How to Get Accepted Into a COMPETITIVE PTA Program

how to get accepted into a competitive PTA program what can you be doing to stand out from the rest of the crowd what can you be doing to set yourself up so that you have the advantage when applying to a competitive program what's up guys my name is Antonio and I work in physical therapy and in this channel we talk about the ins and the outs when it comes to physical therapy and I just got home I just got done working at an outpatient physical therapy clinic that Meghan and I run together and on my way home someone commented and asked me hey Tony how do you have the upper hand when you're applying into a competitive PTA program like what things can I be doing to set myself apart so that I can better my chances for getting accepted into a really competitive program when there's a lot of people applying to it and currently it's a beautiful day out that's why I'm walking outside down my trail I'm gonna hang out outside for a little bit cuz it's super hot out so this video is gonna be talking about all that stuff of how you can have the upper hand but the first thing you're gonna want to understand is how does the point system work so if you don't know how you get points and how that works then you're not going to be able to be very competitive if you don't know how the whole system works so this changes by what college you go to and for the purposes of this video I'm gonna be referencing a college that I found online on referencing their point system and how it breaks down so the first thing that the biggest thing of how you get points is your GPA so how good of grades are you getting in that college the better grades you get the more points you get and the more likely you are to get accepted into the program another thing that impacts this is how many times you take a class so if you only took a class once then you get an extra bonus point but if you have to like say the first time you took a class you got D and so you had to retake it now you got an A you don't get that extra bonus point because you had to take the class twice instead of one so that's a way and also what relates in the into this as well is if you transfer credits so for Baker like for me I didn't start out at Baker I started out at a different college and then I transferred credits to Baker now that was okay and I still made it into the program but I didn't actually get as much points as someone else who took classes right there on Baker I didn't get extra bonus points because I took classes at a different College so that's something that may influence the college that you're going to as well so for the college that I looked up they also have two extra points that you can get if you get an A or a B in anatomy and physiology so what they're saying is in their health science classes that are going to be more geared towards PTA if you do better in those classes then you get extra points versus like an English class you don't get those extra points if you do well in an English class but when you take a PTA related class they give you extra points if you get better grades in those so that's another way you can earn better points is doing good in the classes that are related to physical therapy or science or health something of that nature another way you can get points is if you have background experience in physical therapy so if you're a PT tech or if you are a physical therapy aide something of that nature before you went into the program then you get points if you have a background in physical therapy because they already know that you're motivated and you're interested in this career so you get extra points if you have a background experience in that so that's something to consider as well another way you can earn points that some colleges do is like an entrance exam or like a teas exam something as some sort of test that you can get points on before you apply to the program so that's another way that some colleges give out points now once you have completed all those prerequisites you've gotten and you've accumulated all your points then what the college does is they look at all the points that you've earned and they take the like top however many they choose so if a hundred people apply to the program and they're only accepting 20 what they'll do from that point is they'll take like the top 40 people with the top highest points and then they'll interview them now for me I never had an interview because Baker didn't have that many people apply into the program we just did it based on grades and stuff because a lot of people got weeded out that way but most colleges will narrow it down to a select group and then they'll do an interview process and that interview is worth a certain amount of point so the college that I looked up it was worth 13 points and you get deducted based on how your interview went and how you do so in that scenario just have a good personality be interested in the field talk highly of it show that you care and that you're doing this not just to make a salary or just to pass the classes but you're interested in investing in this career and you want to represent their college in a good light so if they see that you are taking that extra step to put forth that extra effort then they will hopefully reward you when you're done with that interview so that's so that that's that so basically just to recap everything that I covered you earn points by your GPA if you have to take a class once or twice if you transfer classes if you have a background experience in physical therapy and if you take your entrance exam or tea's exam and how your interview goes for the program so all those things are ways you can accumulate points and the more points you have the more likely you are going to get accepted into the program now just a few side notes something that I realized as we were going through all my prerequisite classes was that it feels like at the time when you're taking your prerequisite classes that you're competing with other classmates and you're trying to beat them and sometimes people don't want to help you out because they don't want you to succeed because if you succeed then they're not going to get into the program so it can get kind of competitive but the thing I would encourage you to do is to still be kind be respectful help people out who are trying to get into the program as well because once you do actually get into the program you're gonna be in the same program that all those other kids were in as well so if you were being rude to them or if you weren't being respectful to them then they might not want to help you out when you're actually in the program and you need someone to study with or you need a lab partner to do stretches on and you can't do them by yourself but you want to practice with a partner so you're gonna need those people eventually when you get into the program they're gonna be people that can help you out in the program so just remember that although they're your competitors at the time of your prerequisites they will become your friends and your close people that you're gonna be with in the program so just know that going into it so there you guys go now you guys know how the points system works so hopefully you will know how to have that upper hand when it comes to applying to the PTA program thank you for watching this is my tree that my nieces and nephew love to climb on randomly just thought I should add that in there and that's all for me so if you liked the video hit thumbs up comment if you have questions I'll talk to you later then peace

