I read 721 books in 2018

I read 72 books. Sorry I lied in the title. That’s right. In 2018 I read 72 books here in my garage and this is all my knowledge And the other dead means 28 year old man discovers books is a thing. It’s the end of the year and I wanted to make a sort of summary and talk about some of my favorite books that I read this year. And I also wanted to make this book to hopefully inspire you guys or more people in general to read as well. The percentage of teenagers that read for fun is at an all time low. Let’s change that. Oh yeah. The reason why I started reading was because I made actually a New Year’s resolution so I thought OK well maybe this could. You guys can take the same resolution. Maybe you guys have the same problem as I had which is that I kind of have a problem with finishing things. Sounds a bit weird but generally as soon as things get a little difficult I get bored and I move on to something else and this could be for even silly stuff like. Playing a video game. If it gets boring at some point I don’t really care to finish and I’ll just buy a new game or move on to something else or whether it’s a hobby project as soon as it gets a little boring. I generally don’t finish it so I. I miss that feeling I’m finishing something I missed that gratifying feeling though you know even if it wasn’t the most fun. I still am glad I went through with it. I’m so glad that I can move onto the next thing. Preachy moment incoming and NG in case hasn’t been preachy enough so far I think especially with social media as well we should literally never has an end to it. It’s just something that keeps going and going and going and going. I wanted to have that feeling so I said by my new year’s resolution was going to be that no matter what I do I’m going to finish it. And I didn’t have books in mind at all. It just sort of became a coincidence that I decided OK I’ll read a book and I’m leaving if I don’t like it. I don’t care. I’m just going to finishing it. Finish it. So I start off with reading sci fi and to be fair I didn’t really enjoyed that much. I’m so glad I read it and I knew I wanted to read something different next. And I really enjoyed that and they just sort of came and moved on and on and on and here I am later and I’m so happy. I’m so glad I made this decision. One of the major discoveries for me this year was discovering my favorite author which I talked a lot about on this channel which is Yukio me Shima. Didn’t know anything about this author when I read him which I think really added to the effect for me so I almost don’t want to talk about him because discovering him as was equally as fun almost or really added to the experience for me. I tweeted out on Twitter asking if there was any recommendations for Japanese authors because I enjoyed reading them more Academy and at air really expect much of it. I thought Yukio was a female name. I thought it was a female author because when I read this elite fell from grace I could see I just felt sewing could completely merge into the main character’s mind which is something I never really experienced before with literature even though this character this young boy very special to say the least I was. I was there I was into it and I felt like I got a window into that time and period when this was written. And that really is why I was so drawn to his literature afterwards studying the book learning about Yukio emission man’s life you certainly learn more about the meaning the symbolism and the ideas that motivated his work which makes it even more interesting. So I think that’s why for me you mission man had such an impact this year and also reading more about his nonfiction work like Sun and steel for example. That was his way of living he he wanted to reintroduce the samurai way of living into Japan and a lot of his book reflects that idea on the shift that Japan went through during the Meiji period. Shortly after the Second World War I hate to say this but the point is he wrote sun and steel which it was for a magazine and he was an avid body lifter weightlifting which is not your typical I guess rider hobby. Because he believed in sun and steel which is his take on the old an old samurai saying the flower and the sword. That’s oversimplifying it but basically it was his idea that samurai should spend just as much time writing poetry as they spend time practicing with their sword and missing my felt like. Japan had forgotten about their steel or the sword of Japan. And especially during the westernisation of Japan. A lot of his work like runaway horses. Is technology in the Temple of Dawn. They will reflect this this shift. He was also obsessed with the idea of dying young and he really dramatic size. And Mishima was supposed to win the Nobel Prize he was supposed to be one of the first winners. This sort of became an essay I don’t know why I didn’t mean sorry I just. I like talking about male Schmidt. He was a poet. It is very interesting. He was supposed to win the Nobel Prize but he was kind of a misunderstood character and still is fairly young to receive such an award. So he he got snob. Then he went to one of his peers. Instead. And I think twice as even he was supposed to win the Nobel Prize. It was sort of taken back. He’s still young. We don’t really know who he is yet. So when he gets older it will probably get the award. But for people I know by Miss Sharma he never made it that far to verify it. Fascinating author. His life is equally as fascinating as his work so that has been one of my favorite things that I discovered this year. Just reading his books I absolutely loved it. I read his technology. I read someone who is I guess more weird stuff. His short stories so much great work from him that I just I feel I enjoy every page that I read. The second thing that I really enjoyed discovering this year which is something that I