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Search the web with Instant Search Search more without leaving a tab Open the best result Find any open tab easier Instant Search in Opera for computers

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  • Soumodeep Guha says:

    Best browser

  • Alex Semёnov-Sherin says:

    1. Any way to change Google to something else?
    2. When will you add ability to detele build-in search engines and use own as default?
    3. When will you add ability to use own search engine on Express panel?

  • Mental Inlander says:

    Can you auto-hide the left bar ?? its so usefull but my screen is too small for that

  • StaySic4Ever says:


  • Роман Пархоменко says:

    где QR-код на пк???!!!

  • The Truth says:

    When I press alt + space nothing happens, and I don't see the search icon on the sidebar? Help?

  • Doğan Kürşat Aktaş says:

    I'd love to be able to do this from anywhere in Windows, not just from Opera window only. That would make this feature a hundred times more handy

  • Majid Hojati says:

    Dear Opera Team, Opera Flow is blocked in Iran, Please do sth about it

  • fib notnow says:

    Now how do I turn off alt+space search? I can't use alt+space anymore to move Opera using my keyboard.

  • oohrani says:

    But on Linux ALT+SPACE doesn't bring up the Instant Search window.

  • 01234 56789 says:

    про 4363467

  • Fred Flintstone says:

    Let me decide what is the "easiest way to search" instead of deciding for me. I consider this popup bullshit as malware. It happens when you type in the address bar without my consent, and there is no way to turn it off. Very poor programming decision Opera. Go fuck yourselves.

  • Антон Обожин says:

    Very cool, unless one thing: Yandex really pisses me off.

  • NineSenpai says:

    Am I the only one who want to CLOSE ALL THOSE TABS???

  • Chuck Sandos says:

    Again broke the opera! /It's opera-stable for Linux 54.0.2922.41 updated at morning june 29…/ Does not show videos by youtube, except 360p resolution, and some channels, – for example, space-x, – do not show at all!

  • Liddy says:

    Hi, i would like to change from Google search to Ecosia search as my standart. How do I do it?

  • Arjan Chadha says:

    I switched to Opera and I must say I LOVE it! Way better than Chrome and Safari and Firefox tbh. Only thing that's a con is that it doesn't support Hulu. 🙁

  • Mr bacon Man says:

    i use to have a blu phone it came with opera and opera even tho i used google oprea was a nice browser

  • YouTougle says:

    Video should be titled "Instant Search in Opera is the easiest way to browse the web and give all your search data to G**gle, whether you want to or not". All I see in this browser is G**gle, G**gle, G**gle and the sole reason I use other browsers and not Chr*me, is so that I don't see that name… I don't trust that name.

    Using shortcuts (the answer below) just means you're probably handing G**gle the data that says "This user used a shortcut to search for this item with a different search engine, but we're telling you what they searched for anyway". Unbreakable connections (i.e. you can't remove the defaults) are always agenda driven.

    Coupled with the arrogance and intolerance I see on your forums towards users, every bit of technical good you are doing, is being equally unravelled by this perceived attitude towards the users. The browser interface seems very polished (streets ahead of Firefox for me) but the company interface with the same users seems the polar opposite… and if that isn't the case, then I would offer this saying "You only get to make one first impression"… you need to try harder.

    It's a shame really, Mozilla have the exact same problem… is it a new Web standard you're all adhering to?

    P.s. And as for that permanently annoying "Subscribe" overlay you have decided to add over YouTube videos (that I don't see here in Firefox :P), I can't imagine for one minute how that got past anyone with any UI design competence. Had that been presented in one of my design meetings, it would have been filed under "Recycle Bin". I can't even see a setting to turn it off.

  • mi vanantwerpen says:

    echt een toffe browser en gemakkelijk te gebruiken en mooie design

  • Safuh Sasa says:

    i like this browser but there is no voice search for Google

  • H SP says:

    どうすれば多段タブにできますか Ver62.0.3331.72 
    How can I make multistage tabs

  • elephantfan says:

    i accidentaly brought this up while in youtube the other day and i just couldnt figure out how to do it again. thanks

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