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Blonsky pulled back now what’s happened in peeps and that was
definitely the best hope movie that they have done recently but a lot of my
subscribers want to know why haven’t we got another hoax standalone movie why do
we keep getting all these damn spider-man movies and we’re gonna talk
about all that right now but first on this channel we got to put on our plus
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first and foremost two of the top five most beloved Marvel characters are the
Hope and spider-man so to answer my subscribers question why you see so many
spider-man’s because the kids love them they sell merchandise and to answer her
second question why have we not seen another hope standalone movie well Mark
Ruffalo did her interview and he kind of lets you know why we have it so take a
look I want to just make one thing perfectly clear today a standalone Hulk
movie will never happen because Universal has the right specific to the
standalone Hulk movie and for some reason they don’t know how to play well
with Marvel and they don’t want to make money and with you as the new Hulk it
would be terrible battle that’s really probably that’s possible we know that
these corporations would work it out if they thought they make enough money so I
think about who’s playing home let’s but I mean I figure I got like two or three
more years left before they I’m too old to play the whole year we talked about
it but I just I don’t see it in the cards these feet in the cards no I mean
there’s a little crew loved it was it means a lot to me I mean I really love
this character I think my own I do my own thing I feel
like we’re like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern that’s right there are big
rights issues with Universal and Marvel coming together to do a movie apparently
someone is thinking they’re not gonna make enough money and it could be
because every single one that Universal has done has sucked up until this very
last one in 2008 that a lot of people don’t realize catapulted the MCU as we
know it this was the first time you’ve seen Robert Downey jr. was 2008 hope
take a look yeah that was that movie that’s what
started this whole dynasty that we know as the MCU and until they can figure out
the universal rights issues or until the time comes when Marvel and Disney can
buy back those rights we’re probably not gonna get a standalone hope movie
because I’m sure Universal wants our arm and a leg because the hope is hot right
now but all you’re ever gonna see what the hope is him in other people’s movies
until something happens with that so if you really love the hope like I do and
you want to see a world war Hope movie folks were just gonna have to keep
waiting he’s just gonna have to be in everybody else’s movie that Marvel has
the rights to until they can work out something with Universal like Mark
Ruffalo said he might only have maybe three more years as this hope and I hope
he does get a chance to do a standalone movie because he’s done a great job at
first I was a little skeptical but he has proven his talent as being the hope
and we definitely as fans deserve a world war hope saga because hope comes
back and kicks everybody ass on the planet earth and we need to see that
let’s make it happen that’s going to do it for this video don’t forget to like
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gang comments on your favorite Hulk storyline of all the time where there’s
TV comic books or the movies and until the next sex is hell video I’ll see you

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  • Lamont Tyson says:

    Why We Will Not See A MCU Hulk Film | Explained By MCU Actor Mark Ruffalo: Subscribe Life Gains Channel – https://www.youtube.com/c/LamontTyson

  • Fay Knox says:

    I would love to see another Hulk movie…..lol I bought my grandson a Hulk figurine..lol

  • Andre Bunting says:

    Edward Norton's Hulk was the best

  • Kathy Myrick says:

    Yeah I get tired of superman and star war movies

  • steeleforce13 says:

    I honestly would LOVE to see another Hulk movie! I think hulk is getting short changed a lot… I believe The Incredible Hulk was top tier best at least. Idc if its a different actor.. Just give us fans what we truly desire if possible. Set a good director and producer with a plot. Heck get James Wan to produce or Zack Snyder for petes sake… Pleaseee make this happen lol.

  • Rasheed Shields says:

    I don’t know if disney hates the hulk. Or the russo brothers hates the hulk. All i know is that hulk was ruined and destroyed in endgame. After natasha’s death, that’s when bruce should’ve gotten a lot angrier before him turning into the hulk and having his five-year revenge on thanos. But, no. Missed opportunity. He mightiest will not even be in the movie. Hardcore hulk fans are completely disappointed. Mark ruffalo deserves better. Even the hulk deserves better. 😡

  • Tim Windsor says:

    Thanks for sharing brother LAMONT. Love the HULK. Would like to see another stand alone HULK movie. Guess it will never happen. Keep the videos coming. Hope you enjoy your weekend. Love ya bro

  • Vaughn mitchell says:

    They turn the hulk into a puss, professor hulk is garbage. No marvel team up. Universal, is a bitch, too much red tape. I am glad Disney, bought out fox, who made those garbage xmen movies. Universal, is like DC. They make garbage movies except for Aquaman, and wonder woman.

  • Vaughn mitchell says:

    We do not want to see professor hulk.

  • Vaughn mitchell says:

    We hulk, is my favorite when he took on Sentry.

  • Nick LFC says:

    I'm a really big Hulk fan. I'd love to see a new standalone Hulk movie.

  • DJ A-JUICE Power Source Pro. says:

    Good hulk talk I was just watching the 2008 hulk movie the other day definitely was a good movie keep up the good work brother.

  • John Jonah Jameson says:

    I miss Hulks A-Days from '08 and Avengers 1 & 2.

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