Interface | Episode 11 | Revelation

Classy place, isn’t it? And what a selection of food! Mmhh… Noodles. My favourite. *Slurping sound* You’re not hungry? I know what’s wrong… You’re smoking too many cigarettes. To be quite honest, food isn’t what I need to survive. But it tastes so good! That chef may be grumpy, but he has a big heart. He’s wrong about one thing. He thinks I can’t change colours! The reality is, I don’t want to. I choose to be this way. You never had a choice though. After all this time together, it finally makes sense. And it always does. You long for your late family. Three, passed from old age, and two were killed in a tragic car accident. You… you think they’re all gone! But, the little one… your dear great granddaughter. Hmmm… I have something that you might want to know… you can choose to accept it, or not. One thing is for certain though, the truth will set you free. What is it that consumes you? What is it that I consume? Maybe they’re the same. What did I consume? Who did I consume? I can’t explain why it happened. These are the answers I search for. The answers I need. Your great grandaughter survived. It’s only now that I drew the connection. Punch buggy! I’m just messing with ya. That’s more like it. Henryk, It’s time to go home.

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