How To Convert pdf to word without software 2017

How to convert Pdf to Word without software. ok so how we have different ways to convert a PDF document to word document. You can visit www.mypdftoworld.com and then all of those different method so i’m going to share with you how to convert a Pdf to Word for free so for this, all you have to do is, go to any search Engine like Google.com & hear you have to search Google Drive and then you open this up go to Google drive & Now enter your email. ok so I have my gmail address with me. So just in case you don’t know how to create a gmail account, you can go ahead & watch this video ok so let me go ahead and type in my email address here and I click on next and then i have to type in mine login credentials. That is my password & then say sign in. Now as you sign in it will take you straight to your google drive. Now here, for you to convert any pdf file to word file, all you need to do is drag and drop in your google drive and then open this up with microsoft word. so let’s see how to do that ok so you can upload file to your google drive either by clicking on my drive and then choosing upload files or you can open your document where you have pdf file located and then, click on the pdf file. scroll it all over to your google drive and you will instantly get this message, drop files to instantly upload them in my drive just dropped them and this will do the trick and your pdf file will start uploading. It will say, uploading one item less than a minute left and you’ll see it’s uploading for you. so now here i have my upload that has been completed for me, for me to convert this pdf file to word document i need to do it is take my mouse on it right click on it and then say open with and then choose google docs. As I do that it will take me to a new page where Google drive is going to open my PDF document in word ok so this is like converting your PDF file from pdf to word document. Here just remember that, you have to install the images For me to download this PDF file, now since it’s that, the pdf file is converted to word(docx) for me to download this file, i have on click on this file and then scroll down and go to download as, then choose Microsoft word (.docx) extention. Click left click on it and this will download your documents. your PDF file to word document is waiting for you to save. Just click save & it will get downloaded for you. So, this is very easy method and we have other methods, that you can learn to visit www.mypdftoword.com. Thanks for watching

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