How To Edit PDF Files on Mac [No Extra Software]

welcome to a tutorial on editing PDF files on your Mac Os Device you do not need to download any extra software to do this the mac preview software has editing functions already built in. lets begin. start by double clicking on your PDF files to open it in preview. in order to begin making edits on this PDF, we need to click this tool box button to bring up the editing tools options. once you click the toolbox you will notice a whole bunch of options have appeared. these are what we can use for editing the PDF. i will now give a basic run through all of the options that are available in the default PDF editor for mac. by click this button you can enter your own text on the PDF file. by clicking this button you can change the layout of your text. you can edit the font, the size, color, styles, and layouts of the text. you can drag your new text around the document and place it where you need to. you can add all kinds of shapes, which can be used for many different things, such as hiding text and creating text boxes or data boxes. highlight any object and then click this color button to edit the color of that item. by clicking the sign button, you can actually add your own handwritten signature to the document. if you haven’t already added your signature into your mac, all you have to do is write it on paper and then hold it up to your camera. these things are called notes. double click it to edit it. you can place the note beside relevant pieces, and when a mouse hovers over the note, it will expand showing the information inside. when you are finished editing your PDF file, remember to save it. im now going to mess around with this calendar PDF file. remember to bring up the editing tools, you need to click that little toolbox button. there are really no limits on how you can edit a PDF file on mac, you just need to know what it is you want to do! and that draws and end to this tutorial. if you found it helpful, please like the video, and if you like tutorials, consider subscribing to our channel.

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