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hi guys welcome back to my channel welcome back to my favorite sweater we know I go through phases with sweaters tonight it is Sunday night Sean is actually taking a nap we had a really long lunch and you can probably hear pumpkin she is attacking my new slippers right now but I thought I would sit down and film for you guys a little video chatting through how I choose fitness programs and before I jump into this video guys like videos on fitness and this style of video please consider subscribing to my channel it really helps me out so I do fitness programs basically exclusively like as the way that I work out and I always get questions about like what is the best program ok you just want the slipper don't ya so the answer to that question is dependent on so many different factors so I thought it might be helpful for some of you guys if I just chatham through exactly how I go about choosing the right program for me so the first thing that I do when I am starting a new program or about to start a new program is I ask myself what do I want to achieve so do I want to achieve fat loss do I want to build muscle do I want to just get comfortable with a different type of workout so you have to have like your big goal in mind and this goes for beginners even like even if you guys don't have a specific goal yet but you just want to get comfortable like I don't know going to the gym frequently we're getting like exercise into your routine like that's still a goal that's still something that you're trying to achieve so that would still be like the overarching theme and then the next thing that I ask myself is what type of exercise do I like so for me I really only like weightlifting I also don't mind like cardio hit but I like that in a class so like if I really want a sweaty hit workout all booked myself into a Barry's boot camp I just know I'm not gonna give myself the best workout if I'm trying to do that myself if you guys are complete beginners and you don't know really what type of exercise you like do you would like a couple free trials maybe so a lot of fitness programs like that influencers have or like apps stuff like that they'll give you a week free so try different ones like try caleb BBG cuz that is just like hit try that for a week see if you enjoy those workouts and then the next week try you know like a weightlifting program or something and just try them out and see which ones you feel best doing or honestly just do a program like if you guys don't want to go through the hassle of like trying to hurt ones and you're like you know what I would just rather have one program that I'm starting with then yeah that's what I did I didn't like do a bunch of free trials I just started off with one program I started with Caleb BBG stronger which is more like hit based but it does have like a little bit of like weights in it so I did that and I did enjoy it but then once I started moving on to like primarily weights based programs I realized that is the type of exercise that I love and I would never go back so it really is just trial and error there's also programs that are more like intuitive like Sarah's Day for example know that she is a program where she basically tells you each day to move your body but just in a way that feels good for you like some of the days I think are structured where she'll do like a sweaty like hit workout or something like that that you can do at home but for the other days it's like go for a walk if you feel like it or you know do yoga if you feel like it or something like that so if that's more your vibe then definitely look for programs or more like that so once I've established like what I'm trying to achieve and I know the type of program that I want to do then I start to think about who I follow so I follow a lot of fitness influencers and personal trainers because obviously I'm very interested in Fitness I love fitness I'm not a personal trainer by the way I sorry I forgot to disclaim that I usually just name at the beginning of all my fitness videos I am NOT a fitness professional obviously consult a professional if you have you know serious questions or you need guidance and stuff like that this is just like my own experience so I start to think about the ones that like stand out in my mind who post workouts that are similar to what I am like looking for or who maybe have like a philosophy that I back I don't like to follow people that are just about like getting skinny and stuff like that I've actually have followed a lot of fitness influencers that I used to follow and I used to believe in but I just don't think their messaging is right oh my god she is attacking I'll kind of go through them on Instagram I'll write them down and I'll see if they have anything online so sometimes they'll have like a YouTube channel for example if they have a channel where they'll show you their workout or if people have done reviews of their programs and then I'll try and like check those up that's why whenever I do a program like a full review I usually try and add in workouts in the videos for you guys so you can see what you know a leg day looks like or an upper body day looks like or something like that and then I'll assess if I like the structure so what that means is just from like my own experience you know working out for however long I've been working out for and doing programs consistently for the last like year and a half I know what works now for myself so I know I don't like programs where every day you're doing full body so I like my workouts to be isolated so lower body and upper body or like me there can be one full body day thrown in there but I don't like the whole week to be full body I also know that I don't want a program that's gonna have anything less than four days we post weights based programs we'll still have a cardio component to them so I know for me like if a program has let's say a 45 minute weights workout and then like a 20 minute hit circuit after that I'm probably not gonna do that it's re good um or at least as long as