How to Set Up a Facebook Group for Business

– So, how can I leverage a
Facebook group for my business? I’m glad you asked. I’m gonna show you things
that you need to consider when you’re setting up
your Facebook group. Help you determine what kind
of group you should create, and give you the best chance at success. Are you ready? Let’s do it! (relaxed music) Chances are, if you’re
watching this video, you want to know how your
Facebook Group can help build a community, how it
can reach new customers, how you can help connect
with your audience, and get new, and develop new ideas. Just to name a few. But setting up the group
can be a little complicated. I’ll be walking you through step-by-step, so that you can reference this video and know exactly what to do. But, be sure to stick
around until the end, because I’m also gonna
be sharing a tip about the biggest mistakes I see people make, and I don’t want you to make ’em. So you might be trying to kind
of figure out the difference between the Pages and the Groups. And there’s a couple of things that you really need to understand. First, it’s that the
Pages actually show you what you need to do. And a Group shows you how to do it all. So I want you to kinda keep that in mind. A lot of people wonder what kinda content I should post on it, and is it
an exact mini-me of my Page. And the answer is no, no, no. Have you ever thought
about having a barbecue in your front yard? Have you ever thought about
getting in your bathing suit and going sunbathing in your front yard? Have you ever had your
child’s first birthday party in your front yard? Of course not! That would be really weird, right? I always equate your Page
is like your front yard, that means that your Page is
your message to the world. It’s not really where people
actually engage and hangout. It’s where the solar
panel salesman comes and (clicks tongue) knocks on your door and says,
“Hi, would you like to buy” “solar panels?” It’s not really where you have a lot of interaction with people. But your backyard is where the party’s at. The backyard is where you have a gate, where you actually accept people in there, much like when you approve
people into a group. Your backyard is also
where you want your people to start talking to each other,
to engage with each other. They’re not in the backyard
to sit there like a seminar and watch you. They’re there to interact
and have fun with people and it is your job as the
organizer, to make sure that the drinks are flowing
and the games are happening, and the music and the
Wi-fi is still going on. You are the party planner. Your backyard is your group. Okay now, there’s a bunch
of different types of Groups that you can actually have. I’m gonna show you the three major ones that you can pick from, and
the one that I would pick from. So, the first one is public and visible. And that basically means that
everybody can see the group. They can see inside of it. They can see what you’re posting, and it comes up on the search engine. The second one is private and visible. Private and visible means
that nobody can actually read inside of the group,
but that it is still public so people can search and
they can find the group. Now, the last one is private and hidden. That means no matter
what kind of detective you think you are, you
ain’t finding the group. So, it’s kind of like if you have a group that you wanna invite a
bunch of people into first, and then put it on lockdown
so no one can see it, that’s kind of the way you wanna do it. But if you’re still trying
to get people into your group you definitely do not
want that third option. Personally, I like option
two, because I think that there’s no point in having a
public group where everybody can actually read what’s going on, ’cause why do I need to join it? So now that you’ve decided
what kinda group you’re gonna set it up to be, I want you to consider why do you even have this group? How is this helping your business? You want to have strategy
when it comes to groups so that you’re not just spinning
your wheels for nothing. At the end of the day, it all
has to lead back to revenue. Am I right? Now, revenue comes in a
lot of different ways. And I always like to think
about where in the funnel is their group gonna appear? Is it gonna be top of the
funnel where we’re catching a whole bunch of people,
no matter who they are, just to kinda get them into our community. Is it gonna be middle of the funnel, where we start really
niching down our community to their likes, their needs, their wants, their educational level maybe. Or at the very bottom, where
it’s kind of a by-product of something that you actually get once you purchase something
from your company. Knowing what part of the funnel, and having that idea in your head, is gonna drastically help you
understand what your strategy, what your content, what your
group settings and culture and feeling is gonna be like. Now, once we find out if
it’s public or hidden, and then what part of the funnel it is, we need to make rules, because rules were not meant to be broken. (chuckles)
Just kidding. When it comes to rules,
Facebook Groups are some place where a lot of the time it takes
off and people get excited. And they kinda need
those boundaries to know what’s on-limits and what’s off-limits. The good thing about
this, is that Facebook has actually helped us with this. If you just navigate
