VR GameMakers is a result of Norwegian schools being instructed to offer programming to junior high school students but when we started designing this, none of the schools in Hamar had a proper program. Some had Scratch, which some of the teachers had tried out, but they didn’t have anything cool, that was using VR that taught the students something they could actually use in their everyday lives. So we told the schools that we could develop something, based on what we use as our daily tools And that ended up being VR GameMakers A VR-project where they create a game from start to finish, and that works in VR. Unity is a game engine, you can use it for free, as we do in schools, but you can also use it in a professional context, as we do at Making View. In the first module of VR GameMakers, the students learn how to use the game engine So they learn how the program works, how you actually use the program, what the buttons do and things like that. And we teach them how to do simple programming and how to design scenes to look like you want, and how to retrieve assets and use them in their game. When we begin the project in schools, the students see this it is a whitebox-scene, which means it is not very visual, but it shows where to begin and has some of the tools they are going to use. Along with the students we upgrade this room With nice walls, nice floor, decent tables and not just some white boxes One example of something they are going to replace is the saw on that table. The saw works, you can touch it and use it, and the saw blade spins around but it doesn’t look like a saw. So one of the things they do, along with us when we lecture in this course is to learn how to replace the model with a whole new model and how to apply texture and color so it looks more like a real saw. And that knowledge they will later use to retrieve things from the web put it into their project and add to the scene to make the scene unique, so it looks a little different from everyone else. When the project is complete they will hopefully have something that looks a bit like this If you look at the saw now you can see that it is much nicer to look at and it is reminiscent of an actual saw. But it’s also game they are developing, so in addition to all these visual changes they have created a game they can play from A to Z The goal of the game we make with them is to make a birdhouse and then you have to cut the plank in half put it in to the birdhouse and when you have done that you have to go to the table next to you and pick up the nail gun With the nail gun you can nail the boards to the birdhouse The students in the classes are interested and they pay attention and without us saying anything, they arrange in groups to work together. So the teachers also come to us and say that this is terrific. We have also have recieved questions if there are additional modules and that is something we would like to make.

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