it's not every day I have stopped doing theirs I think there's two try thing if there's two or three programs that I've started that I've just not finished because the structure wasn't right for me for me I look for programs that have a split so they're not full body they either have like you know the first day is like lower body day and then upper body day in the lower body day and then upper body day and maybe we'll have like one full body day in the mix also programs that are primarily weights and aren't going to be at like an hour and a half and then last thing that I look at with the programs is is it gonna fit my lifestyle it's like I don't have an hour and a half six days a week to be at the gym I usually look for programs that have four to five days a week and the workouts are like you know an hour another thing to think about is when you work out so which like what time in the day you guys work out and what you have to do and after so a big part of the reason why like hit programs don't work for me and why having you know I hit work out I guess at the end of a lifting session it doesn't work for me is because there's probably like at least twice a week maybe when I have after work events just because of the industry that I work in and also because of like my own social media so I'll be you know what like brand events and stuff like that meaning I don't get home too late so I can't work out before work a couple times a week so I'll go on lunch and I don't have time to shower after my workouts if I'm working out on lunch so I can't get like deathly sweaty so that's another thing to think about is if you guys are gonna start a program you know like when do you work out and is that gonna work for your like entire lifestyle your schedule when you're working out and that kind of stuff but in general guys I would say like most programs are five to six days a week and they're like that because that's how you're gonna get results and you know everybody says you have to put in the work and you do so you're not gonna be able to just work out like two times a week and see the types of results that you're looking for at least within a program so programs are usually like eight weeks to 12 weeks so that's another thing to think about is what do you have coming up are you going on vacation in ten weeks so like a 12-week program doesn't work for you so you need something that's eight weeks or six weeks something like that you know Fitness is a commitment it's a big commitment so you do have to know that going in that if you're gonna do a program it's a waste of money and time if you don't do it right so try your best to stick to it the best you can you know there's no harm in missing a workout here there or you know having to cut your workout short and cutting off like an exercise here there something if you're running late but for the most part like if you commit to doing a program that is five days a week you know to get the results you have to go to the gym five days a week and if you guys still aren't sure you know just find a program that you've heard about a lot or that you know you think you'll like or whatever um and sign up for it like I said you'll get a free week anyway so you can actually see like all of the workouts before you start it anyways once you sign up it's not like you can only see like week one you can see the full program so you can see if it like really intensifies or if you think you're gonna like it for the most part most apps like Fitness apps that I've done you can choose if you're gonna pay quarterly or monthly or yearly so if you just pay monthly you can cancel you're on like a month-to-month so you can cancel so if you know you're doing it for a month and you're like you know what actually hate this program you can just cancel I've had that twice at least twice where I was doing it and I was really trying to push through and like honestly just by week three I was like I hate going to the gym and that's how you know if a program is not right for you is if you really dread going to the gym because once you're in a fitness group like it will take you a couple weeks but once you're in the groove you should actually like get not excited to go to the gym you shouldn't dread it anymore like it shouldn't feel as much like a chore just because you're in that rhythm your body is getting used to working out like that and it's gonna start to crave working out so if you're not feeling that way and you're like dreading you have like a pit and when you think about going to the gym what's the point like you need to be enjoying your workouts even if you don't enjoy every part of it like obviously there's tons of days when I don't want to go to the gym for the most part like most days I look forward to going to the gym and honestly like trying out a bunch of different fitness programs like your body is only gonna get better like you're still working out you know you're still working towards something you're still gonna see results in some way so you're only either gonna get like fitter or stronger or leaner whatever you're looking for like your body will change even if you end up you know quitting a program after four weeks or whatever and you're trying a bunch of different ones and they're not sticking you're not really enjoying them you're still exercising and you're still you know trying things and learning so there's no harm in that I hope that this video was slightly helpful for you guys leave any comments or questions down below that you have about anything I said and I will try and answer them for you gotta say goodbye the little pump yeah oh you're so sweet anyways guys I'm gonna be filming a lot of videos next week because Sean is actually gonna be in Singapore for work so I'm gonna have well I'm gonna have a lot of responsibilities with this little girl but I'm gonna have a lot of free time if you guys have any recommendations of videos that you guys want to see ulema know name these guys we will talk to you later bye oh you don't like this do you oh god okay

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