grown-ish Season 3, Episode 2 | Nomi Is Keeping Her Baby | Freeform

We’re having a house baby! We’re hugging. Yay! Yeah. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Now, obviously having a baby in college is, like, a very complicated situation. Um. Then, you know, I just have to ask the hard question. Why didn’t you uncomplicate the situation? Because she decided to do the brave and moral thing, and keep it. I knew you’d come to my side. You’re gonna love Jesus. Okay. Slow up, Ana Coulter. Still pro-choice. Just chose what was right for me.

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  • DARLEEN Mupfanochiya says:

    I thought Zoe was pregnant

  • magdalene hammond says:

    She's only been with women. How did she end up pregnant

  • ostin biosah says:

    Zoe was annoying in this episode

  • Aalayah Fleming says:


  • Ty Marie says:

    I love zoey but she was annoying in this episode and my jaws when down when Luca had another girl with him but whatever hopefully Aaron and zoey can happen🥺


  • Eli Jean-Baptiste says:

    I really have to give to Zoey's friends for sticking around for her this long with the crap she has put them through in most of these seasons. This episode tries to focus more on Zoey trying not to be judgmental but the scene in the bar showed me it is her not being judgmental. Zoey is being more insecure about her relationship with Nomi as a friend when Nomi chose confide a big change in her life to someone who is not as close of a friend to Nomi. To make it worse, Luka being Zoey's ex is what really got Zoey "shook" too. I know Luka is Zoey's ex but that doesn't forbid Nomi from just having a private conversation with him so. No one in show wants to check Zoey on being super insecure. It amazes me that she still acts like this even though she knows that her being this insecure is what gets into hot water with everyone around her.

  • jfassettx123 says:

    Well I kinda wanted it to be Sky since she's doing a movie and can be taken off of like several episodes at a time but this works too.

  • nicolepragasam32674 says:

    How this happen

  • strange videos says:

    Blackish is a fantasy show the only Jewish white girl around 3 black chicks and Latina and she's the os pregnant in college,nice try 😂😂😂

  • Sae E says:

    How is keeping a bastard child brave and moral? Lmao pro-life mofos say anything.

  • Nora Peace says:

    Man.. she had that damn baby for the same reason a cousin of mine did, “so someone could love me unconditionally” 🙄😒 so sad

  • Tochi Chikwendu says:

    "Ur gonna love jesus" ANNA 😂😂

  • Lorenzo Nelson says:

    I guess people don’t understand what BISEXUAL means. She likes girls AND guys. I understand its hard concept to wrap some of your simple minds around but its 2020.

  • Basically Ely says:

    am i the only one who is happy that she is pregnant instead of zoey, ana, jaz, or sky?

  • lamoskgr Moskow says:

    Well, we always knew that she would end up getting knocked up at some point. I just didn't expect for her to keep the baby. She's a nutcase

  • TheRealFunsize 21 says:

    Aww Nomi is Pregnant

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