How To Use BHIM App in Hindi on Android? | Bharat Interface for Money | UPI Payments | Hindi

PM, Hon. Narendra Modi has launched BHIM App or Bharat Interface for Money on 30 December 2016. And In this Video I will show you How you to Download BHIM App? and How to Use BHIM App? To Download go to Play Store and Search for BHIM. For this App you have to scroll down and also only download app with this logo Under this App you will see National Payment Corporation of India, Please only download this official App. I Have downloaded this App. Now Open this App. This App is downloaded let me open it. After this you will see logo of BHIM and them Select your language. Here I am selecting English but you can select Hindi also. After selecting click on Next. You can see that with the help of BHIM App you can do payments with UPI Code, 24 7 Payments and also you can send and receive Payments using QR Code It is now asking for permission to send SMS so give it permission. Now select allow. You have to allow twice. Now BHIM App will ask you to register your mobile number, Here I will suggest you to select the number which is linked to your bank and aadhar card. Here I am selecting first SIM and you also get charged for this SMS. I am charged with ₹1.2. Now you Mobile Number will be verified. Now Choose any PIN. You will have to write this PIN twice i.e. once to confirm. After Registering you will see interface like this. Send, Request and Scan & Pay Transaction, Profile and Bank Account. But before Sending or Receiving Money using BHIM App you have to generate UPI PIN. To generate UPI PIN you can click on Send or Receive anyone. After which you will see this form, fill it and then your UPI PIN will be generated. After Generating UPI PIN. Clicking on Send you can send money to any one. By Clicking on Request you can request for Money. And by clicking on Scan & Pay you can send money by Scanning QR Code. In transaction section you will see all your transaction. In profile section you will see QR Code and your Profile. And If you choose bank account you will get you bank account number. Friends, If you find this Video helpful then please like this. Share with your friends And also subscribe to this channel, you can find more videos like this on this channel. Thanks for Watching!!!

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