How to travel and work as a remote software developer

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  • Internet User says:

    Just to clarify, are you the ex-Google TechLead?

  • Ali says:

    I don't know exactly why, and I don't care, but I love this channel and TechLead's videos

  • Palasako says:

    Gosh, So Elite.

  • FedericoLov says:

    This is what I'm doing and what I suggest as an employee:
    – Start by chosing a company where many people already work either partially or completely from home.
    – When in office get used to hot desks: no papers lying around; everything has to be in your laptop.

    – Work from home in your town as often as you can/want.
    – If your company has multiple offices around the world, arrange work trips to those offices and take a few days off while there.
    – When taking a holiday make sure to have an accommodation with decent desk, internet and external monitor/tv; work from there for a few days.

    Essentially I'm at a stage where I'm mixing holiday and work which is great because even being a full time tourist is tiring to me and those days when I work remotely I can go out in the evening like a local; in this way I also have the flexibility to fly on cheaper days.
    With this arrangement + regular holidays I manage to spend almost 2 months a year outside of my town.
    The next step is simply to extend all of the above to more days and further time zones but I think this stepped approach is a good start

  • Steven Ponte says:

    really interesting video. You should do one on how you view retirement. not early retirement (I saw your video on that) but actual retirement. Do you think software engineers will ever have to retire now that you can take projects remotely and technology is there.

  • Crunkmastaflexx says:

    He's talking as if working remotely means that youre self employed? Right? Does working remotely mean that you're self employed?

  • Don Larry says:


  • Sang Chung says:

    3:17 watch out for lye-brie

  • Mr. Suhaib says:

    Was this video just to promote this xteam thing?

  • Haythem Elhusseiny says:

    So from what I understand unless you have a lot of savings , Do not working remotely

  • Code With Nick says:

    Do they provide any kind of services in India? I want to leave Delhi and work from my native Himalayas 😎

  • Haz Bean says:

    remote work doesn't equate to me as vacation or holiday or even travelling. You can work remotely from your home, i think that is more what i have in mind. Many times needing to move to another city to live for a number of years there, not to visit, is something that could inspire the need to find remote work because you have to leave your office job. Maybe you have to move to another a city because you've found love not to leave it.

  • Bl4ckread says:

    In a few decades the life sustaining systems of the Earth have been utterly destroyed by humanity, and most people will be dying of starvation, not traveling around wherever they want.

  • Abhishek Tyagi says:

    Sir Would Java be of no use because of PYTHON web dev , data science, ML, AI and KOTLIN, DART flutter in ANDROID side
    If not so please explain.

  • J C says:

    Actually really great advice… Starting remote work this week, scary times.

  • Discover Life Media says:

    You sure have this YT thing down!

  • The101Superman says:

    I wish someone as expirienced and funny as you would be my professor..

  • Ian Rickey says:

    How about reviewing your favorite web app design patterns?

  • Anony mous says:

    this has motivated me to learn Swift so I can work remotely, thank you TechLead

  • DamianN Audio says:

    I've been working remotely for 2 years now and I cannot imagine getting back to office corpo life. There are however limitations, it's not recommended to everybody.
    1. Have at least 2 years of working expierience with pro developers
    2. Don't be extrovert 😉
    3. Self-employment highly recommended
    4. Have lots of self-confidence
    5. Learn new technologies on your own

    Good luck, I hope remote programming will become a standard soon

  • adfinem _rising says:

    @3:02 that's so cool!

  • J Systems says:

    Thanks for all your advice and sharing your experiences. I think it will be very useful to a lot of people new to the industry and also experienced programmers. I really like your videos. 🙂

  • Mirko Saiu says:

    If i will work remotely i would just find a co working space and basically work in an office.. the difference would be just the flexibility to change city often.

  • Dmitriy Shmanko says:

    Do they provide women to put on my dick from time to time ?

  • Victor Bustamante says:

    I´m a fan of this guy, i really enjoy your videos man, keep the good work up!

  • miguel acevedo says:

    fucking jerk

  • asdf says:

    I… never celebrated my dog's birthday.

  • Beastinlosers says:

    Lmao I had an idea to do something like xteam, to bad I'm only now getting out of HS.

  • anamarie76 says:

    Practical and really help tips

  • 배재성 says:

    Are you a south korean?

  • Sergey Dev says:

    Is this real tech lead?

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