    Joey said it perfectly. “He’s cool but he’s too cool.” It’s good to be laid back and chill but it’s another thing to be nonchalant. Employers look at that and they will be hesitant to hire you if that’s your attitude.

  • James Kasek says:

    The writers better not end zuca and throw Aaron back with zoey

  • J walk says:

    I'm so happy for her

  • Keundra Childs says:

    Yeah, Joey Bada$$ has a point though. Luca is too laid back and nonchalant and that's okay sometimes, but that's not really a good look if you are trying to get a job or want to work with someone. I don't want this to be the end of Zuca because I really ❤❤❤❤ them as a couple, but it seems like it is!!!! 😔😔😔😔😔😔

  • c sh says:

    Man, poor luca.
    Once again, zoey is showing all the traits straight men should avoid at all cost.

  • KING CJ says:

    In my opinion zoey has sacrificed to much for luca. Normally i like luca and zoey but zoey and Aaron seem better. They could do so much good for each other.

  • Sanie Bardic says:

    Zoey should try dating other guys instead of the back and forth thing between Luca and Aaron. If Aaron confesses and says "I love you Zoey" than it'd be awkward knowing that Aaron has been with other girls. Luca on the other hand is just very go with the flow and kinda hard to read emotionally. In my opinion Zoey needs to do her own thing without feeling guilty for it. Maybe bring new guys into the picture cause I'm not feeling it with Luca or Aaron.

  • Shirlene Bakari says:

    Why is my mind telling me that Joey kinda likes Zoey…you know she has that reputation after all

  • Da’Nica Starr says:

    Yesssss Zoey! I’m glad she took the job. Just the last episode she was struggling with getting into the school of fashion. And it’ll show her parents that she been working her butt off since they cut her off

  • The Next Ruler says:

    Not really sure why she with Luca he seems to be a bit of a lame trying to hard to be laid back and different. And if not happy for her then drop him. You should never be jealous of anyone. Let alone someone you love doing better.

  • Shay Beauty says:

    A real man support his woman. So drop him if hes not okay.

  • Zitho Majozi says:

    OMG Zoey listen to Joey 🙄 the job was not Luca's in the first place plus this is just his karma for your internship

  • Alexandra Hoffman says:

    I think that Luca was a good choice when she made it. I think that she has learned a lot from the relationship: how to be patient, how to calm down a little, and how to be supportive without giving up yourself. With that said I would like to see her keep moving forward and if the relationship ends it ends. She can find another great guy who will continue to help her grow as a person in different ways which will also be good. However, I don't see the next person being Aaron. I don't think their personalities suit each other. They are both great separately but I just think he wouldn't push her and help her grow and she won't call him on his B.S. (and he sprews a lot of b.s.). I just think Zoey should be single for a bit and maybe find a new man.

    Full disclosure: I am a Aaron and Ana fan so I am a little biased.

  • Monz Harewood says:

    Of course he's going to be upset … Tension between them will be thicker than Serena William's thighs … #LoveYouSerena

  • Michely Alba says:

    I love it when she says “right?” when she’s not sure if it’s right or not lol

  • Mama Jen says:

    Yes Girl TEAM AARON I love Luca but he’s too nonchalant for Zoey , he acts like he doesn’t care most of the time

  • its.common .sense says:

    I feel like he go be her next bf

  • HOPeLITTT says:

    Well I’m glad she took the job,Luca has had his shine already so…

  • JOHN DOE says:

    Joey BaddAss, where you going Joey BaddAss. Where you going, where you going… I loved it!!!!!!
    That seals the deal at the end of the show. I hope they continue to allow Trevor to do his thing at the end of the show. It makes me laugh and it adds salt to the already flavorful show!!!
    Great job Kenya….!

  • kissit012 says:

    Stop playing and release the Sky+Jr/Jazz+Doug clips

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