How to load the algorithm | Easy Logic Creators | Lesson 1.5

Hi, everyone, this is Andrew from Galileosky. You already got basic principles of how to
create and save an algorithm, in this video we’ll look at how to load it on the tracker locally
or remotely. For local uploading connect the tracker to
your PC via USB and open the algorithm on the Easy logic tab. Press the USB upload button. System will check if you wish to delete existing
algorithm on the tracker, that is not necessary, so we choose “No” option. In a couple of seconds the algorithm is ready
for use on the tracker, and we can see “Hello World” messages At the same time on the “Device” tab of the
tracker we can see the loaded algorithm name. You can also upload the algorithm remotely,
that will require sending a specific command via SMS, Configurator or monitoring software. I’ll show how to send it via Configurator. We enter the account and find required tracker. Then we go to the Commands tab and use SCRIPT
command. The command format is as follows: script space
account name slash algorithm name. Both account and algorithm names are to be
written in the same capital and small letters they were created with. For example, in our Hello World name H and
W are capital, the rest are small. We get command reply Script download is scheduled. Another way to load an algorithm using
Configurator program is directly via your account. Choose the required tracker and right click
on it, then choose Upload algorithm to device and select the algorithm you need from the
list. It’s done, the tracker started downloading
the algorithm. In order to make sure the algorithm is uploaded,
we access the Device tab where the algorithm name should be shown. Apart from that you can send empty SCRIPT
command to the tracker, in response you should get a
list of all algorithms loaded on the tracker. We learnt the first steps of using Easy Logic. Further on we will continue learning it from basic things to more complex ones. Like and share these videos with clients and colleges and subscribe to our channel to get notified about new Easy Logic lessons. Bye everyone!

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