How to GET MORE Youtube Subscribers – Youtube Algorithm Tips and Tricks 2017

a practitioners originally I was going to make this content and turn it into an e-book to sell to you guys but I decided not to do that I want to give it away for free so if you want to give back the best thing you can do right now is to leave a big fat like below and binge watch my other videos so let’s cut to the chase I want you to consume this material as quickly as possible so you can start creating a secondary income through youtube i’m not going to be covering the tutorial on how to setup an adsense account or youtube channel but i will be teaching strategies and skills i’ve used to get over half a million subscribers and 17 million views in under a year i’m going to show you my YouTube algorithm acts used in the right manner and if you follow this guide correctly you can end up with a video and recommended for over 24 hours gathering new plenty of publicity for your channel i’ve done it multiple times and I’m going to teach you what I’ve learned so some people have asked me and to stay transparent and to add some authenticity to my money videos I’m going to tell you how much I made to start off this video maybe to inspire someone to prove its really still possible to literally make a living from an online business even if you’re under 21 in january from all of my revenue sources not just ad revenue i profited over $10,000 that’s after taxes of the taking out and expenses for the business now nine-tenths of that is going to his alone i had when i went to university that’s still a major paycheck so it’s sort of this channel because I loved fight mediocrities video but I noticed he wasn’t uploading enough to feed his hungry subscribers i knew i could do better i knew i could offer even more value now this is the best way to start a new channel find a hole in the market something that’s not saturated and it’s easy to produce more and more videos I also just want to say one more thing before we get started lots of people say you should aim for quality instead of quantity but in the beginning for YouTube that’s not necessarily true look at my channel look at my early videos I pumped out tons of videos testing tons of different styles and niches until I find what works that’s the key test with a video style 4527 videos and change it up and eventually something will fit and then you can stick with what works so let’s get to the guide one more thing these tips might change and might not work in the future as YouTube algorithm changes but some of them have to do with marketing in the psychology of people so some will last forever so the first tip is on the title now this is probably the most important metadata when it comes to a video title get ranked in search engines not some nails which means the search engine cannot look at the thumbnail go through that the video on psychology they can only get it from the title description and tags there’s also some evidence they get it from closed captions and comments but this means that your first viewers will find the video by looking at the title they will search for your video and then the your video will pop up so you have to come up with an intriguing title now i make my videos in two parts the first part of something that invokes curiosity basically relevant clickbait so the term clickbait has a negative connotation but in this video is going to mean an idea image or concept that make someone go that’s interesting let’s click it and watch to find out more now this is legal and YouTube accepted as long as it’s not misleading the second part of my title is a highly used search term combine them to get something like this in psychological tricks to get her to like you how to get a girlfriend notice how the first part invoked curiosity and the second part is something that a lot of people search for this ensures short-term and long-term growth I’ve also noticed that titles with numbers do better than titles without numbers and here’s another thing videos with a high click-through rate will become more likely to become recommended and becoming recommended is what will get you tons of you and interns money so it’s going to tip number two the thumbnail the thumbnails right next to the title in terms of important it’s the first thing that people usually see so make sure it’s completely relevant to the video but clickbait work so be creative the key is to again in both curiosity and establish credibility check out this from me this video garnered over 2 million views in a week because they had a high click-through rate my video retention and introduce my viewers tuning channel we got recommended which I’ll talk about later it shows the girl which makes you super curious and it shows the four methods and bright green which makes people think wow there must be some actual nuggets of knowledge in here I could use someone to give you a little trick I use test your thumbnail by uploading it to injure using the inspect element function in chrome and seeing what your thumbnail looks like compared to the rest of the page if it shines keeping otherwise add more colors or change it up until you find something that works better something else I’ve noticed is that some names with faces specifically girls I know I’m going to get a lot of hate about this about being clickbait it works do better than without faces now this is a psychological aspect and generally faces that show a strong emotion work best also don’t try to use more than six words in a thumbnail otherwise the font becomes too small and people can’t read it and number three is tagged the tags are important for getting ranked in search engines so keep them relevant and use what people search for so here’s where a lot of people go wrong try to stick to long tail keywords and a long tail keyword is a keyword that uses more than two or three words youtubers fail over and over again because they just fill it with traditional tag filled with keywords people actually search for here’s a great example it might be rambling but you’ll get the idea how to get a girl to like you get a girl to like you how to attract a girl how to get a girl how to make a girl like you how to make her like you how to get a girlfriend make a girl like you psychological tricks psychological attraction tricks so she liked me how to make her want you dating advice for men persuade her to like you but it’s just a little example people actually search for those words and that’s why use them as tags it also describes the video so to find great keywords google your main keywords and scroll all the way down to the bottom and you know those little suggestions yeah those are a great place to start to find high-ranking keywords though do some research on the Google Adwords Keyword tool and sort all of the related keywords by volume also one left it fill up all 500 characters of the tag for best results you have 500 characters so why not use them all number four is the description so this is still a bit of a mystery to me so I’m just going to give you some tips on what i use for the first sentence with your main keyword and then your second sentence with supporting keywords that people search for it to get creative with it but don’t keyword stuff that’s bad if you have a couple things tight take 425 more sentences describing your video i recommend placing a part of your script that you talked into the video to lengthen it it also included two three links this seems to help now if you include the same length on all of your videos youtube will be like through these videos