Interface | Episode 14 | Dreamland

Ringmaster: Have you ever seen the face of death? Whether you think you have or you haven’t… how could you be sure? After all… death has a face that takes… many forms. Now I’d wager, all of us here tonight, have seen it! Without even realizing. We see it on the streets… and in the factories… in the pub, at the bottom of a bottle. Huh? Does that sound familiar? Well I’ll tell ya I’ve seen it. Death came to me in a dream last night. I was taming a 100 foot dragon with just the coarseness of my voice! That’s when I saw it! It twisted and twirled towards me. I saw it’s wicked smile, I heard it’s wicked laugh! And I tamed that dragon… by giving him a name! And in fact, boys and girls, I convinced him to join us, here in Dreamland tonight! So without further ado – The Incorporeal Clown… Percy! Mischief: Percy?! I thought we changed that.

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