How To Replace Install Ignition Switch 00-05 Chevy Monte Carlo

Brought to you by 1AAuto.com, your source
for quality replacement parts and the best service on the Internet. Hi, I’m Mike from 1A Auto. I hope this how-to
video helps you out, and next time you need parts for your vehicle, think of 1AAuto.com.
Thanks. In this video, we’re going to show you how
to replace the ignition switch on this 2003 Chevy Monte Carlo. It’s the same part and
similar process on these Monte Carlos from 2000 to 2005. The items you’ll need for this
is a new ignition switch from 1AAuto.com, a 7mm socket, 8mm socket, 10mm socket, ratchet,
socket extensions, T25 Torx bit, flat blade screwdriver, and an E5 external Torx bit. Start off by disconnecting your negative battery
cable. Just use the 8mm socket and ratchet to remove it. Underneath your steering wheel,
you’ll see this panel. You just want to push in these two tabs, pull it down, and then
twist this socket free and pull the bulb out. Then you want to remove these two 7mm screws.
Pull out your fuse panel door, especially make sure that the lower clip comes out, and
then pull straight back on the lower panel on both sides. Use a small flat blade screwdriver
to help you release the clip on the harness and remove the harness. Inside here, there’s a T25 screw. Just go
ahead and remove that. Then pry out on this lever and it pulls free. Then you can pull
the panel straight down, unhook it, and pull it forward. Next, you want to remove these
two E5 External Torx bolts. There’s one right here and one right here on the other side.
We’ll just fast-forward as Mike removes those. Once those are removed, you can pull this
upper panel up and off. Now, pull this panel off the rest of the way
and remove this 7mm bolt right here. Pull down your glove box and remove this 7mm bolt
right up here. Pry off this bezel. Then pull out on either side of the dash panel. You
just want to feel for the clips back behind it and pull out. Once you get it free, just
pull it forward, use a flat blade screwdriver to disconnect the hazard switch, and be careful
while doing this cause you can break the bezel fairly easily. Now put your keys in the ignition,
turn it to the on position, pull your shifter back all the way, and then lift your dash
panel up and out. Next, you want to remove a series of bolts
that hold on this panel. You can see there’s three 7mm on this side and one 7mm bolt over
here. Then, back behind this plate, you can see there are 10mm bolts up there. They’re
slightly gold color, and you’re going to want to remove those and the ones behind them as
well. To get these ones, you can go up through here and to get the one back behind it. You
can just go on the other side of the plate, reach up from underneath, and get them that
way. We’ll fast-forward as Mike removes those. Next, remove these two 10mm bolts that hold
in your ignition switch. Now, pull your ignition switch down through the hole where the plate
was. Then put your key in the ignition and turn it to the on position. Then push in on
this tab and pull that free. Then push in on this tab and pull your lock cylinder free.
Now you can push the tabs on this harness and disconnect it. On the left is the old ignition switch; on
the right is the new one from 1A Auto. You can see they’re identical, and they’ll fit
exactly the same. Now, you want to turn the inside, so you just push in the piston on
the inside, turn it, and you want it to match up with your ignition switch. Now, push the
harness into place and then insert your key into the ignition and just turn it until that
moves. Then just push it back into place. Insert this harness. Now, you can turn your
key off and remove it. Then reconnect these two harnesses. Now, reconnect your negative
battery cable and just tighten it up. You can see it works. Now, just feed your ignition
switch back up into place. Once you’ve got it in place, replace those two 10mm bolts.
Replace this panel and the 10 and 7mm bolts that hold it in place. To reinstall the dash panel, open up your
glove box, turn the key to the on position, and pull the shifter all the way back. Pull
your steering wheel down and then tuck the dash panel back behind the steering wheel.
Now reconnect your harness. Then you can slide your shifter forward and remove the key. Then
push the dash panel back in the rest of the way. Then just push in the clips all the way
around it. We’ll fast-forward as Mike replaces those two 7mm bolts and tightens them up.
Then just push this bezel back into place. Tilt the steering wheel back down, feed this
upper panel back into place, and push it back down and replace those two E5 inverted Torx
bolts. Now, feed in the lower panel. You want to
push the back back behind, and re-clip those two hooks. Then swing up the front, push it
into place, and then just replace that T25 Torx screw. Reconnect the harness to your
switch, line up the panel, and push it back into place. Then replace the two 7mm bolts
at the bottom of the panel. Push the bulb back into the socket, and twist it back into
this panel, and then feed the panel back. Then you just push it back up into place.
Next, push your tilt lever back into place. Then take your fuse panel, line up those tabs,
and just hit them back into place. You’re all set. We hope this video helps you out. Brought
to you by www.1AAuto.com, your source for quality replacement parts and the best service
on the Internet. Please feel free to call us toll-free, 888-844-3393. We’re the company
that’s here for you on the Internet and in person.

