Honda Civic Replacement Remote Programming 2001 2005

Hello, Welcome to CarandTruckRemotes.com videos.
This video will show you how to program a remote for Honda.
This is a Honda Pilot, but these instructions also work on some Civic remotes, Accord, some
Element, as well as the Honda Odyssey. It’s very easy to do. You can do it by yourself.
If you lost a remote, or if you bought the vehicle used, you can buy the remote on our
website. They’re not very expensive, and you can actually program it by yourself. You
do not have to pay the dealer. So, here’s how you do that:
You get in the car. Make sure you have all your remotes and the key with you.
You UNLOCK all the doors; make sure all the doors are UNLOCKED.
Then you grab your key and put it in the ignition and switch it to the ON position. Then you
push the lock (or unlock) button on the remote. Then you turn the ignition OFF.
You turn the ignition ON again. Then you push the lock (or unlock) button on the remote.
Then you switch the ignition OFF. You switch the ignition ON again. Press lock
(or unlock) on the remote. You switch the ignition OFF.
You turn it ON again. You press lock (or unlock) on the remote. Now you heard the click. You
have to press lock button again, you heard the click again, that indicates the remote
programmed successfully. So you remove the key from the ignition and
let’s test the remote. (*Click *Click) OK, seems like it works just
fine. (*Click *Click) So, this is how you do that. Again, you can
buy those remotes on our website at www.CarandTruckRemotes.com You can also contact us about any questions
at CarandTruckRemotes.com. The phone number is 678-528-1700. And, please watch more of
our website or on our YouTube channel. Again, the website address is www.CarandTruckRemotes.com
. Thank you for watching.
Bye, Bye.

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