what's up guys this is Tampa Tech and this is my son Devin what's a youtube channel my youtube channel is rockstar gamers oh he'll put in the link in the description below yep I'll leave a link in the video description below I'm having a giveaway for two thousand subscribers that will be giving away one ps4 game WWE 2k15 so if you want to witness you'll give this to what your two thousand subscriber or you'll just choose someone random I get like what are your subscribers yeah basically but like the one that's closer to my mm I got a couple of time I'll just choose with it and then I'll mail it out for him now in this video we're gonna be talking about how to convert your Amazon fire TV remote to control your TV you know the on all features and volume control stuff like that we're gonna be attaching this universal remote to the Amazon fire TV remote I cancelled my cable TV service and I only have Hulu TV service so I see probably like a hundred dollars a month by doing that and I had that for about like six months and it's totally worth it but the only thing is is you know I couldn't I had two remotes one to turn on the TV and one to control my Amazon fire TV stick so now I have one remote which is great this is around 15 dollars I believe I'll leave a link in the video description below where to get this this is a really awesome accessory for your Amazon fire TV remote and I'm gonna show you the old version last year I made a video how to program your remote to control your TV this is the old version which no longer is available on Amazon and probably because I had a lot of quite a few returns the issue with this one was well first you had I had a learning feature where you had to learn it with your original TV remote but the problem is with this is that the board pops out and now had a hot glue it in to keep it in place because you press the button it's too hard and then when you press the buttons too hard and made this circuit board pop out from the clips well that's why I hot-glued it and then it stopped it from doing that and works great but they I guess people didn't want to how glue their TV remote which I don't blame them yeah they no longer sell this now I have a new option which is a better option and this was like $15 and this I believe is also $15 we're gonna open it up and now by the way I'm going to do a giveaway contest if you guys are interested they sent me a bunch yeah someone hit me up on my email and they're like hey you guys are interested in doing a review on our TV remote yeah I was like good I'm interested but can you hook up my subscribers and they sent me a box full so yeah if you want to win this and go ahead and go to my Instagram and just follow and like the post let's go ahead and get started with that I'm going to show you how to program it and then you pull this tab so the button cell battery faces down looks like just slide it in that's what it looks like yeah and it doesn't fall out you don't really need the original TV remote for your TV just need a you know a remote that controls your TV it could be a cable TV remote which is fine as long as it controls your TV set you know the volume and the power on and off features so let's go ahead and face it toward the IR sensor so I'm gonna hit power and B so press and hold that and then the red light well right there turn solid red and then next we're gonna go through the hole all the buttons that you want to program so the first button on a program is power power and then power alright now that is on see it recognizes the code and next one I want a program is plus which is volume up and then hit volume up and solid red which registered that and then – fly them down hold that release and then it's solid right again and let's do the source input button press that they'll start to flash once again it's waiting for your command and I'll press the input button press and hold for a couple seconds release now registered and then when you're done and press power and B and that's it alright so now we're gonna test it out power alright that turns it on all right let's do the volume control yeah that works good volume down that works as well all right let's try input looks like it's working pretty good that's it if your amazon firetv stick is not responding you probably have to replace the batteries or reset the remote but I'm plugging this and putting it back in even program your surround sound volume right here if you want it want it too and then this can be like your power on and off or your surround sound if you know anyone that has Amazon fire TV stick and that might find this video informative and useful go ahead and click on the share button below and share this video to them help someone out and if you want more how-to videos like this coming your way subscribe to Tampa tech click on the subscribe link or the subscribe button down below and if you want to check out my other how-to videos and tutorials check out this playlist link right here thanks guys for watching

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