How Year Up Will Close the Opportunity Divide

Year Up is a national nonprofit
organization that works with low-income 18 to 24 year olds, and in one year,
enables those young adults to go from low income to livable wages in the very
best companies in this country. Year Up’s mission is to close the
Opportunity Divide. We believe that talent is equally distributed but
opportunity is not. And we need to change that in order to maintain a strong, civil,
democratic society. We train and place over 5,000 young adults per year. That is
but a drop in the bucket in the 5 million young adults who need and
deserve economic opportunity in this country.
Our most recent outcomes evaluation from PACE show that Year Up graduates will
earn 53% higher wages, far and away surpassing any other workforce
development organization. We know what it takes to be successful here, and now
we’re working on figuring out how to scale it. These scalable and adaptable
program models will leverage the best of Year Up’s IP, from curriculum through to
training evaluation, in order to increase the impact of what Year Up is able to do
today. We have to think bigger. That’s why we’re most excited about the strategy
we’re now embarking on, which is to enable and empower others to serve
Opportunity Youth across this country.

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