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  • Hy Luu says:

    Hi Antonio, I love your videos so much. You are so right about the pta program. I'm trying to get into the program in Las Vegas, and they have a point system here. I am having an interview coming up in July, but I'm so scare about the panel interview. Do you have any ideas of what they might asking? Also they are going to quiz us and give us a group project before the interview. Do you know why they do this?

  • jonathan lahoud says:

    I am an EMT and I have a bachelor in science of Biblical studies, would I have a chance to get into the PTA program?

  • Jason Taylor says:

    Does it make a difference if you attend PTA school at a private school vs a technical school in terms of what job you can get? Do employers take school into account? Technical schools are cheaper so looking at that as an option. Thanks!

  • Nick Rajpaul says:

    I have A’s and B’s in all of the pre req courses, but I have a C in anatomy right now. Do you think I still have a chance to get into a program with a C in anatomy or should I drop the class and retake it to get a better grade?

  • Alec T says:

    Would having a bachelors degree in kinesiology possibly give me a better chance of being accepted to the program?

  • Classy Wright says:

    I really appreciate your videos because I just started my prerequisites courses and the competition at my school is really insane. They only accept 20 people and i'm really nervous, your videos are really helpful

  • David. Villa. says:

    So for example for me Im not exactly a A student and more like a C and B i don’t have a chance to get in?

  • Michelle Martinez says:

    Thank you for all this information⭐

  • Haleigh Lobue says:

    This was so helpful, all of your videos are thank you!!

  • Bailey Borich says:

    So I have a question. I had to take foundation class which means I needed a refresher on a couple of courses would that be a bonus point or would that make it harder for me to get into the PTA program?

  • Aaron Zhao says:

    Thank you! 💜👊🏼🙏💪

  • David Vuong says:

    This is a perfect video I'd like to recommend to everybody

  • Big L says:

    Hope you are having a good day. The PTA program I’m looking into requires a minimum of 40 observation hours. How many observation hours do you think I should try to get?

  • kidz zone toyz says:

    sir i have an doubt do which physio has better scope is it sports or neuro or cardio plz reply to me which will get highly paid

  • Mark Byrd says:

    I have a rather unique situation where I'm halfway through a 4 year military enlistment and have the opportunity to use Tuition Assistance while I'm in to basically knock out an Associates Degree before I apply to a PTA program for when I get out. What associates do you recommend pursuing? Currently enrolled in a Pre-Nursing Associates of Sciences degree plan. Thank you for your time.

  • Danny Petersen says:

    I am thinking about this field. I am 43 and have been working as a medical lab technician for 24 years. I am interested in PTA because I am more interested in physical health the older a become. Are all PTA schools competitive? Do you think there are any PTA schools that do not always have a full class?

  • Jonathon Yohn says:

    Hey thanks for making this video. I am at the early stages of all of this down here in Florida trying to figure it all out. Keep making videos like this!

  • Jocelyn Garcia says:

    Thank you for the videos, they are full of helpful information. I recently got accepted in to a PTA program in San Diego , can you maybe give us more information about the license needed to work? And about the continuing classes thank you!

  • Josh Ramirez says:

    Great video man. I noticed when I was applying how applications vary from school to school, interesting but feel like it can make it difficult to apply to numerous schools

  • Matthew Coleman says:

    Really enjoy your videos! Thanks for putting so much work into them!

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