on over to those rules, they actually suggest some rules, like “be kind and
courteous,” that you can add, or you can create your
own rules if you’d like. But you’re gonna wanna
pay very close attention to the rules that you establish. Because there will be a time
where you’re gonna have to recall on those rules to
help moderate the group. Another really cool feature
that Facebook does for you, is if someone violates
those community rules, you can actually select which
one and it will send them a notice citing the actual one. Now, Cinderella is not going
to the ball without a gown. And you should not go to
start a Facebook group without an awesome cover. You guys, the Facebook cover is something that people forget about. They set it and then they never
do anything with it again. I want you to remember
that your Facebook cover is kinda the one thing
that everyone’s gonna see on mobile and on desktop. It is one of the most
important pieces of real estate for your Facebook group. So stay up to date with it. If you have an event coming up, if you have a guest coming on, if you have just a theme of the month, you’re gonna want to update that cover. It draws attention, and every
single time that you update that cover, you bet your
bottom dollar your Facebook group numbers are getting
a notification about it. Now, you might be wondering, “Bella, how do I get those people that are actually on
my Page into my group?” So there’s a lot of different ways that I think we kind of forget about, that we have access to. And I’m gonna run you through
a quick couple of them. The first one, anywhere you have that
Facebook logo, go ahead and make that link to your Facebook group. If that’s really where you
wanna get people to go to. Forget linking ’em to your
Page, where only what, 2, 3, 4% are gonna
actually see what you post? (electronic music) Get them in the backyard
where the party’s going. You wanna go ahead and take
all of those Facebook icons and make them go directly
to the group to approve or to join your group. And that would be a top
of the funnel kinda group, the one that just collects everybody. Another way that you can do
this is send out an email to all of your subscribers,
maybe your email list, all of your fans, your followers, and say “Hey, we’re starting
this Facebook group” or “We have this Facebook group
and here are three reasons”, value, value, value, “on why
you should join our group.” Another major piece of real
estate I wanna make sure that you don’t forget, is
your actual cover photo or video of your Page. Don’t be afraid to put
a little arrow down to (beeps) visit group. That little blue button that
we see on the front page of our Page. Okay, so I really wanna tell
you about this big mistake because I hope none of you are doing it, but some of you might be doing it. Here’s the scoop, guys,
your Facebook group is not your Page, it’s not a mini Page. And while it’s okay to share
some stuff from your Page into your group, you really,
really wanna make sure that your group is where it’s at, where it’s the exclusive information. I like to think of it as the
“why and how to do things”, where your Page is the “what to do”. People might get excited,
like “Oh I could do this!” And then they might go,
“But how do I do that?” “Oh, I should join the group.” And that’s where the real magic happens. So don’t give it all away on your Page, and don’t take all of your
Page and put it into your group because they’re two different audiences and there’s two different
ways to communicate and what to communicate with people. So, everything I just told
you is gonna get your group up and running, but now what? Click on this video on
how to cultivate a group and get lots of engagement.

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  • Conhuir McKee says:

    Some great info here and loving this new series but holy s**t… I felt like I was watching a youtube kids presenter doing some arts and crafts. Found it very distracting.

  • Abisaac Saraga says:

    I rapidly grew my hyper focused group (Gluten free location based) to start by making it public/public. It allowed people to see into the group before joining it to get notifications. I wanted the group to gain credibility is a valuable source first. It also allowed me to share out some of the awesome discussion happening in the group to get more people to join. I also used the invite tool the groups gives you to invite people that follow your page to join the group, and I use the visit group button that you noted as well. That lead to FB recommending the group to others to join that are not part of my page. I made it clear to everyone that I would turn the group to a private group once a particular milestone was hit. The group is 3 days shy of a year old and it is over 2K membership built from a FB page with only 4K. I'm happy about that. I quickly had to get a couple volunteer group moderators that have helped keep it real. Example of engagement, in the last 28 days there have 236 posts, 3K comments, 4.6K reactions.

    Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gfreeyeg/

  • Chris Shouse says:

    Bella has great enthusiasm! I love her energy and she made the video fun and informative. Thanks, Bella!

  • Keep it Simple Social Media says:

    Sums it all up!! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

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