How to personalize your PC

(upbeat music) Welcome to Simply Widows. This is Maxx. And this is David and we’re
two writers at Microsoft. Today we’ll talk about
how to personalize your PC and make it your own. So you can always throw
a sticker on the cover of your laptop if you
want, but let’s start with choosing your favorite
picture as your background. Well, you can do that by
right clicking on the desktop, you can also go into settings
to personalize your computer. Select the Windows icon, Settings, and then Personalization. It’ll take you right to where you can change your background. So you can choose from
a slideshow of images or just a single picture. Just tap browse, and then select
the picture that you want. I’m gonna go with choosing the beach because I miss the beach. Ah, I love the beach. So let’s go to colors next. Dark mode is something that
customers have been asking for a while and this is where you can bring it into Windows 10. Just select it from the drop down. You can also choose an accent color. I’m gonna choose something
bright, like purple. Nice. So Windows chooses colors
that look good together or you can choose your
favorite accent color. You can also change things
like the lock screen, fonts, but let’s talk about themes. So themes are a way to change
the whole look of your PC. Background, colors, even sounds. Some are built in. But you can also choose
to get more themes. This opens the Microsoft
store where you can browse hundreds of free and paid themes. I’m gonna go with cats and dogs. I’m gonna select Get to download it. So we’ll have more
information about the ways you can personalize your
PC in the show notes. Simply Windows is a new series and we wanna answer your questions. Just ask us in the comments below. And if you know anyone who
can benefit from this series. Share it with them and pass it along. Besides, we have puppies. Bye for now!
Bye. (upbeat music)

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