I wrote a NES emulator in QuickBASIC… and a QuickBASIC compiler.

Step 1: Downloading QBC source code. Step 2: Compiling. Type “make” to compile.
I used “make -j4” to compiler it faster (utilizes parallel processors). All these scrolling messages are GCC’s messages (or commandlines). It happens automatically. Step 3 (optional): Running “qb –help” to see the commandline options of QBC. Step 4: Downloading QBNES source code.
I use Wget for downloading, you can use something else if you like. Step 5: Compiling QBNES using QBC.
Type: “pathto/qb cpu.bas”
I added “-Ofast” option to build an optimized build, and “-o qbnes” to generate an executable file called “qbnes” rather than “a.out” which is default. Final step: Running QBNES.
Type: “./qbnes ntdec5n1.nes” to load the cartridge image from “ntdec5n1.nes”. A reminder that most of this lagginess is caused by the screen recorder, which cannot keep up with the refreshing rate of the window. I have slow hardware.

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