How to beat programming difficulties 2019

Hi, many beginner programmers are
struggling with coding so they cannot figure out how to get started or how to
think through the problem logically If this is you, then you are not alone and
this video I will share with you some strategies and I walk you through the
steps to get started and to get good skills and programming coming up welcome
back, if you are new to this channel consider subscribe in this video as we
mentioned we’ll talk about some strategies and remember to watch the
video to the end I’ll share with you a good tip so the problem of thinking in
programming in any programming language and let’s say in Java it’s not an easy
thing so you have to know the steps and how to get started and remember there is
no one magic thing that you can do in order to improve yourself so there are a
combination of steps and I’ll talk to you about these steps first remember to
read the problem understanding the problem well this is 50% of your
solution if you didn’t understand the problem then you will never be able to
get into it so first step understand the problem yeah the second step write down
and use pen and a paper do not go right away to the computer
this is one of the biggest mistakes that the beginners are doing
the beginner programmers so remember get a piece of paper and start your
scratches there what I want you to do is to start analyzing the problem and
understanding the acquirement and extending the steps you need to solve it
so if you understand the problem then you can go to the next step which is to
start thinking about how to solve the problem so the second step as we sell is
to write the steps and these are one of the essential things decomposing the
problem into subproblems this is very important thing to know you cannot solve
the problem altogether all of its pieces so bring it down break it down be
composed the problem and start doing one sub problem at a time
then it will be easier so attack the problem with small pieces that will be a
plus for you and this will help you a lot to make things easier for you and
then you can combine them into one piece and then it will be good to go remember
to break down the problems again and again to write and then gather them to
represent your way of solving the problem so how to do so after the
finishing the analyzing and understanding the problem you now ready
to move on and to go to the next step which there’s writing your and gonna do
okay so what is the algorithm the algorithm
are or Benedum is a sequence of steps logical steps to
right and to explain how to solve the problem step by step this is an
essential thing so do not go right away to the computer start with writing
breaking down the problem and think about how to solve it using one of the
ways in computer science which is that you go to them or you can do it as a
seed of code if you like but all of these things are the same or we can say
that these are some of the basics that you can start what
so after decomposing your problem and make them pieces small pieces then next
step to collect these pieces and finish your algorithm after finishing then got
them now the next step is to start writing your code remember to keep it
short short is sweet okay keep it short and test your your code as it’s going
okay do not wait until the last minute until the end of the coding whenever you
are able to test it go ahead and test it get some hand part built on that input
and do the available statement that you just wrote and then you can test them
and figure out if it is good move to the next step and so on the next thing after
finishing writing the code step by step now it’s time to get some input and to
test your your work before testing it or even after it you can now think about
the efficiency of your code and to improve your work and to make it even
shorter or more or more with more options or more things
on top of the steps that we talked about we need to practice this is an essential
step that you need to do without practicing you cannot reach your goal so
practice and take advantage of this opportunity to get more experience and
believe me you’ll be much better you see the difference you’ll see the
difference and here I’ll share with you some great resources and this is a bonus
for you guys Oracle Agha Academy is a great resource
for you that will help you with some project ideas documents videos and so on
and this is the lake check it out another resource that I want to share
with you is the udemy Academy and this is another great resource and there are
a lot of similar website that will help you to work on project and to start
working from scratch and this will help you a lot to improve your skills and
programming skills so just be patient and you’ll be good so here are some of
the mistakes that the beginner programmers are doing first fear and
doubts second writing the code without a plan using that variable names or
function names design the program on one specific but this is very important not
to consider do not build your code on just one input or just the sample that
is given for you remember to make your program generate and general – what with
different kinds of import this is one of the biggest
stick do not make it fixed it must be dynamic based on the front
and pot remember this point and the last thing that I want to share with you is
that you need to think about using the debugger tool this is a great thing to
work on and this is what I will cover in my next video ok anyway I hope you
enjoyed this video and please let me know if you have any ideas you want me
to cover in my coming weeks or my coming videos I hope you enjoyed this video
thank you for watching and see you again good back

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