grown-ish Season 3, Episode 7 | Sneak Peek: Tiki Torches vs Liberal Tears | Freeform

Sorry about that, guys. Got held up on a call.
I’m trying to balance everything out for the Dean. He’s away on Bill Bellamy’s first and
last annual Black Business Ski Cruise. So, things have been a little crazy. No problem at all. Thank you for helping us out. So, you guys are trying to rent the Sugland Auditorium? Yeah. Right. Okay. Per protocol, I need to know what it’s for. Of course. So as you know, our
campus leans a little bit left. So, we booked a guest speaker who leans a little
bit right to give the students a different perspective. Everyone’s super excited and it’s all thanks to Ana. Oh. No, I can’t take all the credit for that. I mean, clearly you’re the one that laid the foundation. Yeah, but you booked the speaker. But she was your idea. Fine. Let’s just say it’s a collabo. Got it. Republican pep rally inside the auditorium. Cool. Uh, we’ll just have to make sure that our sprinklers
are high-functioning for all those tiki torches. Oh, don’t worry. There are enough liberal
tears on this campus to put out any fires. Uh. Sorry, guys. I have to take
this. Are you good to finish up? Yeah, I got this. Okay. I’d say I appreciate your help, man. But I don’t. Tiki torches? Really? Relax. I’m just playing with you
and your little boyfriend, okay? I will try to push this through the best I
can. I’m a busy man. I have a desk now. Hey. Uh, one more time. The auditorium is for
you and your homeboy’s wedding reception? Make it happen, Madame Secretary. It’s Mr. Madame Secretary!

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