Installing Arduino Software on WIndows 10 and running your first sketch

Hi guys welcome to techydiy. I’m
Nigel and in this second video about the Keyes Arduino rfid system learning kit
we’re going to install the arduino development software on a Windows 10 PC
This will then enable us to program the UNO board and experiment with the kit So to start with we need to download the
software which we can find at arduino.cc go to the download page and then click
on the windows installer. Click on download.
Make a contribution if you wish. Then click on save file Once the file is loaded We click on it Click on I agree. We’re going to install
the USB driver along with the software. Click on next. Change the destination if
you wish and then click on install. and we would like to install the device
driver, so click on install and that’s the software installation completed.
Now we can plug the UNO board into a USB port on the PC and the driver should
automatically install. We run the arduino software by double clicking on the icon.
Set the board type to arduino uno by going into the tools – board menu and set
the port by going into the tools – port menu. Now we can open a sketch by going
into files – examples – basics – blink The blink sketch is quite simple, all it does is to turn the LED connected
to pin 13 on and off repeatedly. How it does that is to set the pin as an output
and then it goes into a loop where it sets the pin high and low with a delay
in between. To make the LED blink faster we reduce the delay values. To upload the
sketch we click the upload button. Transmit and receive lights flash on the
board as the sketches uploads, followed by a message “done uploading” in the
status bar and the result is that pin 13 LED blinks on and off rapidly. So that’s
how to install the arduino development software on Windows 10. In the next video
I’m going to connect the 16 x 2 I2C character LCD display to the
Arduino. So thanks for watching and I’ll see you again next time

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