How to beat Facebook and YouTube algorithms – J.R Fisher

hey everybody JR Fisher here I got
remember look at the cameras over here so I want to share with you how to beat
Facebook’s and YouTube’s algorithm the thing that
does all the ranking for all your videos and your content and all that because
I’ve seen this time and time again where somebody’s doing really really well and
then Facebook or Google or YouTube changes their algorithm and all of a
sudden they’re not doing good you know they had it all figured out they knew
what to put in their videos they knew what to put in their SEO and and then
they came along and they changed the algorithm now the first off I want to
tell you before I tell you how to do this
this is something that anybody can do this is not something where you have to
be special this is not something where you’ve got to have programming knowledge
or you got a you know be on the latest cutting edge of what’s going on in the
world though all those things to help obviously but this is something anybody
can do and it’s probably something everybody wants to do because everybody
wants to come up in the searches everybody wants more views more likes
more shares all that stuff because that all really just equates to more money I
mean if we didn’t have to do all this content and all this would you do it you
know that’s kind of the question you got to ask yourself so first off I want to
ask you a question do you know what the purpose of publishing content is for you
know now a lot of people will say well sure the the purpose and publishing
content is so that I can get more people and if I get more people I get more
views if I get more views you know I can get my stuff in front of people and then
I can go sell them something and nothing could be further from the truth
if this is what you’re trying to do right now if you’re trying to just get
more views more shares more likes then you probably have not figured out how
these algorithms work now YouTube and Facebook actually have the same
algorithm all the time they may change how they go about it but the algorithm
goes like this they want to provide good useful content to the end user that’s it
I mean if you think about it if you were on YouTube and there were no good videos
nothing of any value there it was just all garbage would you go back what about
if you went onto Facebook and there were no
good groups you couldn’t ever figure out anything you could never get any
information there was never anything interesting to read I mean how often
would you go back to Facebook you probably wouldn’t and therein lies the
answer you don’t need to figure out the algorithm to beat YouTube’s algorithm or
Facebook’s algorithm you don’t need to you don’t need to figure out anything
you just need to do one thing you need to provide really good useful content on
a consistent basis that helps people solve their problems that’s it that’s
the big secret if you consistently publish good content if I if I publish a
blog post that shows you how to build a funnel or how to find a product to sell
and you go out and you use it and you get good results from it guess what
you’re gonna do you’re gonna come back to some of my videos and that’s gonna
build my views right there and that’s gonna build my shares that’s going to
build my likes if you attend one of my training sessions I do those every
Friday and you you sit there for an hour and you get good information you can ask
some questions and you get your questions answered and you go out and
use that information and you get good results guess what
you’re coming back to me I gotcha so you need to quit thinking about the
algorithms forget about the algorithms they don’t really matter because all
that YouTube is trying to do all that Facebook’s trying to do all that Google
is trying to do is give good content to the end user and get them coming back
because it’s good so here’s my cue to you if you if you don’t know of any good
content here’s what you do go to Facebook or go to youtube and search and
find those videos that a lot of people are viewing and study that say well why
is everybody watching this video is the guy funny you know is she entertaining
did this person provide some knowledge that people are looking for on WordPress
or what is it they did they got them all these views watch those videos you don’t
need to figure it out it’s already been figured out you can already go out there
and find posts that are so-called viral that a lot of people are watching
viewing and sharing and you’re going to notice one common thread about them
they’re either entertaining or they’re educational or they’re a combination of
both and if you can do both well lo and behold you’re gonna beat the algorithm
every time so that’s the big secret if you want to beat these algorithms all
you got to do is provide useful consistent content that is educational
and entertaining and that’s it don’t worry about the algorithm and I hope you
enjoyed this and hey if you did what do I want you to do I want you to like
comment and share do what I just told you about I appreciate it
you guys have a great day

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