How to learn programming #5 Tools every programmer should know

Hello everyone! It’s Anna from Duomly and welcome in our fifth episode. Today I would like to tell you about the tools
each programmer should get familiar with besides the pure programming language
and frameworks. When we start learning programming we are mostly focus on the
technology we need to master to get our first programmer job but it’s also
important to find out some tools which can help us to set up our development
environment in the best way. There are some tools which are worth to learn
about to make our work more easy and much more efficient. At first you need a
good code editor the one that suits your technology and the one which allows you
to customize it as much as you want there are a lot of IDEs in the internet.
I can recommend Visual Studio Code I personally use it and I think it’s
awesome I can change the theme, I can install plugins, for me it’s perfect.
There is also Sublime Text and Atom which are very popular these days for
example if your .NET developer then you will use Visual Studio if you are
Java developer we will select something like Eclipse or NetBeans, if you are
programming in a different technology then you will for sure find something in
the internet but I would recommend to try a few code editors and select the
best one. Another important thing is a terminal in your computer it would be
really nice if you can learn a few commands like how to create a file how
to create a folder how to move between them it’s also worth to mention the
different operating systems has a little bit different terminal so if you have
the possibility it would be really really great if you can try them because
you never know what kind of computer you will get in your next company, right? The
next important thing is git. You’ve probably already heard about it.
Git is a version control system and nowadays almost every company use it.
Probably on your interview will hear the question if you have ever worked with git.
In this context it also worth to mention that we will be really nice if you can
try software like Bitbucket, Github or Gitlab.
I think that they have a possibility to add there a free account and test it you can
test it with your training project and learn a little. The next important thing
is a building tool like webpack for example or maven depends on the
technology you are using it will be really nice if you can find out how it
works how to configure it because it will make your starting process in a new
the company a little bit easier, and according to my opinion the last
important tool it would be nice for you to try is task management system, every
company now we use any task management system and it will be really nice if you
can try it before going to work because it’s much less stress for you if you
know most of the software you can for example create a little task when
you are doing your training project and put them in something like Asana or
Trello or maybe JIRA and find out how it works ok I guess I covered the most
popular tools you need to get familiar with it also might happen that you need
to use any graphic tool to cooperate with a designer but usage of the software
like InVision or Zeplin or something similar is very easy from
developer point of view okay let us know if you liked the video
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next video. Bye!

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