Honeywell SiXSIREN – Lyric Programming

everybody alarm club security here and
today we’re going to show you how to program a honeywell SiXSIREN in to
the honeywell lyric controller so the first thing that you’re going to want to
do is remove the vi siren from its manufacturers packaging and while doing
so make sure to keep everything in resellable condition wanted to make a
note of that there’s also an installation and programming guide in
there just to show you i’ve already put the batteries in there it’s pretty
self-explanatory and as far as realigning everything up what you’re
going to want to do is locate this little divot in here and as well as here
and once you have those in there that’s all you do is and lock it into place
what I’m going to do is get into programming by hitting security tools
default installer code which is four one one two you can skip this if you see
this screen select okay program this would still be programmed as a zone and
I’m going to go ahead and just target the first available zone we already
program to contact in here which we do have a video on so just highlight an
available zone I’m using three select edit the first thing you want to do is
hit serial number make sure the RF type is set to wireless siren you can open it
up open up the back and just hit the tamper button here which you will see
the front LED is activated so pretty soon it’s going to learn into the panel
the serial numbers there it is wireless siren like done all right you see the
serial numbers have been programmed in there correctly
so again just line up these markers here and simply click it into place by screen
in clockwise so description you can decide if you want to change the zone
description if you have multiple of these it’s very simple process device
type wireless siren alarm report yes supervise and hit save it’s as easy as
that you’ll see the system health check
features working where the battery life in the range of this device are good at
this point you can back out of programming and what you’re going to
want to do is before you completely mount this or install this sixsiren into
a wall you want to test it of course so what
we’re going to do is just go ahead and arm the system up arm stay and once this
goes through its arming process you can see that the red LED is also active so
we kind of know that they’re paired but I’m just going to show you an example of
when the actual alarm goes off I’m just going to trigger a contact alright
now the panel is completely armed so I’m simply going to take a contact here that
we already have programmed separate it from the magnet sorry you are shy and that’s how you
program a Honeywell sixsiren into the lyric controller make sure to subscribe
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