GTO V.2 for New 888 Software – 888 Layout [888 Mod]

Hello! In this video you’re going to see the GTO V.2 theme for the new 888 software 888 is one of the largest and oldest poker rooms in the world It was launched in 2002 as Pacific Poker Later, it was re-branded to 888 GTO V.2 is a minimalistic table theme, for those who like clean looking tables without any unnecessary visual distractions There’s no need to have some complicated 3D effects on the table The most important thing is to get the relevant information about the hand in progress, so you can start to think of the most optimal line to take In GTO V.2 for the new 888 software, you can choose between seven calm background colors You can see them all in this video. To change the felt colors, just right-click on the table and choose between the eight available colors You can change all the felt colors at once, or make every table have a different felt color You can choose between two decks of cards They both have suit colored base, but one deck has a big rank that fills almost the whole card This deck can be used for Hold’em games The other deck has a smaller rank on the top-left corner Which is for use in PLO tables, because you can’t see the full whole card in PLO But if you prefer, you can use it in Hold’em as well It also has seven card backs, so you can choose the one that is the best for the background and felt color you’ve chosen The GTO V.2 also has a final table background, which shows up when you make it to the final table of a tournament Action buttons are also included to make the theme complete The clean looking tables also help you stay sharp for longer – the less objects, colors and all kinds of unnecessary details there are on the tables, the less there is for your brain to process The more objects and other small details there are on the table, the more work your brain has to do, to process everything As a result, your brain gets tired faster But if you remove the unnecessary bells and whistles from the table, that don’t carry any useful information about the game, you then free up a lot of your brains processing power, which you can then use to make better decisions To find out more about the GTO V.2 for the new 888 software click on the link in the description To see how it looks in action with different backgrounds, felt colors, cards and card backs – keep watching the video If you want your 888 tables to look like this – click on the link in the description You can also find more themes for 888 and other sites on PokerTableThemes.eu

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