are kind of close together and it will help them get into the related to have so that your videos show up as related on your other videos number five is upload frequency so I upload every three to four days because the algorithm loves this and so do people i have found no significant boost if you upload less than once a week and i found no boost uploading to videos in a row and in fact i uploaded two videos in a row twice and the second video actually did worse and upload times lets the tuesday wednesday and saturday in the morning are my best upload date now we’re onto a very important tip tip number six quality so this is very important when ranking a video a good way to find the quality of your video is to post it to reddit.com they’re extremely good critics and they will tell you if your video sucks also within a month if your video gets an eighty percent higher like to dislike ratio you’re doing pretty good so find a style that fits your channel and stay consistent for a couple months to establish credibility and then you can start trying new styles every three to four months maybe something that’s cheaper to produce or offers more value to your audience as long as your video isn’t horrible and you’ve nailed the first five steps your video is probably going to be pretty great also video length try to keep the videos over five minutes long right now eight minutes is currently the sweet spot also keep stuff moving on the screen to keep the viewers attention this is why gaming videos and makeup tutorials do well because there’s constant attention changes it’s also why my animated videos and other animated channels are on the rise youtube values watch times more than it used to so do stuff that keeps your viewers watching or as i will mention a future tips shows some other channels that number 7 commenting on other videos this post your initial subscribers and views i recommend this for channels between 1000 and 2000 subscribers now don’t overtly advertise your channel ever this is horrible people don’t like this at all instead leave insightful helpful or clever comment because people respect this and will actually check out your channel especially if you have a pretty cool logo and interesting gentleman like practical psychology the i commented on fight mediocrities channel and if you guys don’t know who this is this is like my number-one competition I’m about to beat him and I would start a comment chain which would boost the comment to the top and people would eventually check out my channel which also boosted me his number eight is collaboration so collaborations on your channel when you introduce the new youtuber to your audience is great I’ve had great success with this and probably why I’ve grown so much most of my videos in the past three months are basically collaborations if your viewers binge-watch someone else’s video because they watched your video first you will get points in the algorithm for introducing them and your video will be ranked higher the user wants people to spend more time on the site and if you show them a channel that they binge watch you get the reward collaborating to be featured on another channel is a great way to boost initial subscribers as well for example I collabs with Evan Carmichael early on he got quite a boost it’s pretty cool to see my subscribers go up that high now note that this is where the husband comes in you might have to make a video for free or even tons of videos for free to get early promotion at number nine is to reply to comment reply to comments on your videos number one it will add more comments which increase the engagement ratio and number two it will give you life long viewers who actually feel appreciated and number three it also gives you feedback to improve your video style now you will have trolls but you don’t have to reply to them in fact i have tons of trolls on my relationship video so there are some tips on how to make your video ranked better and YouTube but i’m also going to give you some more tips now I didn’t go very much into detail on these are because they’re just some basic advice it to upload videos that are informative or entertaining in fact if they solve a problem they will probably make you money for example if I thought you had to get ice off of a windshield that video is going to do way better than me uploading a video talking about politics now there are outliers but solving a problem will definitely make you more money in the long run also if you can keep the cost of the video under a hundred dollars for the best return this is just general advice when you’re starting out try to keep the cost of the video lo and also don’t outsource your work until your study for three months would have the capital to lose because it might take in my case eight to nine months of constantly putting out more and more better videos until you start getting a nice paycheck also at the end of the video only asked for one or two engagements for example like and subscribe to the best if you ask people to hate if you guys like this video leave a like if you want to subscribe subscribe leave a comment below go check out this link and watch the related video if you do that they’re not going to do all of them in fact we probably will do nothing so instead only asked them to do two things at most i told you guys to like this video which which really gives me an idea of what videos are good in which we know is I should probably not continue to make and to subscribe because it increases my reach another thing you can do is ask for a controversial comments now this is ok but i would recommend doing this in the beginning because people can still continue to watch the video while they’re typing the comment this will increase your viewer retention and it’ll add a comment and one more thing hustle if you’re in the YouTube business you pass the hustle your income depends on other people which means you better be working your face off don’t be afraid to ask for collaboration and don’t be afraid to make free videos in the beginning you going to be blown away of knowing how many people don’t reach out to me and go hey you have over half a million subscribers to make a free video for you and in turn i’ll get the promotion this is literally what I did when I had under half million i would go to people and i’m still going to people infinite waters has contacted me infinite list of contacting me I’ve reached out to Gary I’ve reached out to Greg o Gallagher if you guys know him from your body I’m constantly reaching out to increase my reach because even if they have half a million subscribers for example Greg o Gallagher if i can get 30,000 people to watch that video and half of them 15,000 come subscribe to me that’s a huge numbers such a huge boost that’s 15,000 people i can change their lives for the better anyways also Francine I hope you guys enjoyed it to you if you did leave a huge big fat like below i’m literally giving out my secret um subscribe for more I want to know that everything in this video is a theory created by me not backed by YouTube and if you really want to find out what truly works go to youtube get on your recommended tab and see hey what are these videos have in common and how can i make more videos like them so that maybe my video beyond recommended are they only videos that are over a year old are they only videos that are over 10 minutes are the videos that have really clicked baby titles you don’t have to reinvent the wheel you just have to smooth out the edges

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