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  • Ivory Harris says:

    very helpful info!

  • Austin Ehm says:

    So when replacing just the cylinder there is no relearn process and the car should start like normal unlike if the lock cylinder was being replaced?

  • Eric H says:

    This is a good video, but my problem is that my key wont turn at all. any suggestions?

  • Kyle Adams says:

    I have the same problem. My key won't turn at all so I can't take the car out of lark

  • MCGEE1115 says:

    PLEASE ANSWER QUESTIONS ABOUT WHAT TO DO IF YOUR KEY WONT TURN TO THE ON POSITION. All these videos assume you can turn your key on and you can take your car out of park, that is often not the case! Thanks

  • james canavan says:

    Thanks for the video very helpful

  • Máximo Bautista says:

    good video. .
    hi can you gime a hand i have a 2003 silverado 2500hd 6.0
    it thosesnt star the inguine the key turned but not the inguine. any suggestions. thanks.

  • sarge1231 says:

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  • Luis Martinez says:

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  • Tyler Bahr says:

    I want to throw a serious thank you your way for this video. I just finished replacing this switch on my 00 impala, and it fixed all the weirdness that it was causing. please keep spreading your knowledge like this for others!

  • Michael Chen says:

    Very helpful video. Replacing the ignition switch solved my passlock security issue!. Thank you for posting

  • Ted Berner says:

    If your new lock, or your old lock cylinder won't release the key when installed, this could be a problem with the thick, stiff cable that goes between the switch assembly and the shifter. Sometimes that cable can for whatever reason stop functioning correctly, or the adjustment can get out of whack. If the cable seizes, try to move the grey plunger back and forth to increase the movement (without breaking it!). Use of a fine lubricant can also improve this.

    If the lock cylinder binds up, it could be bad, and it would probably bind up both in and out of the switch socket.

    Oh and the last of 3 parts of the programming sequence… the SECURITY light may not stop flashing. This is important to know because some may assume the whole effort failed, then begin to start again needlessly.

  • Mr Mechanic says:

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    5.0 video on 4.0 scale! I have limited mechanical/analytical automotive ability…. I did this job in 3.5 hours, start to finish, without anyone's help…. included sips of beer during numerous reruns of video to ensure I was getting it right. I did! Videos like this would solve world hunger and neutralize NKorea if anyone did videos on world hunger and neutralizing NK.

    1. View this video two, three, maybe even four times before going to work… each time you will learn something knew to anticipate when actually get to work.
    2. I have 2000 Monte…. when lighting off, waited nearly 30 minutes for "Security" alert light to go out before proceeding with video's direction… motor turned on right away… think it's cuz I didn't try to turn on the motor initialing… merely turned "On" and saw alert, so went through re-set process described in video… suspect motor would have turned on right away, so do try that (like the video sez!). 🙂
    3. Level for tilt steering pops in and out pretty easily…. ensure tilt is "down" when attempting to pull dash panel cowling out… much easier with steering down and out of the way… much less risk to damage to cowl, too!
    4. This job entails "torx" head screws…. both female and male heads (screw driver and socket)…. very important to have the right tools for this job… if you don't have, take the time to go down to your local Harbor Freight (or equivalent "made-in-china junk tool" store…. you can buy a butt-load of drivers and sockets for less than $10… make HUGE difference in the satisfaction you get from doing an easy job with the right tool!!! (SAE and Metrics might come close…. but, no cigar, and you might damage/lose something if you're not using Torx.)

    In summary…. this video will save you AT LEAST two hours of labor at you local Chevy dealer/service department….. and THAT's a lot of sips of beers. Do the math… follow the video… and put your Bride back on the road with all accessories working as designed. (Too many sips…. your bride may be a tad disappointed when she tries to show her appreciation for a job well-done!"


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