How Can Software Help With Schedule Management? – Presented on Light Board

One major misconception about online scheduling
is that using it means ‘I will lose control of my schedule.’ People think that trusting technology is like
handing over the keys to the kingdom to an outside entity. They’re afraid that instead of their internal
staff being able to make decisions, an ambiguous, cloud-based Artificial Intelligence will be
making decisions for them, ultimately locking up their schedule so they’re
unable do what they want. If this were true, this would definitely be
a reason to not use online scheduling. However, this couldn’t be farther from the
truth. In fact, online scheduling technology offers
tons of settings and preferences that allow you to govern your account exactly how you
want. This ability to fine-tune your software is
the key that truly unlocks the power of online scheduling technology. Not only do you stay in control, but you gain
access to capabilities that you’ve never had before. So when you use an online scheduler, make
sure that they have the settings for these five key features: Availability You get to decide when and where appointments
can be scheduled Services You can decide what services your customers
have access too, how much time these services will consume, and what resources offer what
services Customer Self-Scheduling You decide which of your customers or clients
can schedule through your website Future Appointments How far in advance do you want your customers
to be able to schedule? Do you want then to see a full calendar year
at a time, or do you want to limit them to a month, or only a week at a time? Same Day Appointments If your business operates this way, and somebody’s
on your website right now, let’s make sure we can get them scheduled for an appointment
today. There are plenty of other features that will
make your life easier, but these five features will make sure that you stay in control of your
schedule. So when you’re shopping for a software, make
sure you can check all of these off the list before you buy. We hope the information in this video was helpful. If you want access to even more videos like this, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking the on-screen link now.

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