How to start the algorithm | Easy Logic Creators | Lesson 1.2

Hello everyone, its Andrew from Galileosky. In this video I will tell you how you can start an algorithm. Each algorithm starts with an event. This could be device a start, for example. Which means the algorithm would start each time the tracker is on. In order to use a block, we use a simple drag-and-drop method. Simply drag in needed element on
the working field. Incoming SMS can also be an event, starting the algorithm each
time the tracker received specific message from a specific telephone number. Double-click on the block, enter text into SMS filter and add a telephone
number. Event in common call will start an algorithm when the tracker receives a
call from specific number. The settings here are the same. RS-485 handler is used
usually for external devices integration using RS-485 interface. In our later videos where we’ll use it for integration purposes. You can also start
the script logic via command using the incoming command event. Command can be
received via SMS, configurator program locally remotely or using monitoring
software via GPRS. And finally this should make photo event will start an
algorithm each time the tracker should make a photo by command or according to
its settings. Now you know that every algorithm should start with an event. It can be device start, SMS message, call, connected device reaction, command or
photo event. In our next video we’ll show you how to build a complete algorithm
and what instruments can be used for that. See you in our next video.

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