How to Identify Real One Mukhi | Benefits of Ek Mukhi Rudraksha | एक मुखी रुद्राक्ष का रहस्य

Namaste! Welcome to our channel, viewers Today we are going to be talking
about One Mukhi Rudraksha We have here with us
Mrs. Neeta Singhal …who is the Founder
of Rudra Centre And she has experience in the
field of Rudraksha, gemstones… …and Hindu spiritual items
since the past two decades Welcome ma’am
-Thank you So ma’am, whenever we
people discuss Rudraksha One Mukhi Rudraksha’s
topic always pops up There are multiple websites
which disseminate… …different and various
kind of information So ma’am, we would like to
know about this Rudraksha Kindly educate us about this One Mukhi Rudraksha is
indeed a very rare Rudraksha It is ruled by Lord Shiva Himself As we know as per
ancient scriptures Every Rudraksha is ruled
by a divine god or goddess Rudrakshas were produced
from the tears of Lord Shiva And One Mukhi enjoys the exalted position That it is ruled by
Lord Shiva Himself And Lord Shiva is the
ruler of all the planets But if you want to assign a
particular planet to this mukhi I will say it is Uranus
or Harshal (Hindi name) Before going any further I will say let us look at the
scriptural references of this Rudraksha One Mukhi Rudraksha is
Lord Shiva personified It destroys the sin
of killing a Brahmin It makes the wearer inviolable It contains the energy of Fire It makes you inviolable It makes you invincible It pacifies the aggressive
uncontrolled fire in the system (body) Rudraksha with a single mouth
is indeed the form of Shiva… …which bestows the
comforts as well as the salvation A very look at it
relieves a person of… …the sin of Brahma Hatya
(act of killing a Brahmin) The place where the said bead is adored,
Lakshmi does not leave that place And all the
disturbances are removed Besides,
all his desires are fulfilled Wow! That was enlightening! Ma’am,
kindly educate us about… …how to identify this particular bead See, Rudraksha is a very
unique fruit as well as a seed The structure of the Rudraksha
is very special in a sense that It has the same number of compartments
as the number of Mukhis (faces) And it has a natural hole So a Five Mukhi Rudraksha
will have five compartments A Four Mukhi Rudraksha
will have four compartments And a Fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha
will have fourteen compartments The shape of the bead will conform
to the number of compartments That is why the
higher Mukhis (faces) I mean the beads from Ten Mukhi
to higher are always oval in shape Beads from Six Mukhi to
Eight Mukhi are almost round Five Mukhi looks pentagon Four Mukhi looks almost
square from the top Three Mukhi looks triangle Two Mukhi looks elliptical So One Mukhi will have
to be a half elliptical So ma’am, are you talking about the
shape which we commonly see as half moon Or Kaju Dana which is
popularly known on the Internet Well, this is not a real Rudraksha It is not Elaeocarpus Ganitrus It is a Bhadraksha It comes from South India And the shape of the
bead is like this Wow! As you can see,
it does not have a natural hole Yes yes I can see that And when you drill a hole through
this, it will shatter the seed inside Oh! You mean to say that the seed
inside is like the kernel of a mango Yes. It is like that Also popularly people end up
buying fake beads of One Mukhi Because they are searching
for a round One Mukhi Oh! Yeah! And from the logic that we have just
discovered, One Mukhi cannot be round So I would like to
show you some samples If you see, this is a bead found
and sold outside certain temples So if you see certain carvings of
snake, trishul etc. Yeah! At the same time…this
is also another bead… …which has got a snake hood Okay Yeah! This is a very
popularly sold One Mukhi Can you see the artificial
stem implanted in it? Yeah even the line looks
as if it has been carved Yes Also one more bead which is popularly
sold from basically Hardiwar is this one You can see the
presence of one line Yeah! Again this Mukhi does not
have a natural compartment If you want to identify a real One Mukhi Then this is the test -Oh! Is that an X-ray (test)?
