How to Hack Facebook Algorithm… Legally

Hi everyone. Today we’re going to talk about a really
sneak you little ad hack that we’ve been running
within our agency for the last probably six months. In fact I can’t believe that Facebook hasn’t gotten on to this and is still allowing it. So it’s something pretty cool. It’s an ad hack that we’ve been using. I’m going to explain to you a little bit
about it now and I hope you find it useful and you implement it within your own agency your own business your own ad
campaigns whatever you’re using it for Facebook only. Why are we running this hack. It’s because the costs on Facebook are going up the cost per click is going up. It’s getting harder to generate leads at a good cost per lead therefore we’re trying to create ads that get cheaper quicker and therefore bring the
cost per week down. Another reason why we’re developing hacks like this all the time within our agency
is because we were developing our blindness right they’re
becoming more used to ads in their Facebook news feed and they’re skipping over them. It’s just not as effective as it used to
be. People are becoming smarter. And of course we want to decrease our cost per week. That’s always the main goal here because we’re a cost per lead
agency. We we generate leads for X and we sell them for hopefully two
timesX. That’s our model so the cheaper leads are
the better. So what is our ad hack how do we do this. It’s an interesting one. Okay. And as I said before I can’t believe Facebook is still allowing us to do it but it is working like crazy. And what we do is we create like a dummy fan page in the name of a person whether it be a female or a male. We give them a just a generic name like Joanne blogs or you know whatever Joe Blogs or whatever. And we actually run our ads through that fan page. So when people see me ads in their News Feed You can see a picture of Joe Bloggs next to the ad and we actually don’t advertise through that post. We actually create a recommendation. So it looks like to an educated person is a scrolling through their News Feed that it’s one of their friends that is recommending an
article. Then what we do is we send people to an article and do the selling on what we call an
advertorial and what happens is because people don’t want to be sold to. They want recommendations from their
friends and shares from their friends. You can actually generate incredibly cheap clicks and incredibly cheap cost per leads using this method. It’s a real hacker and I reckon you should give it a go as soon as you finish listening to this
video. So if you have found this little cheeky hacked the web developed within our
agency. Useful. Then why don’t you visit our Web site and take our quiz. We’ll help you with anything PPC anything lead generation related. If you’re a business owner or an agency or a paper for freeway to take our quiz see where it takes you. We’d love to see you there we’d love to
help you out. We love you to join.

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