How to Grow a Spreadsheet into an Application (Cloud Next ’19)

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  • Anna Spinks says:

    When will app maker be made available to non-profit users? This has lots of potential to be extremely useful to us.

  • Alister Flett says:

    Is the add-on you used to show the Lifecycle of the spreadsheet cycle available as a standard add on ? It was a great way of talking someone through the spreadsheet or process. Thanks

  • Daniel Rivera says:

    Great video!! I wish they would more into detail about the app marker. I’ve reached the point of developing a big spreadsheet the works great but I need to take it to the next level. App maker is a great tool to move to.

  • Waldemar Hamm says:

    Is it possible to use Google Maps in the context of G Suite without paying extra for the Google Maps API key?

  • Napo desu says:

    We also love the new features but Why speak so fast 🙁 please slow down please

  • Ernest Ameyaw says:

    This was very informational Thank you 🙂

  • Duncan Pañiagua says:

    How do I have access to this code? I am really interested in that.

  • Mark Fortner says:

    This looks like a great way to rapidly prototype an application. Is there a way to create custom "renderers" for different types of columns. For example, you might have a String that contains a protein identifier of some sort, and you want to display a 3D rendering of the protein. Or you might have a String containing a SMILES string representing a drug-like compound that you're screening, and you want to display the structure of the compound. Also, are the widgets web components?

  • Hans Vandeveire says:

    Nice introduction of a huge bunch of possible features… thx!

  • hypn says:

    The problem is that the widget-form needs to be rebuild upon changes to the underlaying table.

  • Eric Koleda says:

    You can learn more about the G Suite developer offerings at https://developers.google.com/gsuite

  • Dennis B says:

    Great demo, thank you for effort!

  • Siraj says:

    Awesome concept

  • Andres Castillo says:

    Thank you for this video.

  • vidy says:

    no comments? wow!

  • Ojasvi Singh 786 says:


  • DaSnipy says:

    Nice ! Thanks 🙂 +1

  • Chip Dolce says:

    So – I love this, however, we have used countless 'free' scripts to do something as simple as e-mail notification of a new form submission. Can you embed this as part of the tool instead of requiring users to follow complicated steps? Can you publish this script so we can stop looking for third-party tools that do this? Thanks in advance.

  • Gregory Underwood says:

    Huh? Using a Mac and not a Chromebook for the demo???

  • Matt Jobson says:

    I just tried to have a go at this and get AppMaker to work. But I wasted 2 hours trying to setup App Maker. I'm not a programmer. I wanted to just make apps in the simplest way possible. Maybe google should setup accounts for those of us who don't already have huge IT departments and the capabilities to make an App in the first place.

    Essentially, all it proved to me was that these tools are not ready for non-coders or small businesses. It's so excruciating to watch, as there are way more small businesses than huge corporations worldwide and a small subscription fee to make apps and websites and control all your business data would go completely viral if executed correctly.

    That's the game changer. F#$% the corporations who already have dedicated administrators and the budget to afford to build something however they want. You will never own that whole market. But you would own the whole small business market if you could make it simple and easy to setup. And there is way more revenue there. This is such a missed opportunity Microsof… wait, google. Yes you have become microsoft now. Chasing corporate not chasing the market needs.

  • I'm On Your Roof says:

    Where I work, we turned a spreadsheet forest into an app forest, but kept the spreadsheet forest for reconciliation purposes.

  • Michael Wirdefalk says:

    Clearly Google sheets aren't as great as they say as they always seem to MS Excel as well.

  • Joe Amodeo says:

    an application within an application… and worst case scenario, its a universal language that the data can be exported to some other application

  • Josh P. says:

    Why are you guys using a Mac book and not a Chromebook?

  • Alejandro Rodriguez Diaz says:

    Great Presentation! I would be great if you could share the spreadsheet+script that you used in the demo to track the Travel Expenses. I (and the community) would strongly appreciate that

  • Devona Williams says:

    TUTORIAL Starts at 24:10

  • MisterNarrador says:


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