-Yes You can take an X-ray of a bead It will have a natural
compartment in the centre And it will have a
natural seed inside Wow! So now ma’am,
this really makes me curious I have to see the
real bead ma’am Yes The real One Mukhi is this one It is as tiny as this But it displays the
properties of the One Mukhi… …as described in
the ancient scriptures Wow! That’s so small Yes. This is the bead
from Indonesia or Java The bead from Nepal will also exist But it is so rare that I will
advise the people not to go for it We are in this business
for more than two decades And generations of
people from Nepal… …themselves have not
seen the One Mukhi Nepal Okay So I will advise the viewers
to not go hunting for it Because obviously they will
end up having a fake bead Oh! This bead from Indonesia
is very effective As you see the size is not
more than a wheat grain It has got one line at the top If you see it has got the Mukha (mouth)
which is a natural hole, broader end And the tail which
is the narrower end This makes me wonder ma’am How do you wear this
particular Rudraksha bead? In order to tap full
potential of this bead We have to wear it as per RRST We have to orient it
in a particular manner Wear it as a pendant or a
bracelet in such a manner That it taps the full
potential of the Rudraksha Since the bead is so tiny We make into a basket design So that while making the hole,
the bead does not get damaged Here we have shown
certain pendant designs How we string the Rudraksha And we have also shown
some bracelet designs And they are made into
very beautiful jewellery So that some people can have
fun also while wearing it So ma’am, I would like to know
what are the benefits of wearing… …this particular Rudraksha? See, One Mukhi is a Rudraksha which
actually enlightens the super consciousness Oh! It is a Rudraksha that makes a person
aware and more connected to the Divine Oh! It works on the
central nervous system And it functions
on the pineal gland From a Chakra level,
it works on the Crown Chakra I would like to say what
are the therapeutic benefits This Rudraksha heals
Migraines in only seven days It is a bead which is
recommended for depression Autism, OCD,
anxiety and nervous disorders Even patients who have paralysis
benefit a lot by wearing this bead From a Chakra level, it brings a
lot of contentment and a lot of hope Wearing this Rudraksha is like channeling
lots of white light into the system If you are a meditator, you have excellent
meditations while wearing this bead If you are a student or
thinker or a philosopher You will have extreme focus
by wearing the Rudraksha On that note ma’am, I have also
heard of a very few famous yogis And a lot of other
websites which claim that This Rudraksha should not be
recommended for householders Or the people who
have responsibilities Small children should avoid it
Women should not wear it People who eat non-veg shouldn’t
wear this particular Rudraksha Because it is so
pious or whatever And also while you are being intimate
with your partner, this should not be worn Ma’am,
what are your thoughts on that? See, my thought is Lord Shiva is beyond
all these taboos and restrictions Lord Shiva has Himself never
followed any taboos and restrictions So I would say That it is a Rudraksha with
a very natural frequency… …which is meant to
help you and heal you Every person can
wear this Rudraksha Why they say it
is for meditators Because it enhances your
knowingness and spiritual awareness But we also recommend
it to small children Children who have autism Children who have
learning difficulties They benefit a lot by
wearing this Rudraksha Wow! How can a bead of Lord Shiva who
Himself advocates family life… …take you away from your life? So what I would like to say One Mukhi Rudraksha is
meant to be worn by all In fact all Rudrakshas is meant
to be worn by every single person Why should we restrict
it for people? And regarding taboos
for wearing it Please see the ancient
authentic scriptures They have even quoted that
even animals can wear Rudraksha Even a Chandal (low
person) has worn Rudraksha Even a woman who was
drinking has worn Rudraksha It is written that
if you wear Rudraksha You will go to Shivaloka (Abode of Shiva)
because it will cleanse your sense It will purify you Wow! So my suggestion is that
we should embrace this bead With a very open heart
and a very open mind Because it is a
gift of nature to us Wow! That is certainly
being enlightening ma’am Ma’am,
I would also like to know that If there are no taboos or anything
associated with this bead Are there really any other precautions
we as users of Rudraksha need to take… …while wearing
this particular bead Yes Firstly you know the selection
of the bead is very important At Rudra Centre you know how many
pains we take to select a healthy bead The Mukhi line
has to be complete There should be no incomplete line The bead should be cracked The bead should be healthy And the bead should be
worn in the right manner The bead has to be energized
with its Beej (seed) mantra… …which is Om Hreem Namah You can also chant Om Namah Shivay
which is the common mantra… …for all the Rudraksha So I will suggest that if you want to
get the full effect of the Rudraksha Please meditate Please do some mantra chanting and
align yourself with the consciousness That will help you absorb the
powerful, resonance energy of this bead Neeta ma’am I have heard that we here at Rudra Centre
have an original One Mukhi from Nepal Yes we do have One Mukhi from Nepal But if anyone wants to see it They have to come down
to (our) head office in Mumbai Why is it so? Because we don’t want that once we show
the viewers how a One Mukhi looks like Many suppliers will come with
fake versions of the bead to sell So that is why I repeat one should
not go for the One Mukhi from Nepal Because obviously they will
end up with the fake bead Oh! In this I would like to add that There is one Rudraksha which
is called One Mukhi Savar Okay It looks like this Now it is called One Mukhi Savar
because the top bead is a One Mukhi What many suppliers do is
they detach this One Mukhi And they sell it
like One Mukhi Nepal So you meant to say this is basically
like a Gauri Shankar bead… …with one of the beads like
a One Mukhi Rudraksha attached And what happens is
when you detach the bead It looks like a
complete One Mukhi But if you look carefully at the back You can see it has got a
a faint mark of detachment Okay! Some suppliers scrape off or
shave off or smoothen this back So that it does not show
the signs of being attached Oh that’s really dangerous Yes Anyone can get duped if
you are not an expert then Exactly! So I would like to
say that it is better We go for the Indonesian One Mukhi
which is reasonably priced also… …and which is so effective Namaste viewers! If you like this video
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