How to Create your own Calisthenics Workout Program | 5 steps

what's up guys what's up it's Michael and Jana copra air from calisthenics family and welcome to today's video and in this video we are going to discuss how you should create your own workout program and which five steps you have to take to create a worker program that works best for your own goals so stay tuned and enjoy the video you alright guys so welcome to the video and like we said we're going to discuss five different steps that you need to take to get the best worker program for calisthenics for yourself but before we start with this video we first want to say thank you because we reached 30,000 subscribers on our YouTube channel so this is a very very big milestone for us and actually lately it has been growing pretty fast yes also because we are now about posting two videos per week and really noticed the growth of our channel and that's really really good to see and that also motivates us to post more and keep up with two videos each week yes and that is why we are sitting here on this table together because one of the videos that did very very well was a video on how to start with calisthenics we already made a video about that which did really well and that was a informated just us talking through the camera and yeah we got so many positive responses on that and also a lot of new subscribers due to that video so yeah we noticed that that video is something that you guys like very much so that is why we are also sitting here today to create a video just like that and to celebrate this milestone of 30,000 subscribers we have a special discount also on our website and we will talk about this later in the video so let's start with this video because yeah we got a lot of questions from you guys on how to create a program that works best for calisthenics because most people just go to the park and work on some goals they have especially with calisthenics maybe it's the handstand maybe it's just getting better at the basics but they don't really know how to create a program that works for a longer period of time and yeah we make a lot of programs because we make a customized programs for our own clients and we have made in the last two years we made like through all the experience a questionnaire that we apply for our own clients when we get a question or actually a request from a client to make a personal worker program and we are going to share that questionnaire with you guys today so it is based on our own experience from the last two years and yes so you can also create your own worker program so yeah let's start with the first step that you need to take when creating your own worker program yes exactly so in the questionnaire we basically asked for five steps which we also will explain in this video and the very first step is actually what is your main goal so there can be learning care setting skills for a lot of people one of their in the handstand or the back liquor but can also be a gaining muscle mass with body weight training or losing fat with body weight training so the first thing that you need to figure out is what is your main goal and based on this you can actually get really a different kind of programs with like three times a week or six times a week upper lower but we will get into this later in the video but that's the main thing when you want to make a program for yourself alright so once you know what your main goal is then you have to look to the second step and that is how many times per week am i able to train and how many times do I want to train to to achieve my goals because if you only have two days per week or four or six it will also depends on the kind of worker program that you that applies best for you yes exactly so you can also imagine that if you want to learn like four skills and you are only able to train two times per week that just won't work so it's really important to really get those two steps first before you make a program for yourself alright guys so once you know your main goals and also how many days per week you you can train then it's really important to know what your specific goals are so that can be learning specific skills such as the handstand or the muscle up but it can also be gaining muscle mass maybe in different aspects maybe if you if you have a small chest or small back muscles you can like focus on that particular muscle group and that's really important to know before you make your own program so making specific goals is very important you can think of making SMART goals with SMART goals we mean specific goals the goals need to be measurable so one very big mistake is that especially with calisthenics is that people say I want to learn the pledge or I want to do I want to be able to do the Beckley 4 and then that is actually when we come to the next step and that a step 4 is to you have to check your current level so if your goal is to get for example their full Beckley for let us say long-term goal if you only can do like it takes Beckley 4 or if you have never done exactly for it then the goal is way and way too hard to to write it down and if you set that heart go for itself then you will be getting demotivated as well because if you train for several weeks then you will notice that it's going to be pretty hard and it will be frustrating for you to get that goal because yes yeah you want to progress faster but it seems to get harder than you think of so actually you have to look to all those big goals that you want to achieve and you have to divide them in different smaller goals so like we said this was with the Beckley 4 but you can also think of the handstand if you can't do a handstand there are multiple progressions that you can achieve for example the Frog stand for 30 seconds maybe a wall handstand for a 1 minute maybe hands and push-ups 5 or 10 reps so it's really important to check your current level and from there your specific SMART goal for maybe eight weeks exactly so once you know all these four steps so what is your main goal how many days per week and I train what is what are my specific goals and what is my level then we can come to the next point the last point is step 5 which training method is appropriate for my goals so for example if your goal is to build muscle mass you just want to get a lot of muscle and become bigger then it's important that you train a lot and with a lot of volume so then and also if you have like six days to train for that then an appropriate training method would be push-pull legs push-pull legs because this a high volume training method but for people that don't give a lot about muscle mass but just want to get stronger and learn calisthenics skills then a push-pull legs routine would not be most efficient but then you can maybe think more of a skills and strength split routine in which you focus on just one particular day on your own your skills for example two hours training for your handstand and for your planche and then the next day you focus on yes he folks more dynamic exercises yes such as maybe weighted dips muscle ups or handstand push-ups to get strong also for the skills you want to learn and that's exactly why you want to do a skill and strength workout if you want to learn calisthenics skills and then a appropriate routine will be skills and strength and then the third day will be a rest day and then again skill strength and rest and also with the skill and strength workout routine you have the third day a rest day which you can use for training your mobility and flexibility because the amount of flexibility and mobility is also really really beneficial for your own calisthenics skills at least that is what we experienced a lot once we started to do flexibility routines then yeah we increased our skills so much faster so yeah it really depends all on your on your goals and the training method which is appropriate for that and how many days you have to train in a week oh then we have a third training method and that is actually appliable for all the people that want to lose that and that is a high-intensity upper body and lower body routine so you can do actually maybe two workouts per week or for work last week or even six workouts per week if you really want to go for it but at the work of routine that will burn the most fat is a upper body and lower body high-intensity workout routine and that is also this the the routine that we use in our 30-day FedRAMP program as you guys maybe know so you actually don't really focus on skills you you also don't really focus on getting muscle mass but all you focus is burning fat and burning as much as calories as possible all right guys so these were basically the five steps that we take for our own work of programs but also for the customized workout programs for our own clients and we have been doing this now for two years and yeah we have been seeing great results from our own clients you can also check the testimonials on our website as always guys we don't say that this is the only way or the best way to program your workouts but this is just the way how we do it and yeah we're sharing this knowledge with you so that you also can create your own workout programs for yourself and I want to emphasize or we want to emphasize that it is so important to create work of programs for a longer period of time maybe for eight weeks or 12 weeks and sets specific goals for itself because it will motivate you to work towards your goals and literally every week when you see that you are progressing that motivates you to keep on going and then you will get a sense of the feeling that you are in control and that is very important or at least we are the kind of people that wants to be in control and want to see that we are making progress every single week because that gives us just a good feel so I think that's it for this video guys and like I said in the beginning of the video we also have something to announce about a discount because we reach the 30,000 subscribers on our YouTube channel and therefore we are having 30% discount on our whole website and we have never done a discount on the complete website so the discount applies on all our worker programs also on our very popular a full journey program which is on a long-term calisthenics program in which we apply all this stuff that we learned and just told you in a program in a long-term program to learn calisthenics skills and to get more muscular and the discount also applies on oh my coaching our merchandise workout equipment and also of course our customized workout programs that we make so that's it for this video guys we have also written down all this information in our free calisthenics training guide ebook you find all that methods that we discussed today and much more information also about calisthenics and nutrition for example and a really important training principles that you should know where you start with calisthenics or just when you train calisthenics so I think that's it yes that's it so guys if you liked the video make sure to put your thumbs up and also subscribe if you haven't yet that will really help us to reach our next milestone right maybe okay yes 50k let's see how far we can get and yeah that's it about video guys and we hope to see you in the next video peace out guys [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

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