never thought I would say which is Buddhism. That’s right everybody. I think a lot of people can benefit from the critics not from a religious thing from but just I think if you embrace Buddhism as a philosophy there’s so much to learn especially for me. I think with the ideas around self. Control and why you should indulge in self-destructive behavior that is something that I really benefited from and it’s something that I never really was taught so I’m really glad I read this book I picked it up on a complete win and the sun came out of nowhere and I’m getting blasted like an inferno. Jesus Christ. I find it interesting because a lot of its ideas on why you shouldn’t indulge in self-destructive behavior sort of correlates to another book that I read. I’ve talked about before which is Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor you Frankl who is a Holocaust survivor. He survived I think two or three concentration camps and he made the observation that people that you know started smoking or did these self-destructive things on the camps avoid the people that had kind of given up on on in general and these were the people that would soon after. Obviously not for everyone but would pass away because they they lost their meaning there they lost their their grip I guess you could say you know here I am privileged little sweet boy. Why should I do these self-destructive things. What’s the meaning for me to do that. And Frankel says as well that you should live your life as if you’ve already make made your mistakes as if you already lived it and made all your mistakes because that changes your approach to life in a meaningful way. And this connects a lot to the ideas in my opinion around reincarnation which sounds really weird for me to say but it gives you a positive meaning and outlook on life in my opinion. Regardless if you embrace the religious and spiritual aspect of it and regardless if you believe in that or not I think is irrelevant or at least actually it is relevant but it doesn’t really change anything and doesn’t change the outcome. I guess you could say if you have a meaning for something you can go through any suffering in Buddhism treats life as suffering. This became very weird. Always my final point. Life sucks. I want to tell us and touch upon that dystopian which I could because I think that’s something that a lot of people like to start off reading. Myself included one of the earliest books that I read this year was brave new world written by Aldous Huxley. I loved this one especially because it’s a good mixture of comedy and intentional or not I don’t know. And that is how grim it gets as well how dark it is. We should really delivers this impactful meaning behind it. I don’t want to go too much into it sorry. But the main reason I’m bringing this up is because a lot of you guys are recommending this book to me which is Fahrenheit 451 which is another dystopia which depicts a future where people won’t read books. They have the same idea generally but I think these are two great examples of this one has a great elevator pitch this one dozen but this one has so much more impactful meaning behind it. This just sounds to me like the rambling of an angry old man. This is the one that’s going to get a movie adapted to it. I think Lily sings is even acting in it so it’s gonna be great. Golly golly Phoebe and government controlled information verses information in the media today. I say pretty identical. Just go on any social media Web site and you’ll see that there’s two sides to every story and everyone you literally just sound like a crybaby and an idiot which you are. Lately things it’s so bad. This book is so terrible I think it’s a perfect example of a book that’s the moral is the core center of the of the novel. Which just makes it so goddamn boring in my opinion the beauty your fiction is when you have characters that are interesting and the story that really grips you in a way that. The ideas behind it isn’t as transparent and they have so much more impact in my opinion. This is so rambling so poorly written. It blows my mind that this is what gets recommended. Don’t read this one. There’s so many better dystopias out there. Whenever you goal as well the top rated books on the online and you see see what’s popular there are a lot of it is a self-help book which is fine. Obviously they have a purpose and there’s a lot to learn from that as well. But I would really emphasize that reading fiction read fiction there’s really no better way to to get the meaning behind something in my opinion instead of just getting it spoon fed to you. And I hope that more people get into reading fiction as well and don’t just read non-fiction because I know I have a lot of younger guys watching me and I know younger guys generally tend to strayed more towards nonfiction instead of fiction. But you’re missing out okay. Did you get scared. Extremely dark in here. God damn it. I think that’s all I wanted to say. I could probably ramble on a lot more. Thank you for listening so far. I again I really hope this inspires more of you to read as well. Because I had a lot of fun this year and I also would recommend to start small. And also maybe set a goal for yourself. I think instead of reading 50 pages and then or 300 pages and stopping. It’s better to just read something small like 10 pages a day. That’s a banner if you were consistent with it at least then stopping and I think you’ll find that you’ll get into it quicker than you think. Obviously if you’re not used to reading which I was in at the time it’s a little harder to get into. But once you do it’s great it’s really fun. If this video gets 5000 likes I will give away my favorite book of the year which is the cat in the hat. Now they spoke. I’m thinking about doing a whole series about. It’s goddamn genius.

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