How to save the algorithm | Easy Logic Creators | Lesson 1.4

Hello everyone, Andrew from Galileosky. In our previous video we learned how to complete Easy Logic algorithm. In this video I’ll tell you how to save it. Let’s start with giving the algorithm unique name, click on the default name and type in the one you made up. For your further convenience it is recommended to name the algorithms according to the tasks they manage. You can save the algorithm locally on your
PC or remotely on the server. In order to do that, simply press the “Save”
button and choose where to save your algorithm file in the .gss format. You can later open this file on the Easy Logic
tab using the Open button. In order to save the file on the server, you
first need to authorize in your remote configuration account in the Configurator program. In the description to this video you can find
link to a related topic instruction. After you authorized, press the Save button and choose the Remote server option, then save. You can also later open this algorithm using
Easy Logic tab, just press open and use the Remote server tab for that. What are crucial points to be remembered not
to make mistakes when creating an algorithm? First, it’s important to correctly complete
the algorithm. We’ve discussed that it can be done in several
ways – use Finish event or create a cycle. Second, you should check that all elements are connected with each other, and no element has a missing arrow. And third, remember to give the algorithm
a unique name. If any mistakes were made, the system will
warn about them, but will allow to save the algorithm. This saved file, however will not be allowed
to be installed on the tracker locally or remotely. Follow these recommendations in order to successfully
use Easy Logic. If you have any questions – write them in
the comments bellow. And click our next video to learn how to install
saved algorithm on the tracker.

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